Thursday, August 30, 2007

Temptation 6 ---- Queen Elizabeth Park

I'm back from Philadelphia and I have lots of things to tell you about it and our time here in New York, but later. In the meantime, another temptation.

Vancouver is famous for Stanley Park, but there's another park which is a treasure too. Queen Elizabeth Park is quite large and situated on Little Mountain. Once it was a rock quarry so the photo of the beautiful scene you see here is the sunken garden, built in the old quarry and giving it very interesting terrain. It is a very popular location for wedding photos so you have to make a booking and pay money. You can see the Northshore Mountains over the tops of the trees and at one lookout you can see Mount Baker which is in Washington State.

Besides the gardens there is a lovely restaurant with a splendid view of downtown in the distance and very good food, a conservatory with a geodesic glass dome (click on the link for some lovely photos), a pitch and putt course, tennis courts and two well known sculptures are showcased here. The first I used for my Photo Hunt Rare here. The other is a huge Henry Moore which you can see in the conservatory link above.

How can you resist this very beautiful place? I should get a job at the Tourist Bureau.


Ian said...

Welcome back. Your temptations have been ... tempting. You are doing a good job for the tourist board.

Ian Lidster said...

Glad you are home again, safe and sound. I proposed to my first wife in Queen E Park. The marriage didn't last for the duration, but I still love the park.

RUTH said...

What a beautiful park. :o)

Janice Thomson said...

Oh Jmb what wonderful memories this brings to mind. The Queen E park was the place I was taken to when I was first introduced to Vancouver. What an absolutely gorgeous spot that is.
Welcome back. Look forward to your tales of the trip.

Liz said...

I can see why it would be a good spot for wedding photos - a bit mean to make them pay though!

A family from church has just come back from a holiday in your part of the world. They saw a humpbacked whale lepaing right out of the water. It sounds and looks so wonderful.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Stunning, jmb. The Tourist Board should be paying you!

Voyager said...

Now that the trees have grown so tall in the park, someone has proposed building a tall, steel viewing tower there. Ridiculous!

Sienna said...

Welcome home, that view over the quarry is stunning, I would have to go a long way to find that lush green, say I didn't realise it was so humid there, was checking the weather thingo, 82% humidity!

Very warm spring here in Victoria, has hit with a bang...desperately need rain to salvage crops and run water into catchments, the rain just stopped, weeks ago (QLD had flooding)

Visualising the Queen E Park should create some positive vibes, so beautiful.


jmb said...

Hi Ian H, not quite home yet. Tomorrow. Glad you like the photos.

Hi Ian L, I'm glad that you love the park still, despite its association.

Hi Ruth, it is a treasure for us and we always truck our visitors there.

Hi Janice,coming home tomorrow. Some stories to tell indeed.

Hi Liz, the park was the scene of some terrible arguments between wedding parties so some order had to be created.

Hi WCLC, if only they would! Well not really. I do think I live in a beautiful spot so like to promote it.

Hi Voyager, that certainly sounds like a daft idea. I hope it does not eventuate.

Hi Sienna, it is a very BC scene, since we have lots of rain we are usually very green

Thanks to all for visiting and commenting.