Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wishful Thinking

I've always wanted to have personalized license plates or Vanity Plates* as they are often called. I enjoy reading the clever things that people squish into the limited space available. In BC they cost $100 initially and $40 annually. Not cheap but not too bad for a little personal indulgence.

No, I didn't break down and use JMB plates on my black Mercedes. In fact it isn't even my Mercedes. Imagine my delight when I received an email from fellow Blogpower member, Colin Campbell of Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe, with this photo attached. Seeing it while out and about, he photographed this very fine Mercedes at Heathpool in, as he says, one of the snootiest parts of Adelaide, where he lives. Adelaide that is, probably not snooty Heathpool, else surely he would have used a kinder adjective.

Speaking of snooty, one time I parked in the rear parking lot of a small store next to a Rolls Royce with the vanity plate No 1. Inside the store, I said facetiously to the only other customer, "Where's Number 2?" "Oh," he said, "that's the wife's." Duh! Set myself up there!

So what does JMB drive, you might well ask. Here it is, in all its glory! A 1994 Ford Taurus, of a strange celedon green colour, which was the height of fashion in 1994. Nowadays the only advantage of that colour is that everyone knows it's my car, since fashion quickly passed on by to some other colour and most people have replaced their 1994 cars. I'm still waiting for the clever vanity plates and I'm sure JMB is already taken.

I would like to thank my blog friends who take photos of JMB's things for me. Besides Colin, Vijay, of Scan Man's Notes kindly thought of me when he saw this near where he lives in Salem, India. He actually posted this photo on his blog here.

Yes, my very own bricks. Now I am glad to say that I am moving up in the world from a pile of bricks to a very nice black Mercedes. That's definitely progress to my mind. In fact a Neil-Armstrongean-giant-leap for JMB, as Vijay put it. If anyone sees a castle with my name on it, please be so kind as to take a photo and send it to me.

Thanks Colin for taking the photo and sending it to me. It did make my day!

*For a seriously detailed list of Vanity Plates check out this website.


Eurodog said...

I love it. Isn't it great!
When I finally win the lottery and get an Aston Martin, I will just have regular plates I think. So as to remain annonymous. NaƮve? Moi?
I love the Ford Taurus. They are wonderful to drive and we hired one when we came to BC years ago.

Eurodog said...

Hello again,
I think you are an awesome dude too so please visit my blog.

Carver said...


That is too funny. Looks like we have something in common. I drive a 1998 Taurus. I drove a Honda Accord for 15 years (bought it new) and then kept my Dad's Taurus when he died because it was only 8 months old and it has done pretty well for me. I did drive a friend's mercedes for a while but it was 25 years old so not very high on the snooty scale. Even so, I had several men come up in parking lots to admire the old mercedes. If I'd been looking to flirt at the time, it would have been a great ice breaker. I hope you have a pleasant Sunday, Carver

Hootin'Anni said...

LOL on the #1 and #2 license plates.

It's so cool that you've found all these different JMB!!!

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

How nice that people send you pictures of JMB items they photograph!!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Well, I really though that was your car for a minute! Actually, I like the colour of yours. The bricks are good, too!

jmb said...

Hi Eurodog,
An Aston Martin? I don't know what I'll buy with my lottery winnings. But I'll definitely have Vanity Plates, even if it is just JMB1 or 2 or 21 or whatever.

Hi Carver,
Our Taurus has been fine except for needing a new transmission which is apparently their big problem. I hate buying a new car. My previous one was 18 years old when it developed a leak in the petrol tank so I was too scared to drive it anymore.

Hi Anni,
I'm waiting for my castle! Don't you just love someone having two Rolls Royce cars?

Amazing that I'm so remembered by my little old initials. Those blog friends were very nice, weren't they?

I don't long for the Mercedes, just the plates! I don't mind the colour of my present car. Thank goodness it is some ghastly colour like gold. I remember lots of people driving those gold coloured Volvo station wagons for years and the VW camper vans which were a horrible orange. Ugh!

Thanks for visiting and commenting my friends.

Voyager said...

Now I will be on the lookout for JMB. Maybe I will find you a Hummer.

Anonymous said...

Extremely funny post JMB - I shall see if I can spot anything for you!

Anonymous said...

By the way - my car is Lime green - really it glows in the dark...

Moe said...

How great that people send you JMB things! Awesome!

My Explorer is also an interesting "green" that looks blue sometimes, shiny bright green others, and a dull forest green other times. And not because it has some cool paint job. It's just old.

Ian Lidster said...

I think the JMB on the Mercedes suits you well. But, it would look fine on a Taurus, too.

ipanema said...

the colour is pretty. way back in my country, there are loads of personalised plates. some would love telling everyone their occupation on the plates. here in my location, it's all about numbers. and like the Chinese, we look out for more 8s and avoid 4[death]. If there are new numbers available, it will be announced in the papers.

we can't have personalised plates unless one is royalty. :)

let me check if i have some JMB over here and send it. :)

Ellee said...

That is very impressive, you are a woman with style.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I've always wanted a Jag.
Metallic black.

Oh, well, a man can dream...

Lord Higham- Murray said...

Wonderful. Promise I'll keep my eyes open but it might be a bit difficult in Cyrillic, JMB.

Lee said...

See,'re everywhere! ;)

MedStudentWife said...

I'll have to keep my eyeballs peeled for your castle, or like... at least a JMB somewhere.

Forget the Mercedes.. I see you driving something like a TR6.... with a scarf billowing like Isadora Duncan (but not the same bad luck she had :0 )

jmb said...

Hi Voyager,
A Hummer. Goodness, that should be interesting, I'm sure. Would it make me a redneck militant do you think?

Hi Mutley,
That's praise, coming from you. If you don't see a castle a posh kennel will do. Lime green too has passed out of fashion I fear but glowing in the dark is useful.

Hi Moe,
Green was definitely a popular colour for cars in former times. But we can easily find our cars in the parking lot, that's for sure.

HI Ian,
Do you think I should inquire abou t JMB from the MVB or wherever one buys these vanity plates? Even for my Taurus?

HI Ipanema,
I fear I am not royalty so cannot have a personalized plate in your part of the world. I would appreciate a palace with JMB from you, if you spot one.

Hi Ellee,
I would have more style if I actually had the Mercedes. Luckily lack of style does not seriously keep me awake at night.

Hi Crushed,
When I was young I wanted a Jag too. In Australia it was the car to aspire to if you could not have a Rolls. More sporty too. But Crushed don't you fear this would be a bit of a sell out for you?

Hi Lord Jim,
I am not expecting a photo from you in the near future due to the alphabet challenges you face.

Hi Lee,
It's true I still have a presence in Australia, Adelaide to be sure, but one can't have everything. My bricks in India are a consolation.

Do you think there is a castle with my name on it in Eastern Canada? A very little one will do.

Thanks to you all for visiting and commenting on my whimsy.

Love Bears All Things said...

The disadvantage to having a car everyone knows are a liscense plate ditto, is that you can never go anywhere that you don't want to be seen.
Mama Bear
PS my daughter's plate reads GMRPH. Do you know what the RPH stands for?

jmb said...

Hi Love bears etc.

Everyone knows who I am as it is. They are always telling me they saw my car here or there.
No, what does RPH stand for? RPh stands for Registered Pharmacist in Australia! Do tell me!

Colin Campbell said...


Today I saw JMB 007 at the Largs Jetty in Jetty Road in Largs. I have a photo and I will send it to you when I download it. Obviously you are a secret agent in another life.