Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Place I'd like to Visit

I was tagged for this meme by George, a surgeon in Selayang, Malaysia, who has two blogs. The one I linked is filled with fabulous photos. George would like to visit Egypt.

I have been so fortunate in my life to have travelled around the world and been to many places. There are some places that I have no interest in visiting, or no doubt I would have gone there, but there are two places that I would like to visit, but somehow never got around to it. One is the Galapagos Islands, but now I think that too many people go there, and probably it should be restricted, so as not to spoil it, and I have crossed that off my list. This might apply equally to the other place but I think that it can still handle the traffic it gets.

I would really like to go on Safari to Africa, to Kenya and to Tanzania. I once heard a story about a man who took his wife on a surprise safari for their 25th wedding anniversary. At the time we were a year or so before this and I suggested it to my husband. Since I am the organizer in this family, it never happened. For to have planned it myself, after suggesting it to him, didn't seem right to me. So next month, we will have been married 46 years and I still haven't been. A friend went just last month and said how much she enjoyed it, so I am beginning to consider it again.
For years our whole family have been aficionados of nature programs such as you find on PBS and the Discovery Channel. We irreverently call these programs "things eating other things", for that is the way of the Animal Kingdom, survival of the fittest, at any cost. We never tire of watching them, even the same program again and again.

Now it does worry me that, since these programs are of the highest quality, with fabulous photography, that the reality might be a bit of a disappointment. I am a very big zoo person, and always visit the zoo or aquarium of any city I visit. But I do think it would be very special to go on safari and really see these animals in the wilds.

They talk about the seeing the "Big Five" in Africa. The term was historically used to refer to the five most dangerous animals to hunt, however now it is used to describe the five most popular and exciting animals. What are they, you say?

Black and white rhinoceros
Cape Buffalo

So, since I can't rely on the 'old boy' to plan it, I'll have to start thinking about it myself.

Now I'm not big into tagging people but if anyone likes to take up the baton, even if just to post about where they would like to travel, feel free to do so. If you really want to be part of the meme, copy below as you see.

Title : Where Next ?

Proposition : Where do you want to go Next, OUTSIDE OF YOUR COUNTRY, for tourism, work , study, whatever.

Requirements: Find some info about the place, itinerary etc, pics if possible so you get MORE Traffic coming in, and maybe some people can find somewhere to go to. Excludes your NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR, ie Singapore,Malaysia,Brunei, a country that borders yours.You must register for MyBloglog so we can blogwalk ah…..get it?

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This Singaporean Melayu in Europe aka Azrin going LANSING MICHIGAN. This is a Counter Summon Tag!

Shoppingmum to Europe

Angeleyes off to Bora-Bora

Giddy Tiger snorkelling in The Maldives

Jess to Europe

Mybabybay wants to go Round The World

Samm will go to Japan

Bernard dreams of New Zealand

eastcoastlife of Singapore yearns to go Switzerland

Odysseys of George sets his sails to Egypt.

jmb wants to go on Safari to Kenya and Tanzania

**Add in the blog you got the tag from and tagged post.** (In this case, for example, you should add “Odysseys of George sets his sails to Egypt“).

Extra Rules: you cannot Tag another person who has performed the Tagging Rights to Travel. Check yr commentators.

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You MUST PASS this tag within 7 days of receiving it , or loose a days worth of Blog Revenue or $10 to charity. Can?Makes it interesting anyway.So no Lazy Tags running about, and yeah, eventually, there will be less than a 1:3 chance you can’t tag that someone. And pay those people in the list a visit, you never know if you can pinch / recycle some ideas for your next entry!

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Bernard said...

An African safari would be an interesting ... go for the 47th anniversary :-)

eastcoastlife said...

Hey, I would love to go on an African Safari too! Won't it be fun to be with the wildlife, but not as their meals! hehehe....

jmb said...

Hi Bernard,
Yes time is too short for the 46th, but I'd better not put it off too long.

jmb said...

I haven't heard of any tourists making meals for the wildlife while on safari, although some tourists have become lunch for crocodiles in Australia.

Lee said...

I've never been one to crave traveling..but I would like to go to Italy...Scotland...parts of Ireland...I'd love to go to New York (to spend at least six months there as I think one should stay for a length of time, not just a week or two)...but I believe that in travel anyway...I'd rather go and stay in a country for a length of time to get to know the people...as the people are the country...that's just my humble opinion. I've always had a soft spot for Connecticut, Maine, New York State...those states...Texas and Montana as well. I'd love to visit those place. And there are many, many areas in Australia I'd love to visit still. I need about twenty lifetimes to do all of this, of course! ;)

james higham said...

I'd like to visit Russia. Trouble is, I'm already there.

jmb said...

