Monday, February 19, 2007

Book Circulation Day

In the month of September, 36 members of the Book Circulation group, of which I am a member, have their one meeting of the year. This group is one of the interest groups of the Faculty Women's Club of the local university. (My husband is a retired chemistry professor.) It's run by two convenors who, in the month or so before the meeting, choose and buy 2 copies of 18 books. Often Canadian bestsellers, often not. Some fiction, some not. We each pay $25 to cover the cost of the books and at the end of the year we have a draw and get to keep one. We get a list of the 18 people in our subgroup and the dates to exchange each book and every three weeks or so we pass the book on. Each time you pick up your book from the same person and another person picks up from you and it is arranged so that we live close to each other. So you get to read 18 books for the price of one and get to keep a book as well.

This is such an incredibly simple system I can't believe that other groups don't do something similar. It lends itself especially to book clubs, but I have never heard of another group like it. It has functioned superbly for years, members coming and going as they went on sabbatical or for whatever reason. Yes, it's true that not all the books you, yourself would choose to read but even if you only read half, to my mind, it's a very good deal.

So today is Book Circulation exchange day and someone is picking up, from under my front mat, Freakonomics, by Stephen Levitt and Stephen Dubner while I am picking up The Communist's Daughter, which I'll tell you about later. Heh, two books for one today!

I have decided my posts , on the whole, are a bit long, quite a bit too long. So I'm going to try to throw in a short one regularly so you don't all, my faithful readers, roll your eyes when you come to this site, saying what's she going on about now!


Moof said...

Jmb ... I looked at your profile, and you and I like a lot of the same music - from the folk singers of the 60's and 70's ... all the way to Josh Groban.

Great start on a blog! I'm glad I found you. Blogrolling you.

jmb said...

Thanks, Moof. I haven't learned how to blogroll yet, but I have had your blog on bloglines feed for quite a while since you don't post regularly. I was really interested in your last post on Asperger syndrome. There were some really interesting comments, I thought.

Vijay said...

I read 3 or 4 books at a time too.
Probably due to my short attention span. I can't read through slow sections of a book without losing interest and trying out something else.
My reading habit has gone into hibernation after I started blogging.
I still haven't finished Freakonomics and Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods because they slowed down towards the end.

jmb said...

Hi Vijay,
I must say blogging is taking up way more time than I had imagined. I only planned to be a lurker, how did this happen? I really admire all you bloggers who have careers and families and erudite blogs.
I never feel guilty anymore about not finishing a book. My time is limited in that I'm closer to the end than the start and there are too many good books out there waiting.
A Walk in the Woods is one of my son's favourite books and he's always talking about it.