Friday, May 25, 2007

Photos from my Cruise -- Ketchikan

Well this was our last port of call on this cruise. For the previous imageless post about Ketchikan, to go with these photos, check here.

I'll get my mini rant out of the way first. Here in this scenic spot, surrounded by gorgeous snowcapped mountains, what is the first thing you see from the ship when you land? The jewelery stores! Why on earth would you go to one of the most beautiful places in the world and spend your time buying jewelery, outrageously expensive jewelery at that!

This is a neat photo because it shows one of the steep wooden staircases which lead from one level to another in Ketchikan. Trust me, that is quite the climb. These staircases even have names, like streets.

Here is the lovely Creek Street area where the "ladies of the night" plied their trade until the nineteen fifties. Now interesting stores and galleries, all built on the wooden wharf structure.

A lady shill inviting us into Dolly's Museum, the original house of Dolly, one of the better known ladies of the night. She seems to prefer the Victorian era style of dress. Note the banknotes in her garter.

You can see I really like this area. We spent a lot of time there and remember it was a beautiful day, getting better as the day went on.

Here are the mini rapids where we watched the two salmon navigate over the white water to head on up to spawning grounds. The kayaker happened by to add something red to the photo.

Remember this is the town where they saved all the old totem poles from the surrounding areas. In the centre, in this little park, they have raised this modern replica, one of the three or four placed strategically around the town.

You know men and messing about in boats. These two belong to the Coast Guard. Yes, even that tiny one, rip roaring along licketty split. I liked the size contrast in this photo. Which one would you like to be on? Yep, me too.

Well, now we are sailing away from our last stop in Alaska. We have to leave beautiful Alaska behind and return to beautiful British Columbia. What a chore.

I am so fortunate to live in this very scenic part of the world. We live our busy lives and never take the time to look around us. But this past week, I have done just that. I hope you have enjoyed this odyssey with me. I had fun describing it to you and showing it as best I could with this series of photos.

So next time you pass by this blog what do you think you will see? Yes, a book review. Tomorrow the Short Book Club meets. I have to make the dessert and so of course I am making this which is now in the refrigerator and which I will decorate tomorrow with the raspberry topping.


Eurodog said...

wonderful pictures. Very envious.

Janice Thomson said...

Such a wonderful tour via your photos and delightful information. Thanks so much Jmb...ummm, where are we going next? LOL

lady macleod said...

lovely photographs as always. Thank you for taking me on a memory jog.

I am pleased you had such a good time.

james higham said...

Simply fabulous.

...The jewelery stores! Why on earth would you go to one of the most beautiful places in the world and spend your time buying jewelery, outrageously expensive jewelery at that!...

Outrageous! By the way, love the clapboard houses - I miss them.

Ellee said...

I love kayaking too, have you ever tried that on one your adventures. Like eurodog says, I'm very envious,

Anonymous said...

i so enjoyed looking at your photos .not going out fo derbyshire much it was lovley to look at them jep

Linda said...

I've been reading through several of you past posts. How I have enjoyed reading about your cruise, and where else can one sit back in the comfort of their home and experience such adventures. Thanks for sharing....

jmb said...

Hi Eurodog,
You'll have to come back again. Bring your children!

Hi Janice,
Glad you enjoyed the tour. Maybe Australia in the Fall (ours not theirs.

Hi Lady Macleod,
I love Alaska and I can see why you enjoyed living there. Where exactly did you spend your year?

Hi James,
These jewelery stores get my goat. They are in every port. They are not owned by locals, but just huge chains with imported workers for the season.
Even on the ship they keep trying to sell you jewelery too.

Hi Ellee,
I never have tried kayaking. It looked very relaxing for this fellow on the little creek. But I'm sure it's hard work.

Hi Julie,
Well it's certainly different from Derbyshire which is no doubt beautiful in a different way. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.
Thanks for dropping by.

Hi Linda,
Welcome and I'm glad you enjoyed the posts and the photos. Call again, especially if you like books. I talk about them often.

Regards to you all,

Lee said...

I've certainly enjoyed joining you on your odyssey and thank for allowing me to do so, jmb. They are wonderful pics. I can understand your love for that area. How fascinating it looks.

jmb said...

Hi Lee,

I'm glad that you've enjoyed Alaska, somewhat vicariously but...

Hopefully some of my readers will be inspired to take the trip themselves one day, well the local ones could.

YTSL said...

Re the jewelry stores: were they selling tanzanite? If so, isn't tanzanite from Tanzania (over in East Africa)???

jmb said...

Yes ytsl, Tanzanite does only come from one place in the world and yes they were selling it there.

I didn't go in but the ship gave out a shopping guide which said this.
This is the idiocy of these jewellery stores which have nothing to do with the local area but are just an opportunity to try to sell things to the cruise line passengers.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Yes, wonderful pictures and your explanations really bring the place to life. Love the "ladies of the night" walkway and the lady at Dolly's House with her garter! And I agree with your rant about the jewellery store. Looking forward to the book review next.

Liz said...

'Dolly' looked a bit intimidating!

It looks like an amazingly interesting place to have visited. Do they ever get floods? Some of those houses aren't too high above the water level.

jmb said...

Hi welshcakes,
I like this little area in Ketchikan, so different from the "jewellery" area. The next post is a book review, just not the one promised. It is almost written, but this one snuck in ahead of it.

Hi Liz,
"Dolly" certainly was a bit intimidating looking. I don't know about flooding, it's a creek right at sea level, but it must carry a lot of water at spring run off. Still these place have been there quite a while.

regards to you both

Ian said...

I'd just like to thank you for bringing Alaska to us in words and pictures.
I've really enjoyed reading your posts on the rss feed. I just need to remember to visit and comment as well.

jmb said...

Hi Ian,
Well, I'm glad that you enjoyed the posts, it was fun writing them. Overall my pictures left a lot to be desired but I managed to gather a semi-reasonable lot together.