Thursday, February 22, 2007

Online Shopping

As soon as my bank offered online banking I signed up immediately. I loved being able to sit at my desk, at midnight, paying my bills and moving money from one account to another. So I had no difficulty in moving to online shopping, when it became available.

I worried a little bit about security so I used a specific credit card that I used nowhere else, so that if anything bizarre happened in cyberspace and I needed to cancel it, it would not leave me without a credit card. To this day, I have never had a problem.

At first, I only bought books. After all a book is the same in a store or a virtual store and there are no surprises when it arrives. There is also the fact that there is no customs duty on books arriving into Canada, so I bought books not only here but also from the States, from Scotland and from Italy.

My daughter and her family live in the States so I quickly moved onto sites there in order to send them gifts, thus avoiding duty problems and often getting free shipping. I've bought toys, fly fishing supplies, china, slippers, boots, fabric, quilting and sewing supplies, computer mice, digital memory cards, even a digital camera, CDs, DVDs, the list goes on and on. When I go down to visit her I always order online, in advance, lots of things for myself and have them delivered to her house, as prices are often better over the border, even factoring in the exchange.

My most amazing purchases are two different Akubra hats, bought from two different sites in Australia. I have already one that I bought there and they have very specific sizes, so they always fit. The hats, made from felted rabbit fur, start at $100 and up and the $20 postage is an acceptable extra cost. In fact, one of these hats was my most amazing online experience. I ordered the hat on Monday evening (don't forget Australia is 18 hours ahead of us in time, so late afternoon Tuesday there) and it arrived on Friday and duty free to boot. I don't think I could have received better service from across town. I have this one above right, the Pastoralist, in fern green, the other style, left, the Gymkhana, is red. Not this dull beige!

So am I an aficionado of online shopping? You bet! I will be devastated if anything ever goes wrong because I would miss it so. So you haven't tried it yet? Give it a go. I highly recommend it. You'll have lots of fun and it's so easy!


mhr said...

Well, jmb, I don't need any convincing, although I don't buy very often on the Internet.
I did buy my camera online though, a year ago, and a few books.
I never had any problems either.
I find online buying time-saving and very practical. Besides, I hate "real" shopping, so virtual shopping is quite along my line :)
I also use my online bank account, I even fill my income tax on line, get my phone bills online, etc.
Vive la différence!

jmb said...

Thanks for the comment, mhr. I love the fact that the world is now one big store. I'm too lazy to go shopping except for clothes. We even have online grocery shopping which I have been tempted to try.
My daughter often buys books and DVDs from France for her teaching.
Incidentally the first book in the House of Niccolo is called Niccolo Rising in English.

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

I'm glad that you are enjoying on line shopping. I also use on line shopping, although I have heard some scary stories about fraud or people running up their own bills as they were buying things on line, not within their budget. Michelle

jmb said...

Hi Michelle,
I hope never to be involved in a fraud incident because then I would probably flee the field. I worry a bit more about my eBay purchases, after all you send the money first before they send the goods. As to blowing the budget, I do that all the time with books. I actually never count up the total I spend on books per year. I frankly don't want to know!

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