Friday, April 6, 2007

Thursday Walking -- Granville Island

Today, Thursday, was supposed to be graced with very heavy rain. There was actually talk of cancelling walking earlier in the week. I said, "Let's wait." It turned out to be a fine day really, with part sun and part cloud, and a high of 17 C. Six people for walking and four for lunch at the Pacific Culinary Institute, a cooking school with a small combined bakery/coffee shop which serves a light, delicious, economical lunch.

Today we saw this perfect little saucer magnolia tree on our walk.

One of the flower stalls inside the Granville Island market.

A stall that appears occasionally in the market .

One of the regular buskers who add to the ambiance of the market.

What kind of jam would you like today?


james higham said...

You got me in, JMB, with your 'Nobody Important'. My experience is that such people are usually very important.

So it seems from this delightful post. So pleased to have got here via MyWebLog.

the night owl said...

Hi JMB,....I enjoyed your pictures today.. Have a nice day and come see my photo hunt ,. Baba

jmb said...

Hi James,
Thanks for coming by, I was perusing your blogs since I see you often commenting, somewhere or other, Sicily Scene, or The Psychiatrist Blog or maybe Life is Hard? I'll be back to look around.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Hi again, jmb. Oh, I'll take any of those lovely-looking jams. What a good thing you said "Let's wait". Love all the other pics, too. I agree with James that you are somebody very important - and very special - on the blogging scene. Tanti auguri di Buona Pasqua, jmb.

jmb said...

Thank you, WCLC,
We all have different blogs and we all think everyone else does it so much better! Which, of course, they often do.

jmb said...

Hi night owl,
That's what I always call myself! I did come by to check out your photo hunt and insulted your bird, by calling it a budgie. Look first, jmb, comment later!

Lee said...

The mountain showground is across the way from where I live here and the monthly arts and crafts market is on there today. I imagine a huge crowd will attend, being Easter Sunday. Fresh produce is sold as well, and there are always buskers and entertainers there too. I won't be going across as I'm expecting visitors for lunch. Actually, I've not been for ages. I must try and attend the next one in April.

Have a great Easter, jmb. :)

jmb said...

Hi Lee,
That's too bad that you'll miss the market, but if it's on every month you can catch it later. It sounds like fun.
Ah yes, the Easter lunch. Hope you enjoy it.
Happy Easter to you too, Lee

ipanema said...

Lovely photos! Happy Easter, jmb! :)

jmb said...

Hi Ipanema,
Thanks. Happy Easter to you and your family.