Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blogpower Round-up

The inaugural Blogpower round-up has been posted here, over at An Insomniac.

Matt has done a sterling job of hosting this event and I have the honour of my post, Australia --- Some Thoughts and Introductions, being included.

Blogpower members, please make sure you visit Matt's round-up and The Thunder Dragon has given an excellent explanation for this round-up, in case you missed it before.

Non Blogpower members, who happen by this post, may find of interest some of the diverse posts of this group, which have been highlighted in the round-up. May I recommend Communism, a sad legacy of Russia written by James Higham, the founder of Blogpower, in which he discusses the situtation in his current home in the former USSR.



Janice Thomson said...

Well! Certainly had fun browsing through everything Jmb. Thanks for all the interesting links.
Congrats on being selected at Blogpower Round-up.

lady macleod said...

congratulations! i'm off to look about.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I hadn't realised it was up so thanks for directing me to it. It's excellent and congratulations, jmb!

Lee said...

Interesting post, jmb. It looks like I have some reading to do this weekend! Thanks. :)

Lee said...

And congratulations from me, too. :)

Voyager said...

I've seen that VW around town.
Ans thanks for the referrals to some good reading.