Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Technical Difficulties

Just when I was getting smug about this blogging thing, the technical difficulties have struck again. It's not as if it's a surprise either. Welshcakes, on her blog, Sicily Scene, had exactly the same problem. In this post she said that, on uploading photos to blogger, she got the message "you are currently using 20 MB (2%) of your 1024 MB". Well some of her commenters told her to reduce the size of her photos before uploading them. I took notice of this because I thought, I don't know what this means, but I'm sure to run across it sooner or later. So I "cut and pasted" the suggestions into a Word file to keep for when I might need them. After all her blog was a year old, mine only a couple of months. This wasn't going to happen to me for a long time.

See the smug woman, let's upset her applecart! So with my Florence post almost completed, I was just adding a couple of photos, when I got a similar little message, 29MB(2%) if your 1024 MB in use. But the bottom line is that I can't upload anything else. So there sits the draft post, with two of the four photos in place and two waiting in the wings. My uploading totally at a standstill.

Naturally, I am invited to add more memory for the very reasonable sum of $25US per year for 7GB or even more $ for even more GB. You know, if it had been the usual $9.95 US that everyone seems to think things are worth, I probably would have whipped out my "online" credit card and used it, but $25/yr is just too much to spend on my "free" blog.

As an aside, let me tell you how I am getting these photos from my 1984 trip to my blog. I am scanning the prints to the desktop computer upstairs and saving them. I then email them from that computer as an attachment to my other email address that I use on my laptop. There I save them to another file and upload from that. Now I am glad to have caused you some amusement at me and my convoluted process, which I had to work out by myself, since I didn't have a clue how to do it otherwise. In theory this laptop, since it is networked, should be able to access the files in the desktop, but the old technical helpdesk has not been able to succeed in this, and since he doesn't want to do it, he gave up very smartly.

Of course, when I look at the directions I carefully saved, I see that they are too generic for me. I recognize that I have to resize the images using some software, but in looking at the two photo software programs I have on my computer I don't see that option. I have Canon Zoombrowser Ex and Arcsoft PhotoStudio (both came with my Canon A620 camera) on the laptop but so far can't see how to resize in these programs. I think I have a Corel PhotoAlbum disc somewhere because we have that on the desktop so could load that.

As you see it may be some time before I return with images in my posts and I think they are so bland without a little something.

The very big question is: when I do figure out how to do this, do I have to go back and resize all the images in my previous posts? And why are they locking me out when in theory I have almost 1000 MB left?

All suggestions will be gratefully accepted but remember they have to be very specific. I am not a "put the box together" person. I'm a "put tab A in slot B and fold over C, etc, follow the diagram" person. For heaven sakes, I'm an old lady! Take pity on me!

Thank you for you kind attention to my woes. mhr, if you are listening, any suggestions?


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Dearest jmb, I so wish I could help! But I don't understand it all either. Is that what it's all about? - Google wants money?? I'm sure some technically minded people will reply to this post soon and help, though! I had to smile at what you call your "convoluted process" because that is the kind of thing I do and it makes me feel less alone! Your posts are never "bland" so please don't go away,jmb. Your blog is one of the highlights of my day, every day. Thanks for the link, btw. Auguri from Sicily.

Sarabeth said...

Are you using Microsoft's Windows? If so, photos can be opened using the Paint program in the accessories in the start menu.

Open Paint.
Open the image you want to resize.
Click on "Image" in the tool bar.
Click on "Stretch/Skew".
Enter the same numbers in the vertical and horizontal (like 50 or 25).
Click "OK"
Click "File"
Click "Save As"
Enter a file name with some identifier that means smaller. I usually leave the same file name and just add the word mini at the end.

Paint isn't good for playing around with the photo, but it's easy enough for resizing.

Ian said...

Hi jmb, I'm not sure what the problem is. Most of your images are fairly small 20-30k although a few are over 150k. As you say, you should still have nearly 1000MB left.
I have looked on the Blogger Help Group ( but the picture upload problem you have doesn't appear to be there. There have been problems with images due to maintenance on the image galleries, but nothing at the moment. It may be worth posting your problem on the Help group.
Regards, Ian

jmb said...

