Friday, March 2, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I have learned from one of my commenters that there is some trouble with the pictures in my last two posts.

Now I compose and publish using Mozilla Firefox. My son-in-law set up my laptop in that way because he said IBM was only using Firefox now, so, if it's good enough for Big Blue, it's good enough for me. But I decided to go look at my blog in Internet Explorer, after the comment. Oh,oh! What a disaster! Another disaster! Not so serious, it's true. But is it fixable? Well as I've said before, the Help Desk at this establishment is not up to snuff. So I have issued orders to the "little old" physical chemistry professor emeritus (a fancy Latin word for put out to pasture compulsorily at age 65) to read the fat HTML book, hastily borrowed from the library and get up to speed. Then we will venture into the Html editing section of the posts and see if we can fix it. In the meantime it shows up just fine in Firefox.

Has any one else had this problem? All suggestions will be gratefully accepted and investigated.

Off to Fuel now.


jmb said...

Ok, this post, at least, is looking good in both Firefox and IE 7.

Hootin'Anni said...

I just viewed you blog from IE AND Firefox...tho, my preference is always Firefox, I just wanted to let you know that EITHER for me, viewing you blog, they were both fine! I really do NOT like I. Explorer at all!!

I'm wondering if it could possibly be the screen resolution they're using on their computers?

Hootin'Anni said...

I see perhaps what the problem is---your images seem to be 'hotlinked' and that is why we're not seeing them

You need to copy and save the image on your own computer, then upload it to blogger in your post.

Dr Michelle Tempest said...

there was no problem with the image this time - it was only on the previous post. Not sure if even after reading the entire html book you will find the answer! But you will certainly be even more knowledgable.

jmb said...

It's just the previous two posts before this one that were a problem, everything is fine before that. I only know one way to put in a picture (only been at this a couple of weeks, and teaching myself via a book and the help notes of Blogger). It's true that I "hotlink" (I don't even have the gargon mastered yet, but I use the URL in the right hand space. Are you saying I should save the file to my computer, then add that to the blog in the left hand window? Frankly I don't want anything unnecessary stored on my laptop, cos it's only got a 100GB hard drive.
Thanks for the suggestion tho', I will try it. I guess you can delete the file from the hard drive after you load it into the post.

jmb said...

Hi Michelle,
I fear what you say is true. I'm trying to think of html as being like the marking language that the editor used to use to convey to the printer what fonts to use, layout, etc, in the dark ages before photo-offset printing was invented. I mastered that so I should be able to master this. We shall see.

mhr said...
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mhr said...

I'm afraid what hootin'anni is suggesting is plain stealing in my book.
You can't use copyrighted images as you please.

Hotlinks are one thing, downloading the image on your computer and uploading it on your website/blog as your own is a very different matter.

I would say if you're to hotlink at all images from other sites, the correct thing to do is to credit the photographer for his/her picture. A Blogger friend puts up lots of pictures in his posts, but always credit the photographer, if he uses pictures that he didn't take himself.

I have noticed some direct links on my images on Pbase, but there is no way I can track them back for now, so I can only hope the person who borrow my images credits me for them :!)

jmb said...

Hi mhr,
I'll email you for advice about this, it's the first time I took photos, I rejected ones that had a name actually on the photo, since I knew they were copyrighted.
À bientôt