Sunday, September 2, 2007

Temptation 7 ---- Canada Geese

Canada Geese are the scourge of the unwary walker since they don't pick after themselves. Despite being native to North America they have spread far and wide, to Western Europe, eastern Siberia, eastern China and Japan, annoying people everywhere, although I find them rather charming. Once a New Canadian was arrested at Stanley Park for catching one with the intention of dining on it. So tempting, those fat little things.

Although migratory, some populations stay fixed in one place and the area around Granville Island is home to many of these birds. The population is on the rise, since, as you can see, producing six adorable yellow goslings per year per pair leads to healthy numbers quite rapidly.

This goose was seated when I first started to photograph the pair, with their six little yellow goslings but I was warned off rather threateningly. I'm sad to say that several weeks later this little family had been reduced to the pair and three offspring. I do not like to think about what happened to the others.

Here's where they live, at the pond at Granville Island

Today is my travel day, back to Vancouver, after two weeks here in the eastern USA. I hope we get a nice Indian Summer this year because Summer itself was a disappointment, to say the least.


Sharon said...

I like this blog.

Janice Thomson said...

There is something about geese that is very Canadian. From the time I was born geese have always been in my life somewhere. I enjoy watching them especially with their offspring. The photos are lovely Jmb.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

They are quite stately, aren't they? And the goslings are very pretty. you were brave to take the photo! Have a good journey back. Hope you get your Indian summer.

PinkAcorn said...

They are so beautiful but the occasional deposits are unsightly! Years ago my father made a huge pond and the first day it was filled with water there must have been over 100 Canadian geese in it. I took a picture and he still has it hanging.

Shelby said...

they are absolutly beautiful! I love to watch them land on the water.. my parents have a "family" of them on their lake. So peaceful to watch them..

crunchy carpets said...

I can't get mad at the geese..even with the poop and the noise. I like em..they are Canadian.

And yeah...a nice Indian Summer...I don't think we will be lucky that way..what a wash out.

leslie said...

Hope you have a good trip back home but there's not much weather-wise to look forward to. A wet day today, although the weatherman says it'll clear up around Wednesday - after the kids are back in school. If you want to see where the rest of the geese hang out, come out to the Waterfowl Refuge on Westham Island. I took lots of photos of geese and goslings last spring - and was very emphatically warned away from some several times on my walk around.

lady macleod said...

That's it then, I have to get to Granville Island! I am off now to purchase my ticket, an investment it feels like but I have waited as long as I dare for the price to fall.

The other place I have seen geese thick on the ground is in San Francisco. They inhabit a park where I used to run and it makes for some funny looking hops during the run to avoid the goose-poop!

Have a good and safe trip!

Smalltown RN said...

I have viewed some of yor previous posts on our wonderful show it in such beautiful light...who wouldn't want to live for the geese....when I lived on the mainland close to Burnaby Lake...they were abundant and very messy, and nosy...and certainly didn't like having you around if the ducklings were near by....

Josie said...

JMB, summer here was awful, and Labor Day weekend is no better, I'm afraid.

I think more than one of those geese have ended up on folks' dinner tables, unfortunately. But they have become a bit of a scourge. A city like Vancouver needs its parks for the people who live here, and so many of the parks (Lost Lagoon, Jericho Park) have been taken over by the geese. They're beautiful, but they're also very threatening, especially to little kids.

jmb said...

Welcome Sharon,
I am enjoying exploring your blog too.

Hi Janice,
I love the geese in an abstract way, just not underfoot.

The goslings were so cute, and right by the path where everyone walks.

Hi Pinkacorn,
Those geese must have had a good communication network.

Hi Shelby,
How nice for your family to have their own goose family. They are beautiful.

Hi crunchy,
Another goose aficionado. This has been the summer that wasn't. What a pain.

Hi Leslie
We used to go the Reifel(?sp) all the time when my kids were small but I haven't been in years. Must go back.

Hi Lady Mac,
Don't you hate waiting for airline sales which may or may not eventuate? Stanley Park here in Vancouver is fraught with danger regarding goose poop.

Hi Smalltown, you live in a gorgeous place too. Are there lots of geese there?

Hi Josie,
I'm back here on Labour Day monday to cloudy skies and it's very cool. We broke down and put the heating on for an hour.

Thanks to you all for visiting and commenting

Lee said...

Hi jmb...great pics. I'm behind the eight-ball with blogging at the moment and am now only trying to catch up.

Sarabeth said...

My memories of Canada geese are mostly from Seattle, where they are perennial pests. My dog at the time loved sliding from his next to his hind quarters in their droppings. My blonde dog was very green at the end of his walk. EW! The stink.

jmb said...

Hi Lee,
I can relate to the behind the eight-ball thing. Thanks

Hi Sarabeth
They are considered pests by many people and the goose droppings are certainly are a problem. I had a dog that rolled in the horse manure on her walks. Dogs don't have our sensibilities, do they?
regards to you both

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of them in the UK. They are regarded with mixed feelings as they can and do make a lot of mess often in town parks..

RUTH said...

Lovely photos :o) I hope your journey goes well. Like you I hope for an Indian Summer...we have been promised a sunny week to come at the moment...fingers crossed!

Ian Lidster said...

On the other hand, if those wee goslings hadn't suffered their fate, the world would be inundated with even more of their numbers. I know CG are messy and that they congregate in hordes, but I can't help but be fond of them. Especially because they are so atitudinal.

MedStudentWife said...

Hope you had a great time in the Eastern States and that the headache of traveling was not upon you.. ie the airlines (Im a bit jaded right now)

*lol*.. Canadian Geese in this part of the world (park parts along the Ontario bit of the St Lawrence) are seen as worse than pigeons....

Great pictures, JMB :D, as always

Welcome Fall !!!

jmb said...

Hi Mutley,
I remember them from when I lived in England for a time and they certainly did congregate in the parks and make a terrible mess everywhere.

Hi Ruth,
I'm sure you would like the Indian summer too. You had lots of rain but at least it cuts down on watering the garden.

Hi Ian,
we are all a bit schizophrenic about the geese, aren't we?

Flying is not a pleasant experience these days is it? We were coming and going to JFK where the restrictions seem greater than ever. They ripped my laptop case apart and re-xrayed it bit by bit. I had my PDA and iPod and all the chargers, as well as the one for my cell phone. Apparently lots of very suspicious stuff.

Thanks to you all for visiting and commenting.

Ellee said...

JMB, we are having a lovely autumn summer here too. There is a natural bird reserve near where I live and we get thousands of Canadian geese and swans from Russia.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I must be honest and admit, I've never seen one to my certain knowledge, though obviously I must have been walking round with my eyes shut- Mutley has seen them.

jmb said...

Hi Ellee, don't you love a nice autumn? It's good for rambling since it's no longer hot. I hope those birds stay in the reserve, but of course they don't.

Hi Crushed,
They certainly were around London when I lived there. Better open your eyes when you go near a pond, else you'll ruin your shoes.

Regards to you both

bird said...

Canadian Geese are indeed beautiful. I think it's a shame that some counties think the only way to keep them off golf courses is to open hunting season early. I needed to keep a flock away from my lawn so I used GooseBuster and GooseChase from with great success. Keep blogging!