Thursday, August 16, 2007

Decorated VW Beetle -- a rerun, but video this time.

Recently I had an email from a producer at the local CBC television station, who wanted to know if I knew anything about the owner of the highly decorated VW beetle which appeared in my Photo Hunt for Creative here. She said she wanted to do a story about him, but I was no help unfortunately, just being an admirer of the work he had put into the car.

I wanted to do a follow up post myself, but when I googled it earlier the only reference I found was my blog entry. Not much help there, so I forgot about it. This time I found a YouTube video and since it gives a view of the interior as well as the exterior, I thought you might be interested to see it. It certainly is remarkable.


Janice Thomson said...

It certainly is Jmb! I have never seen anything like it. Love the shoes on top LOL. Thanks for sharing this unique video.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

What fun! Wouldn't it be interesting to know somwthing about the owner and how he /she started decorating the car?

Graf von Straf Hindenburg said...

Didn't we do this once before, JMB? Will the book come out too?

jmb said...

Hi Janice,
The video quality is not great but It gives another dimension to the post about the car.

I hope that producer finds out about him and does the story. She said she would email me to let me know.

Don't be cheeky, James! More like a pamphlet.

regards to you all,
thanks for visiting and commenting.

RUTH said...

What a car! I reckon Herbie's quite envious :o)

Lee said...

Ditto...remarkable! So much troubled and effort gone into it...amazing.