Sunday, March 4, 2007

Send in the Clowns

I'm taking the lazy way out today. Tune into regular programming tomorrow. As a teaser, it's called The Immigrant Experience.

Judy Collins is one of my favourite musicians and her most moving performance, in my opinion, is Send in the Clowns, by Steven Sondheim. When I heard her sing it for the first time, I cried and her rendition still brings tears to my eyes.

Today I found Dame Judi Dench "performing" this song on YouTube and I want to share this with you. Ladies and gentlemen, one of the finest actors of the present day giving a different twist to a very fine song. Please enjoy!


Liz said...

That was lovely. Judi Dench is a goddess!

jmb said...

Welcome Liz to my ramblings. From Wales, no less.
Thank you for breaking the zero on comments for this post. Obviously no one else likes Send in the Clowns or Judi Dench who broke out from BBC TV into the big time much deservedly.

ipanema said...

Oh I love "Send in the Clowns". One of those oldies that's high on my list. Thanks for sharing this jmb. Isn't she great?

jmb said...

Hi ipanema,
For me this was a double pleasure. My favourite song with one of my all time favourite actors. Wasn't the rendition interesting?