Thursday, August 23, 2007

Temptation 4 ---- Houseboats at Granville Island

When I win the lottery, I have a plan. Well two actually, but the first one, about always travelling first class, has nothing to do with Vancouver. The second plan involves me going down to Granville Island where there is a community of beautiful house boats and knocking on all the doors with an offer to purchase said houseboat, until someone accepts. As an owner, not only do you live on the water in a wonderful house, in a sheltered offshoot of the main harbour, with a spectacular view and your very own mooreage, but you can walk up to the market and do your food shopping every day. Now that sounds like heaven to me.

I took this photo from a little Aquabus as I sailed in False Creek

The little village of houseboats is called Sea Village and it is right at Granville Island market. If you follow this link to see other photos of this unique community, you will see why I would like to live there.


RUTH said...

I expected to see something like the canal houseboats we get over here! This is incredible and what a fabulous building. I had a look at the link the one with the snow..not that I want to se snow for real yet! :o)

Anonymous said...

I hope you do't get sea sick...

Chris said...

There are a few houseboats of similar splendour on the Thames, especially at Tagg's Island (residential and nowhere near as intersting as Granville Island), which is near Hampton Court. Although I'm not fond of boats I could change my mind about one of these beauties.

Sarabeth said...

I had the same temptation when I lived in Seattle. There is a romance about them, isn't there?

Carver said...

I can definitely see why you would want to live on a houseboat in that idyllic setting. I responded to your comment on my site but forgot to mention that I love your landscapes. I do alright with close up photography but I find the composition side of landscape photography very difficult. Your landscapes are so well composed and beautiful. Take care, Carver

Janice Thomson said...

Will you save me a room in the back please? So beautiful...sigh

Hootin'Anni said...

Ya, I could go for that too!! We could be neighbors and walk each day for groceries and such...together!!!

jmb said...

Hi Ruth,
They are just like normal houses, and very west coast design too. I love all of them in the links too. I doesn't matter which one I buy.

Hi Mutley,
The inlet is very protected so there is not much movement and no big boats come by, so no seasickness.

Hi Chris,
For some reason I have always had this desire to live on one of these houseboats.
Hi Sarabeth,
Do you remember the houseboat that Tom Hanks lived on in Sleepless in Seattle? How could anyone resist that.
Hi Carver,
I just point and shoot you know. Although I do try to wander around a bit and try for a more interesting angle. I am forcing myself to take more photographs for my blog and I think I am learning slowly.
Hi Janice,
Haiku and Taiga for room and board. Done.
Hi Hootin'anni,
Are you buying lottery tickets too? You could make it your summer place because I don't think you would like winter here. All the rain. But I'd be very happy to have you for a neighbour.

Thanks for visiting and commenting and regards to you all

Vic Grace said...

I always thought living on a house boat would be fun. I used to know a fellow who lived on his catamaran in the harbour near Stanley Park. Can't remember what it is called.

Sorry but I had to pass it on to someone so I tagged you for the middle name meme. Check my site for details.Fine with me if you don't want to do this. I hate getting tagged.

jmb said...

Hi Vic Grace,
Coal Harbour is the place you are thinking of. Just along from the houseboats at Granville Island is a place where people live on their boats too.
I'll do the tag when I get back,

Lee said...

A good friend of mine always says if his wife passes before he does, he is going to buy himself a houseboat and set up roots (flippers) on the River Murray. He loves the Murray.

There was a report in last weekend's newspaper that the council up at Noosa are thinking of ways of removing all houseboats from the Noosa River and/or not allowing any more on the waterway. The houseboat folk aren't too happy about that.

jmb said...

Hi Lee,
I just finished putting a comment on your blog and here you are at mine.
Well recently anyway.
I think people who live in houseboats are rather unique in some ways, although the houseboats at Granville Island are rather upscale and a local TV anchor man owns one.

Sarabeth said...

I do remember that house boat from the movie. That one was on Lake Union. The ones I liked best were on the Montlake Cut. I do miss Seattle.

lady macleod said...

OOOOOh! I do like that, especially all the big glass windows. so after you win the lottery and I get my first big advance may I go shopping with you?

Sir James Beiggelschwarz said...

Sailed in False Creek - sigh. Sailed on English Bay - sigh.

Ian Lidster said...

I love houseboats. There is a lovely collection of them at Shoal Point in Victoria and we enjoy wandering amongst them.
Reminds me of 'Sleepless in Seattle.'

George said...

I think I saw similar houses featured on National Geographic as measures to overcome loss of home from torrential floods!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I can see why you like it. I want a houseboat on the Thames, myself, but I think the weight of my books might sink it!

jmb said...

Hi again Sarabeth,
I didn't realize that one was on Lake Union. Still it was smashing, wasn't it?

Hi Lady Mac,
You certainly can go shopping with me, rugs, houseboats, antique princess coats, whatever you fancy.

Hi Sir James,
The sailing is very good here and we sometimes go out with friends.

Hi Ian,
I don't know those houseboats in Victoria. Do you think I should try there instead of Granville Island.

Hi George,
I don't think these would work in torrential floods, probably nothing much does.

Hi Welshcakes,
If I win the lottery I shall buy two, one for me and one for my books. That should do it.

Thanks for visiting and commenting and regards to you all.

Emanuel said...

Hi,there is also a float home community in Victoria B.C. I was browsing and found this amazing float Home with view to downtown Victoria here is the link /

MMA32555 said...

That very first building to the left is an office building.