Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Why do I blog?

The other day I was reading a post on a blog, called "Why do I blog?" Readers were invited to say why they had a blog and I started to comment and then realized I could write the answer on my own blog.

Towards the end of last year I discovered blogging, medblogs in particular, and became totally hooked. I talk about that here in my introduction. So my initial post was meant to be my one and only.

But, suddenly, ideas for posts began to spring to mind. Sad to say, but each post sits as a draft for ages as I change a word here, a sentence construction there, polishing it to my satisfaction. For heavens sake, it's only a blog post, not the Greatest Novel in the English Language. Why do I agonize over the whole thing? Well if anyone does stop by, I don't want them to think I'm a total fool, even though I'm anonymous and no one is going to track me down and out me as they did Dr Anonymous. But you know, I have ten posts in the draft stage. True, some of them are only titles, some with a picture in place already, some with a few sentences. But they are ideas and I would never have believed I could come up with so many.

A few years ago, I said to my daughter that I wish my mother had told me about some things in her early life, but now she was dead and I would never know. She said that I should write some stories about my life for herself and her brother. She even sent me a beautiful leather covered blank book from Levenger. But I could never write in that. It's just too beautiful. My handwriting is abysmal and I can never write one sentence without changing my mind halfway through, so for me the computer is the only option. I never write by hand, except the occasional card and even then I have to write what I want to say on scrap paper first and copy it laboriously.

So perhaps this is a warm-up for "my life story". Probably not. But I do feel that if I get to know something about the bloggers whose sites I haunt, they should know something about me, if they are interested enough to follow the links.

Still reading and trying to digest Blogging in a Snap, the mere mention of html makes my eyes glaze over. I always read at least three books at once and one of the current ones is the non fiction work, The Year of Magical Thinking, by Joan Didion, who lost her husband John Gregory Dunne and their only daughter Quintana in the same year.


Sarabeth said...

Before my father died, I kept a blog about my children updated daily just for him. It was also for others, but in my mind I was always writing for him.

When he died, I lost my muse. The children were still doing memorable things, but I couldn't write on that blog any longer. He wasn't reading it. So, I started a new one and made it invitation only to a few family and friends (there are 19). I write for them, but the tone is completely different.

My HP blog has always been for me to be just who I want to be, who I was, and who I might become.

Ian said...

Hi jmb,
A very good answer to my question about blogging. Thank you for the link.
Regards, Ian

jmb said...

I did notice the blog about your children disappear and now I know why, but I can't help but think it's not such a bad idea for it to be restricted since there are so many weirdos out there and children are so vulnerable.

Thank you for the idea. I got two ideas from the comment I made on your blog. The other is still in the draft stage. It's called My Sojourn in London.