Tuesday, June 26, 2007

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Online Dating

Mingle 2

This has been doing the rounds on some of the blogs that I read, so I followed the link and found, just as I suspected, I am tame enough for G. In fact, all I scored was one mention of the word "death" . I'll have to jazz things up a bit here in future. I think I should aim for PG at least. After all, everyone should have a goal. Congratulations to Addicted to Medblogs who finally got her blog rated R with this post.

On to another matter. Statistics. I have two counters on my sidebar and they never agree with each other. For the week June 18 to 24th I averaged 111 per day in Sitemeter, while my Bravenet statistics average 71 for the same period. I'm pretty sure it's not me visiting my own site 40 times a day. According to Sitemeter, this week I went over 100 hits in a day for the first time and what's more it continued for the next few days at least. Now I'm not naive enough to believe that everyone is popping over to read what I have to say. In fact I know that most of my hits come through Google searches for Westies. But why the sudden surge in Westie searches? That's what I'm asking myself. But you've gotta love this chart. It makes the little old lady's heart glad, even as her head knows it doesn't mean a thing. I do know that I am now probably disqualified for the best little blogger category in the Blogpower awards. Too bad, so sad. Not really true, James. You know you can't trust statistics and here's the proof.

Nobody Important

Sitemeter Statistics

Bravenet statistics

Day Date Unique Visitors Above/Below
Sunday June 24, 2007 72 +1
Saturday June 23, 2007 64 -7
Friday June 22, 2007 83 +12
Thursday June 21, 2007 77 +6
Wednesday June 20, 2007 79 +8
Tuesday June 19, 2007 71 0
Monday June 18, 2007 55 -16
Average: 71

Next in this series of This and That is an award from a fellow blogger. I have no idea what it means nor where it originated, even after I tried to follow the links, but I am going to use it to introduce you to someone's blog on my sidebar.

This award came to me from Ruth of Me, My Life, My Garden. I've just recently added Ruth to my sidebar because of her lovely garden. It's a relatively small garden but chock full of beautiful flowers. There are no better gardeners in the world than the Brits. They garden in frightful weather and seem to get the best out of whatever space they have. She also takes wonderful photos and keeps another relatively new blog called From a Bee's Eye View, on which she posts lovely close-up photos of flowers and insects. I only recently noticed that she has a total of five assorted blogs, so she's a busy lady.

Ruth and her husband Mick built this lovely garden, but sadly Mick passed away in April after a long illness. So Ruth is bravely carrying on with keeping up the garden and I expect we shall see some very nice photos over the season.

By the way, another English garden that I visit is Mary's, over at Big World ... Small Garden.
Mary just started her blog and not only does she share her garden photos but she visits other gardens and posts about them too.

For the second time I have been awarded the Thinking Blogger award by a fellow British Columbia blogger, Smalltown RN at A Place I call Home. She said some very nice things about me which I do appreciate. She herself is a very proud BC resident and her blog is very enjoyable to read. Her posts cover a variety of topics, personal and otherwise, often nursing or medical related. She raised the topic of elderly drivers in a very interesting post recently, when she was confronted by a dilemma on this issue. I hope you don't mind if I don't pass this award on as only one of the five I passed it on to last time took it up. If you are on my sidebar you keep me thinking.

I think that is all for this post about This and That. It's what I call a blog type post, not my normal output, but sometimes we all need to do this. I hope you were impressed by all that linking. Regular programming will resume in the near future.

Update: Actually I have three stat counters, although one was hidden, but no longer. Last Friday I had these 3 different counts: Sitemeter 121; Bravenet 86; Statcounter 99. Bravenet and Statcounter say they count unique visitors. Well who do you trust? Well what does it matter? Not a jot, just interesting.


RUTH said...

Thanks for accepting the award and congratulaions on your Thinking Blogger Award. Re your stats...does one include your own visits and the other doesn't or maybe if one visitor visits twice it is classed as one visit? I must admit I don't understand these things myself. I must pop over to the blogs you've mentioned. BTW I was a G rating too; when I think about some of the things I wrote about on my Million Stories blog it quite surprised me....

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well done, jmb! I was a G rating too though apparently I am dangerous enough to have once mentioned "drugs"!

Donnetta Lee said...

Hey, this was quite interesting. What's in a rating!? I always enjoy reading your posts.

lady macleod said...

Impressive linking. Congratulations on the graph, well done there. Only the very best people visit here I have no doubt!

I have no idea what some one else would rate my blog, I rate it IF&SU (he he)

jmb said...

Hi Ruth,
Thank you. Re the stats, I don't think Sitemeter separates your visits to your own blog but I still don't think I pop over 40 times a day.

jmb said...

You'd think a retired pharmacist might mention drugs too, but no, only one x death.

jmb said...

Hi Donnetta Lee,
How's the weather in Florida?
Apparently that rating was important to quite a few people I read. Well at least they all posted about it.

jmb said...

Hi Lady M,
As I said, they are almost always looking at Westie images, my blog visitors.
Sorry I am having a senior moment and need you to translate IF & SU for your rating. This is going to bug me all day.

laurie said...

those site counters aren't perfect. i use statcounter, which seems more accurate than the clustrmap i'd been using, but i notice that site counter doesn't count my friends with dial-up. odd. but you can program it to not count your own computer, so that's good. it's all a guess.

i ran my blog through the rating system and found that it's x-rated. hilarious. i write about dogs! family friendly dogs!

your westie is awfully cute.

jmb said...

