Friday, March 2, 2007

The Lunch Bunch

One of the pleasures of being retired is going out to lunch. The city of Vancouver is fortunate to have many fine restaurants, where one can indulge that pleasure. As well, many of them have fabulous waterfront locations to enhance the experience, when the weather's fine.

A few years ago, five retirees decided that we would meet together once a month to try out new and different restaurants, ones we had never visited before. Not very original, I know, but we called ourselves the Lunch Bunch. We weren't really old friends but had known each other for a while and we were a very compatible group, with all of us being very appreciative of good food. The group consisted of a Scot, a Welshwoman, an Australian, a New Zealander and a Canadian, actually a Vancouverite, no less. Two of the members were very fine cooks, one even worked in a cooking school, so not only did we enjoy our luncheon but the rest of us always learned something new about the dishes we ate.

Sadly, we are now only four. Our Scottish friend passed away a year ago and the rest of us still miss her cheeriness and all the little factoids about food as well as the recipes that she so generously shared with us.

So tomorrow the Lunch Bunch meets to try a new restaurant called Fuel. The name lacks imagination to my way of thinking. Do they consider food merely fuel and not a pleasure to be enjoyed? I hope we are not disappointed.

Well I just checked out their website. The new owners were the Chef and Sommelier at the restaurant C, which is superb. So I am hopeful that all will be well after all. The lunch menu looks good and they have a good wine selection, but I'm teetotal so my friends will have to check out that part of the menu.

Buon appetito!


Hootin'Anni said...


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Either way...whichever is best for your tastes. Some use both, but it's not necessary.

Let me know when you have it on your blog and I will then add you to the roll!!

Nice to meet you.

I too have retired with hubby---and yep, we do the same thing...out to lunch most every day too.

It's super to have no schedule and do as we please! Isn't it?

Cathy said...

I hope lunch is good. You're right, the name "Fuel" does lead one to wonder just what kind of a restaurant this

mhr said...

Bonjour jmb!

WOW, I just checked out the restaurant's website... very stylish and professional looking! I hope their food is up to the same class.
Fuel is an unusual name for a restaurant, quite catchy I must say :)
Bon app├ętit!

About the current technical issues on your post, I see 2 images, and an empty box with the dreaded red cross, where I suppose there should be a 3rd image. Blogger is notorious for its erratic behaviour :)

Smalltown RN said...

I lived in Vancouver most of my life...just moved to the island 2 years ago...I use to love going out to different restaurants in Vancouver there are so many fine places to eat.

By the way I found you via WCW....looking forward to checking out your blog more often.


jmb said...

Hi hootin'anni,
I'll be looking into that. I haven't added anything to the sidebar yet. Too scared, but will soon.

jmb said...

Lunch was good, not cheap but good. I had a very nice chicken salad followed by a superb cheescake. Excellent presentation. One huge complaint, they had no Earl Grey tea (I don't drink coffee) and when I ordered English Breakfast they brought me a cup of hot water and a tea bag on a separate plate. I sent it back. It's difficult to get tea served correctly here, but this place was too classy to expect you to dunk a teabag in the cup you drink the tea from. First it gets cold while it's steeping and it's tacky. At least give you a teapot to make the tea in and then you can pour it into your cup. I told the owner too, he said we're trying something different. I said different is not better and you are obviously not a tea drinker.

jmb said...

Bonjour, mhr,
Wasn't the website great? That's why I put the link in. Food was excellent, see above for dismal tea service, unacceptable I'm afraid, I drank water instead. Gosh, now I think of it no one ordered wine, which they usually do so we couldn't check out the cellar.
Now I've checked IE, I can see the problems with the two posts. The latter one is not so serious because it's just extra junk, the former is not nice, because it ruins the post right from the start.
I'm sure it's something dumb that I have done.

jmb said...

Welcome smalltownrn,
Thanks for stopping by. I only heard of WCW yesterday so will join when I get my act together.