Saturday, March 3, 2007

The World's Oldest Blogger

No, it's not me. It seems I'm just a spring chicken, well maybe an autumn one, in the blogging world. But you know I am just a little bit proud of myself, that at 71 I have started a blog and that I am learning lots of new techniques to facilitate the process.

However, I did go searching around the Internet to find out who has this great honour. You know what? It's a very fierce competition out there and the titleholder keeps getting knocked off the pedestal. First of all 93 yr old Canadian Don Crowdis was dethroned by 94 yr old Swede Allan Loof, who was eliminated by 95 yr old Spanish Senora Maria Amelia who in her turn was toppled by 107 yr old Australian Olive Riley. (They're tough old birds those Australians, see my post about my mother-in-law, with another one here.)

A doctor friend told me once that as people get older, they start adding years to their ages to impress people with how good they look for their age, especially if they live in a nursing home. So when they die and their real ages are revealed in their obituaries scandal rocks the very foundation of the home. I wonder if it would work for me. Perhaps I could add a few years. Do you think ten would be too many? But if I get forgetful I'll have trouble trying to keep it all straight. Maybe later, when my friends are forgetful too and they won't be accusing me of lying.

So drumroll please, in reverse order, I present the World's Oldest Bloggers:

Introducing No 4:

Donald Crowdis, a 93 yr Canadian, has a blog called Don to Earth. He lives in Toronto, does not own a computer but writes his posts the old fashioned way, in longhand on paper, one sheet, no more, then he posts it to a relative in New Brunswick who does the techie stuff, and very fine techie stuff it is. His blog is delightful to read. He was profiled on Boing Boing here and here. And his Wikipedia entry is here.

Then we have No 3:

Allan Loof, 94 years old, of Sweden. His blog is here and of course I can't read it, being in Swedish you know, but here's an article about him. Allan was a very active chorister for many years and is still composing choral music.

Gracing the No 2 spot:

Senora Maria Amelia, a 95 yr old Spanish Grandmother whose blog is here. If you can read Spanish, knock yourself out, but if you can't there is a very nice article including an interview with her here in this post with another one here. She talks while her grandson types and posts for her. In one month her blog generated 51,000 hits. If you can speak Spanish there's a YouTube video of Maria Amelia here.

But the here is the new Numero Uno:

Olive Riley, 107 yr old Australian, started her blog The Life of Riley on February 16, 2007 and it's hard to imagine that she will be toppled, at least until she topples off her perch herself. An article about this lively lady is found here. She tells her stories to her friend Mike who types them for her. Her two posts, filled with photos, are worth investigating.

But do remember that old jmb is typing her own blog and crawling around the Internet to find images to gussy the whole thing up. She's very thankful for all the "clever" people who have made the job so much easier for her. Certainly no blog would exist if she had to write it in longhand, since no one could read it. A Dictaphone probably wouldn't help either since she does have a bit of a strange accent. She does have a few hits a day, other than herself, that is, obsessively checking if anyone has come by. And she seems to have contracted Dr Dork's disease of speaking of herself in the third person.

Please visit these amazing bloggers. You can't help but admire them. I had such fun checking them out for this post.


Dr Dork said...

Dr Dork thinks talking about himself in the third person is perfectly sane.

And thanks for the intro to Olive !


jmb said...

Dr Dork,
Perhaps I should have said Dr Dork's habit, not disease. Never meant to offend, just tongue in cheek, you know when I caught myself doing it. More like foot in mouth, you think?

TBTAM said...

Thought I'd save you the trouble of checking my blog for a reply and some visit you myself :)

This was a great post about older bloggers, but since none of those older folks actually type the blog themselves or use the computer, in my mind, although they have blogs, they don't technically get the credit for being bloggers. You have to use the computer, in my mind, to qualify as a blogger.

You, on the other hand, are not only using the computer, you're playing with HRML for god's sake! Now THAT's blogging!

jmb said...

Hi tbtam,
Thanks for visiting. I'm sure there are lots of older bloggers out there typing away at their computers, maybe even the Swede,how can I tell without the Swedish? Still they are pretty cute, aren't they?

mhr said...

tbtam took the words out of my mouth!
Technically, they're not bloggers.
However, it's obvious they adapt to modern media :)
... I would like to see the same study conducted with genuine bloggers though.
Original subject, jmb, I can see I would have a long way to go before becoming the oldest French blogger in activity :)

jmb said...

Hi mhr,
I guess the bloggers who create their own websites think that the bloggers who just use the various blogger services around are a lesser breed too.
Actually Don Crowdis was the first host of a very well known TV program called the Nature of Things, which is now hosted by David Suzuki. I thought his blog is worth reading regularly, quite whimsical and interesting.

Cathy said...

Goodness, 107 years old and blogging..I am going to read Olive's blog right now..Thank you..I also like it when people talk about themself in the third person.

jmb said...

Hi Cathy,
I thought Olive was so cute. It was nice to see her so cheery. I think good family support is the reason for that. Still pretty amazing.