Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Technical difficulties with Scribefire

Well I have to report that the Scribefire post did not work last night. When I published it to my blog the spacing was incorrect and at the end of each sentence, where there should have been spaces, printed was the html code for no blank space. Also the image sat on top and centred, not left as requested. I don't know if Scribefire and Blogger are incompatible although supposedly this is not true. I will try again sometime with a text only trial, since the image caused great problems.

So, if you've even made it this far, feel free to skip the remainder of this post since it's a bit of a rant, as rantish as I get here, on my experience with Scribefire.

I'd like to make a few comments on this editor:

First of all the preview option is very poor and I didn't really know what it was going to look like. The preview bore no resemblance to the published post. I also copied the post to Blogger so could compare it.

Putting in the image was extremely difficult. There was no option to change the size and some images were too large when I inserted them so I had to take them out and try another. There was no option to place the image. It just appeared on the top on the left with the text below. So I had to go into the html and make the text wrap around it. I also had to insert white space because the text was jammed up against the image. Luckily I read the html chapter on images today in a 'how to make your own web page' book. So I could handle this in the html. Now Blogger takes care of all this with image insertion and I have been quite satisfied with it. When I published the post all this was for naught since it was ignored.

I can't see any option to change the date of posting which I use all the time in Blogger.

I could see no way to edit the post after it is published, which I also sometimes do to make a correction.

There is no spell check that I can see.

Now I can see the big pro for this editor is that you get a split window with other web pages (which are of course reduced to half) so you can copy and link to your heart's content. I don't think I link all that much but I could write the text in this editor then copy it to the Blogger editor and insert the images there and post from there. Maybe that would work.

I can see that these criticisms of Scribefire could well be my ignorance of the system and my inability to see how it worked. I saw some high recommendations for it around the internet. However, the webpage from which I downloaded this add-on is under construction due to some major reorganization of Scribefire so I really was hard put to find any help.

So Scan Man, if you drop by, do you have any answers?

Regular programming will resume sooner or later, in the Blogger format for now.


mhr said...
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mhr said...
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mhr said...

3rd attempt :)

Hi jmb!

When I was keeping my blog (I had 4 of them, albeit not simultaneously) I was quite happy with the "wysiwyg" editor provided by the new Blogger.

The only thing I found difficult to handle was the positioning of images in a post.

As long as I kept my image in large size at the top of a post, all went fine, but I was never able to insert small images in the body of the text, as I see in many blogs. I could live without it, though :)

My take on blogs, after my brief experience (but I still browse a lot):

- It's tempting to try all the bells and whistles one sees around the blogosphere, however in my opinion what really matters is the contents, not the "dressing".

- Too many people use "tricks" to conceal the lack of contents, viz. the innumerable "memes", the posting of videos or music that one can see repeated ad nauseam all over the place (I fell in the trap too)

- When one has nothing to say, it's better to stay silent :)

I still enjoy browsing blogs, because out of the mass of junk, I sometimes come across a gem, which makes all the browsing worthwhile.

So I hope you will keep your blog going, at your own pace, and for your pleasure first, your readers' pleasure will naturally follow

jmb said...

Hi mhr,
Thanks for the kind words. I feel sometimes I'm sucked in to doing something I shouldn't. I also feel that since I started out posting every day so I have to keep it up. I hope though that even when I did the blog thing, like Send in the Clowns, it did say something about me. The song moves me to tears, which is rare.
With the images in Blogger I have had the success that I needed. Sometimes I like to have several images to balance things, and as long as you don't want to move the image from left to right if that's what you said in uploading you can drop and drag the image or cut and paste and that's what I do. They all load at the top then I position them later. I usually have one on the left at the top and one on the right halfway down.
I'm trying to keep the look of the blog clean and not put too much on the sidebar. I'm thinking of taking the Writing tip of the day down. It changes daily and I liked the first couple of tips but most of them are for people submitting stuff elsewhere.
Since I mostly read medblogs most of them aren't into bells and whistles except for a couple and they are so funny we excuse them.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I've just realised what Scribefire is, having read the post that follows this one. I think it's good to have a rant about technical difficulties, as [a] it helps you let off steam [b] there is often someone reading it who can help and [c] sometimes the company whose product it is might come across the post! So rant all you like - it makes me feel I'm not the only one, too!

jmb said...

Scribefire had very good recommendations when I cruised the internet and I shall explore it further but I think it might be better suited to someone who is linking madly in their posts.