Thursday, February 8, 2007

Venturing into the Blogging World, at the Shallow End

I'm not sure why I have created this blog. But just having a profile seems a bit wimpy. It's not likely that I will post anything, other than this rambling introduction. But here goes nothing.

I am a compulsive reader and have been all my life. So that's a very long time, since I'm 71. If it's a gene -related trait, then I am lucky to have passed it on to both my children. Although frankly, my husband is also a constant reader, so they probably got a double whammy dose of the love of reading "gene".

What didn't come to me, along with the love of reading, was the ability to write, or to write "well". Sure, I can spell well enough, although you don't have to be able to do that today, what with "Spellcheck", and all. I actually spent two years as a proofreader at a publishing house, 50 years ago, so my spelling is pretty good on the whole. Yes, I know the basic rules of sentence construction, but I cannot think of anything interesting to write about. "They" always say, write about what you know. Well, trust me, it takes a lot more than that to be interesting.

Besides, what do I know? One of the regrets of my life is that I've never been an "expert" in anything. We all secretly wish that we could win a gold medal at the Olympics, or be an opera singer, or a world-class tennis player or...... But, what I would like to be is an "expert" on something. You know, the one they phone up to interview on the radio or the tv and introduce as the "expert" on whatever it is they want one to comment on. I don't think that's too much to ask, do you? Well, it's a bit late now, I guess. One more goal I'll never achieve in this life.

But, back to the old writing bit. I envy people who can write well. I always wished I could write a book. Not because I had something to say, but because I admire good writing and the ability to tell an interesting story. But what has amazed me, in this past few months, is the incredible number of articulate bloggers out there. Often they are just ordinary people, but they write in an entertaining way about what interests them, or aspects of their life. I must be some kind of a voyeur, but I enjoy reading these blogs, if they are well-written.

Luckily, I have always been relatively computer literate, at least in front of the screen. I worked with computers in my job and my husband is a retired chemistry professor. So we've had home computers for many, many years. We've been doing email, since the beginning, when the universities first linked their computers to each other to form the Internet. Although we couldn't do it from home until dial-up connections became available. In 1985, when my son went off to graduate school, in the Physics dept at U of T, I wrote emails to him on the home computer, put them on a disc and my husband sent them from his work computer.

When the program PC Anywhere became available, with dial-up we connected to the work computer and did email from home. We thought this was a great advancement.

We've lived in our house since 1977 and we've always had a "computer room". Currently we two 70 + seniors have two desktops and one laptop, all connected wirelessly. Along with this we have two scanners, two printers, a webcam and a Skype wireless phone. These days I do all my own downloading of programs and loading of software from disc, since it's so much easier than before, instead of yelling for my husband to "come load this program for me".

So back to the topic of blogging. A few months ago, I read an article about medical bloggers in the National Post and I decided to check some out. I graduated from university in Pharmacy, back in the dark ages, spending the last 18 years of my working life in hospital pharmacy. So I was delighted to read these great medical bloggers since it took me back to my working days in the field. I chased links from one site to another and ended up with a huge folder of medical blogs, from all different types of medical professionals. I also have a folder with patient blogs and assorted general blogs are bookmarked by me.

Of course, although I'm mostly a lurker, I was tempted to post a comment every so often and had to create a blogger/google account to post on some sites. So then, I decided to look at "how to create a blog" for interest's sake, you know. And, what do you know, here I am writing away.

If anyone has wandered by, via the next blog button, or by whatever way, I'm sure your eyes glazed over long ago. But that's how I found the blogging world. Maybe I'll leave a comment myself, to make sure this commenting thing works, assuming I decide to turn it on.

Maybe be I'll come by again and talk about what I'm reading, have read or am planning to read. At least I'll be entertained.


jmb said...

Holy crow! It looks like a "proper" blog. Just like "real" bloggers have. So maybe I'll keep on keeping on. Or maybe not.

Rob said...

I caught you reading my blog, so I am returning the favor. I would not sell-short your writing style or your possible contribution. Everyone has something that no one else has: their own perspective. This is based on experiences that they alone have had and so can share this with others. Being 71, you have all the more to share. The biggest joy of blogging has been the community I entered. The community is only as good as it is diverse. Please feel free to add your perspective to others' blogs.

I wish you great success (whatever that is) in your blogging efforts. I will put you on my FOB (friends of the blog) list to encourage that.


Ian said...

Good luck from elsewhere in the shallow end.
Everyone's experiences are a valuable insight into the world as they see it. I find it enjoyable to read about other people's perspective on life and events and hope that when I post it provides the same.
I look forward to reading more of your posts.

jmb said...

Thanks for stopping by, guys. I didn't think I would actually do this, but I do have a couple of other things in the draft stage. Maybe like Grandma Moses, it's never too late to start.

Vijay said...

I found you through mybloglog which listed you as a recent reader of my blog.
Thanks for stopping by.
I agree with Rob on not underestimating the value of your contributions.
Keep blogging.

Sarabeth said...

If you comment, I usually read that commentors blog. That's the beauty of blogs--it's an odd community, much like a patchwork quilt.