Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Walking - Granville Island Again

Granville Island was again our destination for the Thursday Walking Group. It is definitely our favourite place and we never seem to get bored with it. The day was overcast but no rain, 9 Celsius, so not too cold and we enjoyed our walk.

mhr, who is a wonderful French photographer (please click on her link to see some excellent photos), asked me to take some photos when next we were there. So here are a few, untouched ( I can't learn blogging and Photoshop at the same time), so not very brilliant, and would you believe my batteries went dead before I came to the daffodils in bloom. But this very early rhododendron and the pussy willows were bursting out today and the photo of the boats is a typical sight on this walk.

I am blessed with a wonderful camera, a Canon PowerShot, A620, thanks to my son-in-law, but unfortunately I am not blessed with the "eye" for composition. But frankly, this spot is so beautiful that I hope you can enjoy my photos regardless. I wonder if they are in focus!

As we start our walk, we pass by a wonderful marina, with some gorgeous boats: some sail, others powerboats. Even a few fishing schooners. Beyond Granville Island we walk past some attractive condominium buildings which have wonderful gardens, bordering the walk. So there is always something to see for the person who is interested in plants.

Later on there is a green park where there are usually people with dogs, chasing after balls and each other. The dogs, that is, not the people. Farther on there's a pond with lots of ducks who make their home nearby. Sometimes it's half frozen and the ducks skid about on the ice. All the way along this walk we pass the boats moored in the inlet and today the water was like glass. To my mind, Spring in Vancouver is unmatched by any place in the world and today Spring was in the air.

Click on the photos to enlarge, although I'm sure everyone knows this except me, until recently that is. Note the snow on the mountains in the background of the boat photo.

I apologize for the spacing which looks fine in the preview. I will think on it and hopefully solve the problem. I'll probably have to mess around with the html again!


ipanema said...

Your place is lovely!

I can understand the 'focus' thing. When I look into my camera it seems like I captured it perfectly. Much to my dismay, it turned out anything but beautiful. :)

jmb said...

Hi Ipanema,

Vancouver is truly beautiful and since I'm from elsewhere I can say that without bragging.

I am still getting used to this camera and find the LCD screen a bit of a problem instead of the boon I thought it would be. The display is so bad in the outdoors I often have to use the scrinchy little optical viewfinder which luckily the camera has.

Mainly I point and shoot and hope the camera is good enough to take care of it.

mhr said...

Isn'it frustrating to have your batteries dying on you precisely when you were about to get this photograph? :)
Time you got a spare set of batteries, jmb!

I'm so pleased you have started posting your own photos, your camera is really excellent.
I enjoyed the walk along with you!

Those rhododendrons are simply gorgeous.
I love boats, the tall buildings really make a great background, but the snow-capped mountains are just magical as a second background.
I have taken a couple of pussy willows pictures in my recent strolls, you inspired me to post one.
Isn't Spring the most invigorating season?

PS: thanks for the most kind compliment, you make me blush.

jmb said...

Hi mhr,
I do have spare batteries, at home of course. The Canon takes 4 AA batteries and I have 4 rechargeable ones which I use, but recently I bought a spare set as backup. But didn't take them with me.

Yes the camera is excellent, the shooter, less so.

Is it Ok for just the centre of the photo to be in focus with the rest out of focus? I rather liked it, thought it would be too busy otherwise. A total accident, of course.

rdl said...

love the red boat!!

jmb said...

Isn't it beautiful,rdl? A truly lovely spot and we go there almost every Thursday.