So I have discovered how to resize, thanks to Sarabeth and it works. Now my problem is that I am still not sure if I have to go back and change previous files. Were you locked out from uploading as I was? I have deleted the two photos from my draft post and have reloaded with smaller ones but I am sure I am close to the 29 MB, which no doubt will elicit a new lock-out. Tell me what you did WCLC. My email is in my profile, however you may not have a hidden email and not want to use the regular one. That's OK. Just tell me in a comment, I don't mind,

jmb said...

Thank you Sarabeth. That was very simple, although it only works so far with my own photos and jpg files in my documents. I'm still trying to find the attachments, sometimes I can and sometimes I can't. It's a mystery.
Thanks again

jmb said...

Hi Ian,
I thought maybe it was a prompt to make you pay up and then would go away since I have so much space left. But no, for two days the message has been sitting there and not allowing me to upload. It starts to then comes to a halt and goes back to the original screen.
So finally I resized the two photos and uploaded them again. But it still won't let me upload the next one.
I'll nip over to the Help group later. I was a bit lost on the Picasa site, where the images are stored so they say. I wanted to check my used capacity but couldn't find it. Oh the joys of knowing a little bit but not knowing so much more.
Thanks for trying

Lee said...

I wish I could help, too...but I'm totally useless! What is happening to you is completely weird and wrong, I reckon! I guess I'll be the next one to be hit...and if that be the case...bye, bye pics! I'm not going to pay for a free blog!

And I agree...your blog is never bland, jmb!

jmb said...

Hi Lee,
I remember your problems a few days ago with your pictures!
Sarabeth has been a big help, she has shown me how to resize the photos before uploading and has some other suggestions for unlocking the uploading procedure which I am going to follow.
These things are sent to humble us, I guess.

mhr said...

Hi jmb!
I can recommend Irfanview. It's free and easy to use.
I noticed you uploaded very large files. I'm not surprised Blogger is finally showing the ugly price behind the free tag :)))
Hopefully you can reload all your images in reasonable size! (I choose 700*525 for mine, incidentally)

To help you get started with Irfanview:

- In the menu "Image" choose "Resize/Resample"
- then Set new size: Width - Height. When you type 700 in Width, the Height is automatically calculated)
- in Size method select "Resample" (better quality) and experiment with the several options from the drop down menu.
- then from the menu "File" choose save as...
... easy as pie :)

More support with Irfanview

Good luck with it all!

mhr said...

PS: sorry I hadn't read the previous comments, I see you seem to have solved your problem by now :)

Josie said... is also great and it's free.

I had a similar problem a few months ago and I found if I changed my photos to html I was able to post them. The only thing is, you have to do it from another computer and then e-mail the html to yourself and copy it into your post.

Eurodog said...

All my photos go into my documents, my pictures. Photos from my camera or from e-mail attachments or from the web. I reduce the size when I use them in a post and I have a program called Microsoft Picture It. I don't think it is free; we got it as a freebie with a computer magazine. It is very good. I can use the resized picture without any problem.
I hope you have solved your problem.

jmb said...

Hi mhr,
Thanks for your response. We used to use Irfan with our old scanner but it is not on the new one computer.
I tried Paint as Sarabeth suggested and that worked like a charm. I also found later I could do it with the Arc Photo editing program. I just had to explore these things a little more.
I will download Irfanview anyway and explore it.
thanks for your help

jmb said...

Hi Josie,
You sound like a woman after my own heart. Using two computers and emailing yourself with files! Whatever it takes to do it. Usually when someone tells me how to do something more simply I can't believe that I didn't think of that myself.
I am considering all options suggested and hoping I will solve this problem.

jmb said...

Hi Eurodog,
Thanks for your suggestion. I will in future save a copy of any attachment to my documents. I seem to have these attachments inside my computer but not be able to find them. Most frustrating.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi, jmb. I've just emailed you with what I did but I still don't understand what I'm doing!

jmb said...

Hi Welshcakes,
I think you didn't get locked out as I did, and I think that my lockout was probably coincidental. All fixed for now, I hope, but I'm waiting for the next disaster.