Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Shoes in my Life

The other day I was reconciling my Mastercard statement with my receipt slips, checking that my identity hadn't been stolen and I was truly responsible for all the stuff that appeared there. Well, a lot of it was for groceries and books and the other necessities of life. But I came across a slip from Ronson's Shoe Store.

Now my friends always laugh at me and say that I cannot enter Ronson's and come out purchaseless. They are probably right. But let me tell you about Ronson's. Do they sell lovely shoes like the red Manolo Blahniks on the right? No, they do not. They sell Rockports, Mephistos, Clarks, Eccos and other European-brand sensible shoes. I spent a large part my working life on my feet and have tender feet, so I tend to cosset them somewhat. So what did I buy, you ask? Well those Dansko clogs you see above left, but in black.

But I want to tell that I'm not to blame for this purchase. Recently I read this post by Sam Blackman, MD in which he was raving about his Dansko clogs, well not these, but professional ones, which all the medical people apparently wear these days. So comfy, blah, blah, blah, well you get the picture. So when I saw these Dansko slightly-more-dressy clogs in the store, I tried them on and yes comfy, yes on sale, wrap them up please. So in this one instance you have to blame Sam and not me. Well I do anyway.

A year ago a friend moved, after having lived in the same house for 30 years. Her daughter came to help her sort things out. She was horrified to find that her mother had 90 pairs of shoes. Very reasonable her friends thought, after all we buy shoes regularly but never throw them out. Naturally, hearing that, I had to check out my closet. I am fanatic about organized shoes so keep them all in the original boxes. I have lots of closet space therefore room for lots of shoes. How many exactly? Less than 90 surely. Well I have just done the current count. Only 60 pairs. There not so bad. This includes two pairs of high heels, one black and one navy, for the rare event when I wear a dress or a skirt. But wait, what about my walking shoes, snowboots, hiking boots? Check: two pairs of snow boots, used often this year, not at all last year. Two pairs of hiking boots: one uncomfortable so bought another pair, but did not throw out first pair. Walking shoes: seven pairs, mostly black like these on the left, but one pair of ecru, one white pair with velcro straps, one pair of brown waterproof ones. Two pairs of clogs: the new ones and some I use for gardening. Oh almost I forgot, the two pairs of crosstrainers I wear to the gym. So the grand total, seventy-five pairs. Oh well, still short of ninety, so that's all right. I'm not the worst. Yet.

But let me tell you something amusing. My husband has the same size foot as I do. It's not that I have a large foot, but that he has a small foot. Size 6 1/2, except you can't buy those here, so he wears size 7, with thick socks. I sport ladies size 9 = mens size 7. Normally the differences between ladies' and men's shoes are enough to distinguish mine from his but with walking shoes, no way José. The walking shoes are stored in the laundry, which is also our mudroom and usually they are lying about drying, well not all seven pairs, just the current ones. He only has one pair of walking shoes, so he never confuses his with mine but I have been known to wear his on occasion and he's left searching the house and wondering what the heck he did with his shoes. Those black New Balance all look alike, well to me apparently.

I guess I really should throw some shoes out, or not buy any more, or something. Maybe I should move. I mean really how can one have a fetish for sensible shoes? It's just not natural!


Liz said...

75 pairs of shoes!

I don't like shoes. I have an extra toe on one foot and that makes it difficult for me to buy sexy ones - or even sensible - so I've never got the habit.

My brother-in-law has about 50 pairs though.

jmb said...

Hi Liz,
I think I still have every pair I've owned in the last 25 years. The truth is what do you do with shoes? No one else can wear them easily so you end up keeping them instead of giving them to the Sally Ann.

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

The red Manolo Blahniks on your blog look pretty cool - but I bet they play havoc with your feet. I am sure most women have more shoes than they need, and many more uncomfortable ones that they don't wear.... or perhaps that's just me! Michelle

jmb said...

Hi Michelle,
You are so right. I don't wear half my shoes, because, although they were comfortable in the store, they later are just unwearable. And that's me buying sensible shoes.
Aren't the Manolo Blahniks fabulous? I love red shoes, haven't owned any in years.

ipanema said...

I love shoes. I actually store them in a cupboard down the stairs. they're all in boxes with photos outside the box so it will be easy to pull them out.

Vanity at a young age could have me pinning to wear that Blahnik shoes everyday. However, as I age, I go for sensible shoes. There's no need to punish myself with high-heels.

I had herniated disc operation 7 yrs. ago and as per doctor's advice, I can't wear 3 inches high heels everyday which I used to. I can't wear too flat ones too. But I still do, they're comfortable.

Love that clogs. :)

jmb said...

Hi Ipanema,
I'm glad to meet someone else who has all her shoes in boxes too.
I don't have photos but I have marked each box with big print (can't see so well in my old age)with things like black court with wedge, for pants or skirt, or navy velcro sandal or some such.

If I wore high heels I would certainly buy the red Manolo Blahniks. Aren't they incredible!
Look after your back.

ipanema said...

Oh that red Blahnik is sexy. No doubt about that. :)

Thanks jmb. :)

Lee said...

My favourite footwear? Bare-footed! (around the house, of course...not when I go out!)

But in saying that, I do love shoes and have lots and lots. Half that I never seem to wear, but they are there if I need them! My favourite pair of all time was an Italian pair I bought a few years ago...I adored those shoes but shuddered every time I thought of the price. They were worth every cent, however.

jmb said...

Hi Lee,

Must say I'm a barefoot aficionado too. Always am in the house, with sox in the winter. Less so outside now, even though I don't have to worry about snakes and spiders here.
It horrifies all my friends, they think it's low class I'm sure, but I tell them it's an Australian thing.

dina said...

The shoes look great!....I wanna have a same model from josef seibel brand...I hope i will get

Anonymous said...

Dansko - Dansko- Dansko - Dansko! Yes I still have a few others (also in boxes!) but for over 5 years now, it's Dansko or nothing at all. When I do dress up and try to wear a high healed boot or shoe, I ALWAYS have a pair in the car for the drive home (and pay dearly for it the whole event to say nothing of the back ache the next day!).

Seriously -- I waited table for years during undergrad and post grad -- oh how I wish I had Danskos back then! The Double Shifts I could have flown through and the TIPS I would have made! Happy Feet make Happy Servers!

As a Pisces, a fish with no feet, I have never been able to wear cheap shoes, so these are my absolute favorite! The Professional is all I can wear -- the new stuff doesn't cut it for me -- the support is like no other! If only everyone knew . . . it IS a CULT!

Oiled, Patent Leather and Purple Suede and without socks -- yes even in Ohio, all year long! Last year a friend bitched that I needed to get "out of the Danskos and show my toes" -- so I bought a Black Patent leather Monika sandle. Poo poo pee doo! BTW -- she's since made other comments on my attire and our friendship is pretty much over! Who needs THAT???!

Wear Dansko and start living!

Foxy said...

love the red ones