Friday, March 2, 2007

Resolution of Technical Difficulties

I ventured into the html editing mode and removed what I assumed was the language for the extra empty box at the bottom of the Lunch Bunch post. It seemed to work since all is well in both Firefox and IE 7.

As to the problem of the picture in the Thursday Walking Group post, I think I know what the problem was. I'm really embarrassed actually to say what I think happened. Well this afternoon, even in Firefox there was only an empty box. When I clicked on it, it went to a window that said forbidden. So I believe I inadvertantly copied a copyright photo and since I was hotlinked to it, they noticed and blocked me somehow. The html text was still in the post so I removed it, republished the post and all is well. I'll take my own photo next time at Granville Island and add it to the post.

Still I am happy to say I did resolve this problem without too much trouble and now I've got my feet wet in the html pool, I'll not be so intimidated.


mhr said...

Hi jmb!

In addition to my comment on your previous post, here is an informative article about copyright concerns and bloggers.

mhr said...

... See also this one about Copyright & fair use

jmb said...

Hi mhr,
I've read and bookmarked both of these links, will have to digest it all.
Au revoir

Sarabeth said...

I use this free HTML tutorial because I'm too cheap to get a book (even from the library, which at ours is always checked out). You can also Google "Lissa explains it all" for a tutorial as well.

jmb said...

Hi Sarabeth,
Thanks for the link to the HTML tutorial. I've looked at it briefly and bookmarked it too, to go back. I think I've now passed the stage of being intimidated, since I did resolve these problems.

Unfortunately I have now fallen into the copyright quicksand, so am having to think seriously about this topic.

There's so much to learn, but right now I feel like a gerbil in a wheel, trying to catch up.

Another example of "the more you know the less you know".

Ian said...

Another good html site that I use for reference is
They have 'Try it yourself' examples where you can change the code and see what happens. They also have tutorials for other web technologies like CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) used for controlling style and layout of webpages.
I know..too much information..eyes glaze over..time to stop.

jmb said...

Hi Ian,
Thanks Ian. I've been over to the site, looked at it and bookmarked it for later.

By the way your NZ voyage post about your uncle inspired me to write my post for tomorrow. It's called the Immigrant Experience, a very brief look at my experience.

I've linked to you but do you know if people know if you've linked to them? I have linked to Dr Dork twice and he has come over each time to comment, whereas I'm dead sure he never comes otherwise.


Ian said...

Hi jmb,
I'm not sure if there is some notification of links in blogger as Dr Dork's blog is on there, the same as yours.
I don't get any notification, but the MyBlogLog statistics show where any pageviews come from, so that sometimes gives me a clue.
Glad the NZ voyage was of interest. It seems somehow more real at the moment as its almost 100 years to the day.