Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Inspirational Award

Two people graciously awarded this honour to me recently. The first was Eurodog at Eurodogtraining who keeps on top of what's happening in the dog world. She also does me the honour of considering me her Help Desk and I do try my best. My theory is if I don't know then I shall find out, somehow, somewhere.

The other person was James at Nourishing Obscurity, who was awarded it himself, for not only having a very fine prolific blog, but also for initiating the idea of Blogpower, to which I have the honour to belong.

Frankly I think my only role of being an inspirational blogger is to tempt you to come to Vancouver, or to Italy, or Japan, or any of the other places I've travelled to and tout so vociferously here.

I think a lot of people have already received this award long before me. But if you have already received it and are on this list just consider it a confirmation.

Sarabeth, at I once was HP, is a very inspirational young woman. At the moment she is devoting herself to her three young children and doctor husband, running a large home and garden, involved with her sorority, has two blogs, and has written a very good book in her spare time. Did I say she is a very good photographer?

Ipanema, everyone's favourite blogger, trolls the news for interesting reports and adds her own insightful thoughts to the mix. She answers every single comment with care and humour and she visits and comments all over the blogosphere. You see her here, you see her there, you see her everywhere.

Cathy, a medblog aficionado like myself, who, despite health issues of her own, blogged for 24 hours straight recently as part of Blogathon 2007, in order to raise money for St Jude's Hospital for Children. Well done Cathy.

Moof, again a medblog aficionado, but so much more, who was so supportive of everyone during the recent medblog problems, which saw some medbloggers leave the arena, but found a creative solution and devoted many hours to setting it up.

Gledwood, who is a young man with drug addiction problems, but every day blogs about his life, the good and the bad.

Thanks to those who gave me the award and thanks to my recipients for inspiring me.


Late tonight I found out that Vic Grace at Cariboo Ponderer has awarded me another Thoughtful Blogger Award. Thank you for passing that to me Vic Grace and I'll pass it on when I get back from vacation.


ipanema said...

Oh my God! Thank you! You are so generous with your words. I'm humbled [blushing]. I hope I'd been an inspiration in one way or another to some. However, judging by the most popular blog topic according to sitemeter, it's the men I inspired I think. For several months, the top search word in my blog is porn. :( theme song should be "Here, There & Everywhere". I am an online nomad. I have to get out of the forest once in a while.

Seriously, thank you. :)

Sarabeth said...

Thank you, JMB. I may not pass it on, but that doesn't mean I'm not grateful for the thoughts and word.

Cathy said...

Oh goodness jmb! You certainly deserve this award, and if I had gotten it first I would have also passed it to you.

I think I am more proud to receive this one than any other's I have ever received. Thank you! I will post this after I return from watching grandkids today.

Moof said...

JMB, you are a dear, dear lady! You're definitely an inspiration to me, and to many others, I'm not at all surprised that you were doubly-whammied with this award.

Thank you for being so kind as to think of me ... I'm afraid that I'm going to end up with a big head ... ;o)

I'm going to be away for most of today, but I'll post about this in the next few days.

Janice Thomson said...

Congratulations Jmb! Your blog is a lot more inspirational than you think as I'm sure others will agree. I enjoy coming here everyday to see what the next tantalizing post is going to be about.

mutleythedog said...

Well done to you! I am heading to Vancouver now...

Ian Lidster said...

Well deserved my blogging friend and tech-whiz pal. I am hoping to get to the 'process' shortly, since you have 'inspired' me to do so.

Graf von Straf Hindenburg said... only role of being an inspirational blogger is to tempt you to come to Vancouver...

If that were all you did, it would be inspirational enough but you do much more.

RUTH said...

Congratulations on your awards. I must pay a visit to the blogs I don't know :o)

lady macleod said...

Look at you! Awash in a sea of approval, let me add mine! Well done and well deserved, so much so you had it twice.

good work passing it on, I must go visit those sites, they look very interesting.

jmb said...

Hi Ipanema,
I think you earn this award every day, blogging and visiting everyone despite a busy working and family life.

Hi Sarabeth,
No problem if you don't want to pass it on or even accept it in print. I just think you deserve it.

Hi Cathy,
I think you deserve this for sure. I hope you are settling in to your new home slowly.

Hi Moof,
I think you can manage to accept this without getting a big head. You're a very practical let's solve this problem lady.

Hi Janice,
Thanks for the kind words and I'm happy to see you here any time.

Hi Mutley,
If you ever make it will love Vancouver I'm sure.

Hi Ian,
Thanks for the kind words and good luck with your technical issues. I know you will solve them.

Hi James,
Thank you for you for your kind words. Is it working? Maybe Italy is closer for you or Japan?

Hi Ruth,
Thank you, maybe you will enjoy these blogs, we all have our favourites, don't we?

Hi Lady Mac,
Thank you, much appreciated. So many interesting blogs, aren't there? We need to agitate for a 36 hour day.

Regards to you all, thanks for coming by and commenting.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well deserved, jmb.