Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Temptation 3 ---- The Lions

To my mind, the thing that makes Vancouver a uniquely beautiful place is the way that the mountains rise out of the water of the harbour. For surely there are more beautiful harbours in the world, but this makes Vancouver special.

Above you see a view looking from the south shore of the harbour across to the North shore mountains, past a ship in dock on the foreshore, next to the sulphur pile which is the bright yellow colour on the right. Above the mountain you can see the two snow covered twin peaks called the Lions which obviously have the appearance of two lions lying down. It is a very challenging hike to get to the top of these peaks but the view is spectacular.

The Lions is the name used by so many things associated with Vancouver, like the Lions' Gate Bridge and the Vancouver Lions football team. We all drive around the city, constantly checking the status of the snow on these peaks.

Here's a little fun poem about the sulphur pile taken from Mountain Highway blog, written by David Thorvald Olsen:

There are just a few things
that i know about the sulphur pile

first, is that i am not sure it is actually sulphur
second, the pile is not harmed by rain
next, the (assumed) sulphur is used for something
somewhere else
trains bring it here, ships take it somewhere beyond

and the pile never changes in size

glowing like Van Gogh’s pool table
under cafe lamps


Janice Thomson said...

Having been raised near the Rockies in Alberta I too was fascinated with the way the mountains rose from the water in Vancouver and thought it the most beautiful site I'd ever seen. This post brought back a lot of wonderful memories Jmb. Thank you for this.
I enjoyed the poem and traveled through Dave's blog for some time.

Carver said...

Vancouver has been on my list of places I'd like to visit for a long time and your photograph today reinforces it's place high on the list. To me there are few things more appealing than water and mountains all in one spot. Your image of the mountains rising out the the water of the harbor is exquisite. Carver

RUTH said...

This is a beautiful scene. I love the sight of the mountains next to the sea. What is the sulphur used for? I see you have a Lions football team; my hubby's team Millwall were The Lions too :o)

Lee said...

Every place has a beauty unique to itself...and Vancouver certainly has been blessed with its fair share of beauty by the looks of it. Stunning!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful words, jmb.

.my.coffee. said...

I lived in Fernie BC for 16 years before I moved to Vancouver, and I can say that they are the most beautiful mountains I've seen since living in a valley.

Voyager said...

My sister and I took on the brutal hike to the top of one lion a few years ago. Magnificent when we got there, but Oh My God, what a tough up hill slog. It does improve the view though, to think " I stood up there."
Perfect picture.

Lucy said...

I still have yet to make it to Vancouver. I really need to try and visit. I've done the other big city in Canada, Toronto, but not Vancouver. I miss it and I haven't even been there. * sigh *

Nice coming across your blog. I'm a standup comedienne in NYC. Feel free to stop by and drop a line.

Sir James Beiggelschwarz said...

Your opening lines immediately sucked me in. Your blog is like your city - enigmatic and beautiful.

Ian Lidster said...

The Lions remind me of sitting in junior high school in North Burnaby about the time of the birth of Christ and gazing longingly at those peaks; I so wanted to be free. So, for me I suppose they're a metaphor for freedom.

Liz said...

I do hope we can visit Vancouver one day. It is on my to-visit list.

Good poem too!

Chris said...

Just wonderful.

jmb said...

Hi Janice,
If you are from the Rockies you certainly enjoy the mountains, and this is a unique sight. I thought the poem was great, imagine one about the sulphur pile.
Hi Carver,
I hope you come to see it one day, sooner rather than later.
Hi Ruth,
Do you know, I don't know what the sulphur is used for. I asked my husband, the chemistry professor and he didn't know either.
Hi Lee,
You're right, the beauty of nature is everywhere, but in all my travels I find Vancouver one of the nicest spots, because I love the water.
Thanks for the nice comment.
Hi my.coffee,
I don't know Fernie but if there are mountains there I'm sure you miss them.
Hi Voyager,
Congratulations on making it to the top, they say the hike dangerous near the top and the view must be spectacular.
Hi Lucy,
You need to come here to do a show , I hope you make it some day.
Hi James,
Those are very kind words indeed. You know how beautiful Vancouver is, lucky you to have visited.
Hi Ian,
What a wonderful memory for you. Were you in Burnaby Heights. My son lives in Vancouver Heights, on Eton St and he has a fabulous view of the Lions and the harbour.
Hi Liz,
I hope you can come too. Surely you can't resist temptation.
Hi Chris,
Another wonderful memory for you.

Thank you all for visiting and commenting.

Cathy said...

Vancouver is absolutely beautiful. The most beautiful places I have ever seen are all in Canada! Banff is so beautiful!