Monday, August 6, 2007

More This and That No 2

You can't have a post without an image to my mind, so here is my photo of the Anchor where the Walking Group meets to do the Spanish Banks walk which we did last Thursday. The walk is along the south side of the Vancouver Harbour, with scenery like this all the way. The large concrete anchor commemorates Don Jose Maria Narvaez, a Spanish explorer, who was the first European to drop anchor here in 1791.

So why two posts in one day? I didn't want to jam too much in the previous post so I moved some of it here.

About the this of Post No 2:

I received an invitation to submit an interview to, which of course I did, although it's not especially interesting or informative. However you can read the interview here and vote for my blog if you are so inclined. The highest number of votes in a month merits a small cash prize and you can vote once daily. I've even made it easy for you by putting a little widget at the top of my sidebar. So click and vote, if you can be bothered. Am I voting for myself? You can bet your last dollar on that. I couldn't stand it if I didn't get one vote, so I made sure that didn't happen.

Now for something completely different:

A little while ago I posted about the Thursday Walking group outing to a nearby village called Steveston, with photos. You may remember the Belted Galloway cows if nothing else. I received an email from the Webmaster of the Steveston Website, asking for permission to use my post and photos for the site. Of course I agreed and he added a few small things to the text, highlighting Steveston a little more, which is understandable, and he turned my photos into a little slideshow. You might like to see it here.

This is definitely the last that:

After I posted about the New York busker, Saw Lady, I sent her an email telling her about it. She replied today, a little truncated here, as she described her computer woes. I also thank you all for following the links to her delightful blog and website.

Dear JMB,
THANK YOU for the nice post you wrote about me!!! This is the best thing that has happened to me today and totally cheered me up ...........
Anyway - I really appreciate all the nice things you and your friends said about me and I am very grateful to you.
All the best,

Don't forget the post below.

Kyoto is coming soon, I assure you.


Anonymous said...

I read the interview and placed my vote. Good luck.

Janice Thomson said...

I voted too Jmb. I really enjoy your blog.
Love the shot of the anchor with the person included so one can compare the size...that is huge!
Always so many interesting things here to read.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

You're very busy, jmb! That is a lovely sculpture. I remember the belted cows and what a well-deserved compliment for you and your blog to have the photos and posts on the Stevenston website. Nice letter from Saw Lady, too. Off to vote for you now.

meeyauw said...


I was almost done typing a wonderful insightful comment when BOOM the lightning hit and power went out. But what was strange was that my laptop immediately shut down. It should've just ignored an outage. So all I wrote is lost from the page and my head now.

I have seen those belted galloways and they seem bizarre at first to people used to holsteins and jerseys. They sure are pretty!

I voted. Good luck.

And you are tagged!

Lord Trafalgar Rock Pigeon said...

I know that scene with the anchor. Informative post too.

Anonymous said...

I voted for you, too, JMB.
You have a great blog and you are an extremely kind person.

(I still need to fix my computer but I got an old one from the basement for now :)

All the best,

Saw Lady

Lord Trafalgar Rock Pigeon said...

OK - voted and the view of Stevenston is great. When I saw the photos, I recognized it too by the water. I think. Aren't there or weren't there a lot of white clapboard houses? Maybe I'm mixing places up.

lady macleod said...

I love the way you see the world. That's a good idea to post the voting widget. hmm...she said tip toeing back to her blog to put up a widget...shhh

Anonymous said...

I hope you do well in that!

Josie said...

JMB, I just voted as well. Good luck...!

You know, I have seen that anchor so many times, and I didn't know what it commemorated.

I loved your photo of Spanish Banks as well. It's my favorite spot on a summer's day.


Lee said...

Me, too...I've placed my vote. All the best, jmb. :)

Lord Nazh© said...

JMB: Did you change the layout? (or did it just load up 'weird') I like it (cleaner/brighter).

Good interview.

jmb said...

Hi Steve,
Thanks for doing that and voting. It's just a bit of fun but I don't want to have no votes.

Hi Janice,
Thanks for the vote and the kind words.
The anchor is huge isn't it? I had a slightly better shot but no person so I went with this one to contrast the size.

Thanks for the vote and the kind words. A funny post this, just giving a little new about past posts.

Hi meeyauw,
Well I guess you lost your connection to the internet with the power outage. When I lose a comment I always leave another one saying too bad the blogger missed out on the very erudite one, just as you did.
The belted galloways are strange but interesting. They have a very heavy coat too. Thanks for the vote.
My Lord, the anchor is a landmark at Spanish Banks. How long ago were you here?

Hi Mutley,
Thanks for the good wishes and for dropping by

Thanks Lee for the vote and good wishes

Lord Nazh, I did not change the layout at all, still the original simple one from the beginning. I'm too scared to monkey about with it other than the sidebar.

regards to you all and thank you for visiting and commenting and voting.

jmb said...

Saw Lady,
Thanks for coming by again and for voting for me too.
I hope you get your computer problems sorted out soon. I would like to read some more of your stories of the streets of New York.

RUTH said...

An imposing sculptue and a beautiful setting. Have read the interview and registered my vote. :o)

Sienna said...

This has been an amazing time!

Great blog interview, really enjoyed reading (and voted :) )

The anchor is incredible, I've only ever seen the fishing boat anchors here...big difference.

How on earth will you find time to do your trees....aah but it is a month, busy times JMB....


Mary said...

Hi JMB, I've voted. We really enjoyed our visit to Italy, so nice to have sunshine and warmth instead of all the rain etc. I've put a few pics on my blog and will add some more later in the week.

jmb said...

Hi Ruth,
It is an imposing sculpture and a landmark for us Vancouverites. Thanks for the support.

Hi Sienna
Still looking for my trees and also something for photo hunt, things in a row, would you believe.

Hi Mary,
I've been to look at your photos, I love looking at photos of Italy. Glad you had a great trip. Thanks for the endorsement.

Regards to you all and thanks for visiting, commenting and voting for me.
jmb said...

Hello JMB,

It is l00 degrees Fahrenheit in Toronto so the old brain is mush, but I certainly intend to vote for you once I get over what must surely be heat exhaustion here.
I think a cool night's sleep will help, then I'll get into the innards of the voting process for
I've enjoyed all your comments over on Josie's blog, and through you, she has offered me some typographic chocolate, which I will certainly be honoured in getting.
It is the middle of the night here, and probably bed time in Vauncouver as well.
Thank you, and have a good night.


jmb said...

Hi Ivan,
Sorry it's so hot there in TO, I guess summer has arrived with its handmaiden, humidity.
I am happy that Josie has honoured you with this award, which inadvertently came through me.
You always make her comment section very interesting with your comments and entertain the rest of us.
Josie herself certainly has the great gift of repartee and she has a very devoted band of readers.
Thanks for the vote, I'm not expecting miracles there but it's nice to have a few.