Friday, September 7, 2007

Tagged by Vijay ---- Scattergories Meme

I saw the Scattergories meme at Vijay's blog and then discovered that he had tagged me. He got it from Meeyauw's site and passed it on to Ian at Failure is the Key to Success who manfully succeeded with the letter I.

Here are the rules:

Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the questions. They must be real places, names, things . . . nothing made up! If you can’t think of anything, skip it. You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question. If your name happens to start with the same letter as mine, sorry, but you can’t use my answers!

Famous singer

Janis Joplin


Johnson Street (Victoria, Canada)
Jaune (french for yellow)
Gifts/Presents Jewellery
Vehicle Jaguar
Things in a Souvenir Shop Jersey (soccer or hockey)
Boy’s Name James
Girl’s Name Josephine
Movie Title Jumanji
Drink Jell-o shooter
Occupation Jockey
Celebrity Julia Roberts
Magazine Japan Echo
U. S. City Jamestown (Virginia)
Pro Sports
Juventus (Soccer--Turin)
Fruit Jackfruit
Reason for Being Late for Work
Jet boat sank in the lake, had to swim to shore

Something You Throw Away Jam, mouldy

Things you Shout Jump to it

Cartoon Character

Jimmy Darrock (Flintstones)

This was not easy but thanks to Google I completed it. Sorry, but I never give up, so if using Google is cheating, then cheat I did. Excuse the spacing as I just copied and pasted from Vijay's post and there seem to be issues!

Please accept the challenge, if you have an interest and the time. You can also follow Meeyauw's link and learn how to make a blogger table for this meme. I took the lazy way out.


Ian said...

Hi jmb,
LOL, I like the jet boat sank.
Google is your friend, it's not cheating.

CalumCarr said...


Don't think I have time to work through this.

Thanks for visiting but especially for your supportive words.

Apologies for not coming here before but I'm working with a 3 month old BP blogroll and consequently there are quite a few newish BPers whom I have still to visit.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, that's going to drive me crazy!!

Carver said...


I'll come back tomorrow for your photohunt picture but I had to tell you that I think you handled the challenge well. I also enjoyed your post about lunch at the CIA and the one on the Canadian Geese.

We have a big problem with Canadian Geese where I live. The have taken to breeding near golf courses and they are a clean up nightmare for the city, at the running paths near where I live (North Carolina, US). I get a kick out of them but understand why they are a problem. The clubs are allowed to capture and move them off the golf courses but they keep coming back. Anyway, your post made me think about how I'm sure some of the club managers wouldn't mind serving up a few of them and I'm sure the golfers would agree to it.

Thanks for visiting me. SarahT was a inspirational person. I found out about medblogs through the encouraging comments some left on her site. She was one of the people who often left encouraging posts on my blog and responses on the MPIP. She was so giving to others and I think of her often. I'm sorry this got so long.

Take care, Carver

Janice Thomson said...

Having been many times to Jamaica I have tasted Jackfruit but never acquired a taste for it. You did this meme rather well Jmb. Definitely a different kind of meme.

Lee said...

Famous singer Luciano!

Street Lawrence Street, Gympie

Color Lemon

Gifts/Presents Lamborgini!
Vehicle Ditto!
Things in a Souvenir Shop Labels
Boy’s Name Leyland
Girl’s Name Lyndall
Movie Title Last Tango In Pars
Drink Lemonade
Occupation Lawyer
Celebrity Lee Remick
Magazine Ladies' Home Journal
U. S. City Las Vegas
Pro Sports Lacrosse

Fruit Lemon
Reason for Being Late for Work
Leapt out of bed late

Something You Throw Away Lamb leg bones

Things you Shout Let's roll!

Cartoon Character
Larry Leadhead

meeyauw said...

did jello shooters have anything to do with that jet ski tipping over?? hehehe

that's a great list!

Vijay said...

Jet boat sank and you swam ashore! Indeed!! Great one JMB.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I thought Jamestown was no more?
I thought it didn't survive the early settlement period?

Oh well, C.
Cliff Richard, Corporation Street (Birmingham), Crimson, Chocolate, Chevrolet, Cards, Charles, Christine, Close Encounters, Cognac, Clergyman, Courtenay Cox, Cosmoploitan, Cinncinnatti, Chelsea, Cranberry, Crash on the motorway, Cigarette packets, Come here, Captain Haddock.

And no Google needed...

jmb said...

Hi Ian,
I don't consider Google cheating. The friend of the curious, as you say.

Hi Calum, Crushed did the C for you, thanks for returning the visit. Take care

I want you to do W! Please don't go crazy.

Hi Carver,
Those geese are definitely pesky nuisances in some instances. I enjoy coming to visit you and see the photos and read your latest.

Hi Janice,
Jackfruit is a google find, I'm afraid. I'll give it a miss on your say so.

Hi Lee,
Well done, but I don't think you can use the same thing twice so how about lilac for the colour. Who is Larry Leadhead?

Hi Meeyauw, jello shooters are a google find. I'm teetotal my dear. I hit a deadhead with the jet boat!

Hi Vijay, I refused to be vanquished by this meme.

Hi Crushed,
Technically no one lives at Jamestown I guess, but it is an historical site, kept up, which I visited a few years ago.
Well done with the letter C, not even using google! Do you think you should address Captain Haddock in French?

Thanks for visiting and commenting on this time wasting blog thing,
regards to you all.

Anonymous said...

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