Hi Laurie,
They certainly aren't perfect. I should look at Statcounter. The problem is once you start with one you don't want to lose all that information. Although I never have trusted Sitemeter.
I'll have to check out your X rated site. What have those dogs been up to?

Medblog Addict said...

Thanks for the link. And congrats on breaking 100 and all the awards. You passed me a long time ago with respect to all the fancy stuff you can do on your blog.

And about my rating. I guess I should be more proud of the fact that it took me three tries to get the R rating. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such great comments.

jmb said...

Well you do have a full time job after all, so no spare time to learn fancy stuff.
Yes you should be proud that 3 goes was necessary for you to get R but you did it very elegantly. No really bad words at all.

Janice Thomson said...

I find your blog interesting, informative and fun so even if you only ever had 2 visitors(not!) I'd be one of them leaving a comment.
Because I write a Japanese form of poetry I get a lot of silent visitors which spikes the meter but doesn't show in the comments. I figure as long as they keep coming I must be doing something right. I like statcounter too as I find it is closest to the truth. Through it I have found my blog mentioned on other's without a comment left by them which comes as a pleasant surprise.
As usual another entertaining post Jmb.

Ian Lidster said...

You deserve whatever award anybody can throw at you, my friend, but I like your 'Rockin' Girl' one most of all. For my rating, alas, I got a PG rating. My parents would be so disappointed.

jmb said...

Hi Janice,
Thanks for your kind words.
I love to watch the different thoughts that resound with your audience, re the comments. Often it's totally different ones from the ones that strike a note with me.

jmb said...

Hi Ian,
I have no idea what the Rocking Girl award means. It didn't seem to come with any explanation, no matter how far I drilled back. Still it sounds like a good thing to be at my age.
PG sounds good to me, just a little cautionary. Perfect.

lady macleod said...

no Senior moment love, I made it up my own self (picture the satisfaction of your favorite two-year-old).
I-nteresting F-un & S-ometimes U-nusual

Sienna said...

Loved the post and pics on Rome!

JMB sometimes I try to comment and get booted out of blogger (well, just drops out) so I try again, ...and again...:) I maybe responsible for tripping some meter?
The 2006 census statistics (about Australia) are beginning to be released, I find them really interesting, I would hate to have to organise it all but I love the snapshots that stats can give....*subject to interpretation* of course...ha!


jmb said...

Hi Lady M,
Well thank goodness. I even googled IF&SU with no success. That's how obsessive I am.
Anyway what more can you ask of a blog than Interesting, Fun and Sometimes Unusual and don't forget well-written.

jmb said...

Hi Pam,
That's OK if you trip the meter. I don't really know why I track these things, since I don't seriously believe them. Well I can see the Westie searches. Does that mean that all the popular bloggers have crazy statistics too, I wonder.
I'm sure they have some computer organizing all the census stats. So how many people live in Australian now? I'd like to know.

Lee said...

As I said in Meow's blog, jmb...my blog is probably rated, "Not For Human Consumption"! ;)

jmb said...

Now Lee what does that remark say about us then?
A lot of eating and drinking red wine goes on over there as well as some great storytelling so what the heck does the rating matter?

Ellee said...

Congratulations of your award. I was a G-rating too. I find my highest stats are on a Thursday.

I think our weather in the UK is the same you are having too, it's very cloudy here.

jmb said...

HI Ellee,
I don't know where the summer has gone but it's not here and obviously not there either.
Sicily must have received our share because it is incredibly hot there.

Gledwood said...

Don't you find it odd how these different counters get different no's of visitors all the time? All mine are set for half an hour ...
... I do find it annoying when people post up the ones that show numbers, you flick back a page and hey presto the number's gone up one... they're counting page loads not even visitors... just trying to look popular!!... I've just submitted my blog to be slagged off by a reviewer in Texas or somewhere who will no doubt insult it from a unique angle... she was having a go at "traffic whores"... what does she mean? I mean what's the point of blogging if nobody's going to read it? Know what I mean. And what CAN you do really to get more traffic? Very little except write more interesting stuff and maybe win an award or two... congratulations on your nominations...
Well I'm here procrastinating.
I am exhausted.
I have been writing too much.
Trying to post the story of my downfall... it ended up having to be split into daily sections bc it is too knackeringly long ...
the weekend is practically upon us!
Have a fantastic one!
All the best

jmb said...

Hi Gleds,
I don't know why we obsess with these stats. I don't know why I have three counters and not one. Because I don't trust any of them, I suppose.
I did see the first part of your story, I'll have to come back for the rest.

ipanema said...

Well, there are people who are gaming the field. Some have ways of doing it. Others cry foul at what they are doing.

I had an old counter which gives you an option to either count your own or every pageload. I finally took it out as when it reached 50k, it restarted to 1. Well, I don't need it anyway. I have to look inside to see who is reading.

Like you I have 3 counters, each with a different count.

My obsession for it vanished last year.

What really counts are not those numbers, it's the post. :)

jmb said...

Ipanema, you are so right. These don't matter a jot. As long as we are enjoying ourselves, and maybe entertaining some others, is all that really counts.
It's not the real world after all.