Sunday, August 19, 2007

Temptation 2 ---- Science World, Vancouver

This beautiful geodesic dome, based on a Buckminster Fuller design, situated at the end of False Creek, was built as the Expo Centre for the Expo 86 World's Fair, which was held in Vancouver.

Later, with government and private funding, it was reborn as Science World which also includes an Omnimax Theatre. A very interactive venue, it makes learning Science fun and there is something for all ages. Covered with lights on every point, at night it sparkles in the landscape.


Chris said...

Yet another good memory for me. We spent a wonderful day at Science World.

I do like visiting you, jmb. Hope you're having a wonderful time with your family.

RUTH said...

An impressive structure; glad it's been put to good use.

lady macleod said...

Another blue chip for Vancouver.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

It lookis like the kind of place I'd love to visit . You always take such fabulous photos, jmb.

Josie said...

JMB, what a great photo. My Munchkins and I always go to Science World when they visit me.

Your granddaughter is beautiful...!


Voyager said...

When I lived in Kitsilano my son and I had yearly memberships, and would pop into science world often. But I have not been in years. It's a great resource.

Elsie said...

you keep getting all these awards, but what do they all mean?

Sir James Beiggelschwarz said...

I don't remember this dome but must have seen it. Pity I missed it.

Janice Thomson said...

I've spent a few times there too and enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for the memories this post brought back.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Interesting. Thanks for sharing about your beautiful city.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I take it Buckminster Fuller has something to do with Buckminsterfullerine?

jmb said...

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your kind words and wishes. I'm glad you are finding good Vancouver memories.

Hi Ruth,
we are happy that it turned into a useful sight for the locals.

Hi Lady Mac,
You'll see it's a great place in October.

I think everyone enjoys a visit here. It's a smashing looking building.

Hi Josie,
Thanks Josie, it's a good place for your Munchkins, and I'm sure you enjoy it too.

Hi Voyager,
I forgot that you can get a yearly pass. I should get one, it's not too expensive.

Hi Elsie,
Not much really, although it is nice to get some recognition that people appreciate one's effort.

Hi Sir James,
It is a bit out of the way so you could have missed it.

Hi Janice,
I haven't been for years so I have to go again soon.

I hope you enjoy this series of posts about Vancouver. It is indeed beautiful, when it's not raining.

Hi Crushed,
Buckminsterfullerenes are indeed named after Richard Buckminster Fuller. Bucky balls or fullerenes as they are called.

jmb said...

I accidentally published my comment without sending my regards and thanking you all for visiting and commenting.

SuperStenoGirl said...

When I was in Guides we were lucky enough to spend a whole night in Science World. I got to sleep inside the beaver dam. That was very cool. Of course, my guide leader getting her truck broken into in the McDonald's parking lot across the street wasn't fun but riding the 300 km home with plastic noisily rattling sure was!

Great picture JMB. :) I'm proud to call myself a near Vancouverite.

[<( - _ - )>] ® said...

i came casually here... very interesting blog...
greets from chile!

jmb said...

Hi Superstenogirl,

I didn't know Science World allowed that but I'm sure it was fun.
The area around it is a bit less desirable, however.

Hi Chilean young man,
Thanks for visiting


Lee said...

Vancouver certainly looks like a beautiful city. I can understand your love for it, jmb. :)

ipanema said...

what an imposing structure. i think it's a hive of activities inside. something worth visiting. :)

jmb said...

Hi Lee,

Another beautiful view around this city, which we all enjoy every fine day. I do love it then, not so much when it is raining day after day.

Hi ipanema,
It is a beautiful building and a fun place to visit. One of our treasures.

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