Thursday, March 15, 2007


Currently, in the West Indies, 16 nations are competing for the title in the World Cup of Cricket 2007, with Australia being the reigning champion from 2003.

Now it might be 50 years since my husband left Australia, but he is just as obsessed with cricket now as he was then. Of course he played there and even when we came to Canada he played in a league here, although cricket is a very minor sport in Canada, played almost exclusively by immigrants. Every Saturday afternoon for years I watched the games with the other wives and later we all gathered at someone's house for beer and food. Beyond the boundary of the field, all the children played with each other and the wives sat on blankets and drank tea and visited. Of course all the wives, just like me, grew up with cricket as part of their lives and, like the players, we were a mixture of new Canadians from Australia, England, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Pakistan and the West Indies.

I too was a great cricket fan when I lived in Australia. My brother played and I went to his games every Saturday. There was no TV in those days, so we listened to the cricket on the radio. Now cricket is a rather slow game and listening to it on the radio involved a lot of the commentary discussing the flags over the members' stand waving in the breeze and the seagulls flying into the air, when the ball came near them. I didn't know my husband then but it was the same for him, he played and he listened.

So how does he get his cricket fix these days? Why via the computer, from Cricinfo, home of Cricket on the Internet, with live scores and ball by ball coverage. Not video you understand, just words on the screen, refreshing every 60 seconds! To get full video coverage you have to pay $200 for the series and he's too cheap to do that. I told him he was crazy, he should just pay the money. But I think he worries that he'd just sit in front of the computer all day long so that he'd get his money's worth.

When we were at the gym this morning, an Indian lady, who works out there, was telling him that her father was watching the games on Satellite TV, with all his old pals. So I had to listen to him complaining all the way home, because we have cable TV instead of Satellite. Luckily BBC World TV has a fifteen minute coverage every day, so he watches that and he constantly emails his brother in Australia and all they discuss is the cricket, which he is lucky enough to see on TV.

Oh well, it only goes on for another six weeks and we are rooting for the Aussies to pull off an unprecedented third victory in a row. Go Aussies, go!

The two photos above are the Australian team in action and with the World Cup, from the website.


Vijay said...

Wait & watch JMB, while India bring the cup home :)

jmb said...

Hi Vijay,
Dream on! Although the Aussies seem to be a bit jaded since they thrashed the English in the last test series. South Africa maybe, the West Indies? Wouldn't that be nice for them to win at home?
I'm sure you get it on TV too!

Lee said...

I double that, jmb...Go, the Aussies!

I became a 'cricket tragic' during the last Ashes that finished a couple of months ago. I was glued to the game! It finally got me! arrrrggggh! ;)

Never fear...the Aussie will come good when they're needed to be stood up and counted! ;)

Vijay said...

You've been awarded.

jmb said...

I'm touched and post haste the torch has been passed. Do I have to notify my awardees as you did? I notice that every time I link to Dr Dork he pops over and visits so is there some way one can tell if they've been linked?
Thank you

jmb said...

Hi Lee,

What's a "cricket tragic"? The test series with England was a debacle but we didn't mind, did we?
Let's hope the Aussies come through at the WCC, as you say Lee.
At least the time difference is not so bad for this. My husband was up all night, next to the computer, reading his book in between balls, for the test series.