Hi Lee,
The trouble is that Australia is so far away and everything is in different directions.
You know I've never done much travel in Australia, many of my friends have been to places I haven't been. I've never even been to Queensland!
When we go home we always have to go stay with everyone and visit madly and never get to do tourist things. But my husband's brother has moved to Brisbane so maybe I'll get there sooner rather than never.

jmb said...

Well James, it's a big country, so I'm sure there's lots you haven't seen.
I have a very good friend from Moscow who for years has come twice yearly to Vancouver with her husband, a physicist, who uses the university cyclotron here. Her stories of life in Moscow have satisfied my desire to visit there, however I still wouldn't mind seeing St Petersburg and the Hermitage.
Too many places to see, too little time.

Vic Grace said...

Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment. I would like to go to China. I have travelled quite a bit and am not too keen to go again but if I started again China or Greece would be the choices.

Like you I am not into the memes and tagging.

Ellee said...

What an interesting post, I do hope you can make your safari.

jmb said...

Hi Vic Grace,

I would like to go to China too, now that I think about it. A friend just got back and we are having lunch on Thursday so maybe it will move onto my list.

The meme peaked my interest to tell my safari story, so I jumped onto it.

jmb said...

Hi Ellee,

I think this topic could peak anyone's interest. Thanks for the wish, it will happen only if I make it happen, so I have to get my life organized.

Cathy said...

jmb, I would love to go on your African safari with you. If I was younger, and in better health, I think I would like to go there and volunteer in health work for a time.

Most of all, I would love to go to Ireland though. My grandmother came here, with her folks, from West Ireland. I have heard and read so many stories, but have never been there. Maybe one day!

jmb said...

Well Cathy, I hope one day you have better health and can go wherever you want. I think to volunteer would be wonderful and I'm sure that one would receive far more than one would give, not talking about money obviously.

I've been to Ireland,in 1960,and spent the two wettest weeks in July they had ever had until that time. No wonder it's so green.

George said...

Thanks for doing the meme
I just came back from a dive. There a friend of mine was telling his story of his travel to kenya and the safari. I enjoyed it as much as he was and would be sure you would too. Don't delay it for too long.

jmb said...

Hi George,
You're welcome. I enjoyed thinking about a safari again. I'll have to get serious about planning it, although I think I need to go back to Australia for a visit.
I'll be over to look at your dive pictures.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, I definitely think you should go, otherwise you'll always wonder!I'd like to see the Golden Gate Bridge because there are so many lovely songs about it and, to my shame, I've never visited Edinburgh. I'd love to go to the bookfest there.

jmb said...

I know I should go, I'll have to get organized one day soon.
I've been to both of your choices. My daughter was in graduate school at Stanford for 6 years, so we went to San Francisco often. I went to the Edinburgh Festival in 1960! I also spent a month in Scotland then, a great interest to me because my father was born in Glasgow.

Rositta said...

I would say travel wherever you want to go, waiting too long doesn't pay off. My parents always waited for the "right time" which never came. My Dad passed away and my Mom is now ill. She always wanted to go to Alaska and it never happened. I was going to take her in August but now, who knows...ciao

jmb said...

Hi Rositta,
I hope your Mom gets well enough for you to take her to Alaska. I have been lucky enough to go there and I'm sure she would love it.
I have been very fortunate in that I have travelled quite a lot.

Sarabeth said...

Greece and Rome are on my list.



jmb said...

Well Sarabeth, your time will come in a while.
I've been to Rome, Venice and spent one day in Cairo. Never have been to Greece yet.

YTSL said...

Hi there, just discovered your blog via the Photo Hunt (which I, too, have recently joined).

Funnily enough, like George, I'm from Malaysia. More pertinently for this post, I've been on safari in the two countries you'd like to visit and would like to offer my two cents with regards to the merits of going on safari in Tanzania (where I lived for two years) vis a vis Kenya (where I've twice visited).

Firstly, I found that Tanzania, even as late as 1995, has more animals (compared to Kenya a decade or so earlier). And this particularly so with regards to the Serengeti (which also is larger than the Kenya's adjoining Maasai Mara).

Also, Tanzania has -- if you can spot them -- tree-climbing lions (at Lake Manyara National Park) which reputedly are unique to the country.

Thirdly, Tanzania has the Ngorongoro Crater -- a place of great beauty in and of itself as well as home to many wild animals!

OTOH, Kenya tends to have the better run safari tours and tour guides. So maybe it'd be the better country for your first safari. Still, if you can, I'd really recommend that you check out the national parks and game reserves of Tanzania as well (or maybe instead). :)

jmb said...

Hi ytsl,
Thank you so much for your advice. I'll watch for that. I guess I worked for years with two people from Kenya and although they said that Tanzania had lots of animals too, they were biased as to their own country, naturally.
I'm afraid it will be my one and only safari since I'm 71 and my husband is 74. Luckily we are both relatively fit.