Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dinner with Lady Mac

Sunday, Lady Mac, my luncheon companion of the other day, finished her conference after lunch, so I had arranged to pick her up at her hotel at 2pm. The rain was torrential and along the way I phoned and left a message that I would be fifteen minutes late. Road works on the highway, Sunday traffic and the rain made me 30 minutes late so I think she was getting rather anxious by the time I arrived.

The plan of several days before, which involved driving around some of the spectacular spots in Vancouver, were shelved since one couldn't see the mountains nor more than a couple of hundred feet in front of one's face. So we headed straight to Granville Island and poked around in the market for a bit. At least we were out of the rain.

Lady Mac was bubbling with all she had learned and done at the Surrey International Writers' Conference. As she said on her blog, she was a big hit in the Princess Coat and it certainly made her memorable, although frankly I think she is rather memorable in any event.

The previous evening at the conference banquet she had been seated with one of my favourite authors, Jacqueline Mitchard. So I was delighted to hear that she was a charming funny lady. I'm sure she'll tell you all about it when she gets some free time. Today she was jetting east to Boston.

As you know Lady Mac lives in Morocco and you know that she is always having adventures there. Well she brought those adventures with her to Surrey, for six people were found murdered in a condominium not far from her hotel and a small plane taking off from the Vancouver airport crashed into an apartment building, killing the pilot and injuring people in one of the apartments. All in the space of the few days while she was here. There's no such thing as coincidence you know.

Lady Mac inspects a local artisan's work in the market

It was quite busy in the market, being the weekend, so after a while we decided to have some tea and Lady Mac wanted a scone since she misses them so. Unfortunately the North American version of the scone is somewhat different but we bought them anyway along with tea and joined the communal tables where one sits to eat in the market. The "old scientist" was with us and it seems we sat there for hours talking away about everything under the sun.

Lady Mac explaining something to the "old scientist"
who is listening intently. Always at the ready her notebook and pen.

Like most women, Lady Mac does not care for her photo being taken so I had to be sneaky with my zoom while officially off getting a napkin or whatever excuse I thought of. Again the conversation went bouncing along with scarcely a pause. No Mutley, we had exhausted you as a topic but we did discuss another BP member's post about the chemical pathways of brain activity and the concept of free will which we both had read with interest. Well this among many other topics.

A little more wandering around the market and we adjourned for dinner to the nearby bistro at Bridges, seen above on a wonderful sunny day. Unlike Sunday, when the torrential rains came. By this time the rain had stopped so we could see the boats in the marina from the window but I'm afraid the conversation continued with little time spent looking around. We dined on West Coast Seafood Chowder and Grilled Wild Salmon with a horseradish crumb crust served with tiny roasted root vegetables. Totally delicious.

Finally we took the highway back to Surrey and dropped Lady Mac at her very nice hotel. I don't think I have talked so much non-stop for a very long time. We said farewell, how delightful it had been to meet another blogger whom we actually read and I can only say it was a truly wonderful experience for me.

If Lady Mac comes your way, and she is continually on the move, make sure you arrange to meet her. You won't be sorry, for how often do you meet someone who is larger than life and has such wonderful adventures to relate. You know I never did see her in the Princess Coat. Next time, I guess.


mutleythedog said...

I was baffled for a bit till I realised that Surrey is in Canada as well as England! Its sounds like a great and memorable time I must say - despite the weird concatenation of events surrounding the visit. I am a bit amazed that you have exhausted me as a topic of conversation though...

Lady M is rather fit isn't she? I hope she doesn't read this...

Liz said...

It sounds like you had a fabulous time - and escaped the camera yourself!

weekend snapshot said...

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weekend snapshot

Janice Thomson said...

What a wonderful experience Jmb! It's not everyday you get to meet a blogger from so far away. With so little time to share it's no wonder you feel all talked out LOL
It's so nice to hear a 'happy' story resulting from an internet connection. It really makes the world a smaller place doesn't it.

Gledwood said...

I can only echo the others: sounds like a great time...

hey I found your old "avatar" at technorati, here:


Just wanted to let you know the picture IS still around...

Gledwood said...

my new "avatar" isn't there at all though!

Tai said...

What a wonderful experience! I'm happy and envious for all of you, especially for the trip to Granville Island.
I MISS that place!

jams o donnell said...

I'm really glad you had a great time with Lady Mac. It's bee so nice to read about your meetings

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

It seems you had a wonderful time despite the weather and I imagine Lady M loved the market. Well done with the photos! I'd love to meet her - and you, jmb. Auguri.

jmb said...

Sorry Mutley, did I not make that clear. I would not want to confuse your little doggie brain.
Rather fit, tall and slim and all that red hair. I won't breathe a word.

Hi Liz,
Well someone has to be the photographer you know. Lots of fun and talk.

Hi weekend snapshot, I think I'll pass at the moment.

Hi Janice, we talked from the moment we met until the moment we said goodbye. A great experience.

Hi Gleds,
Yes the picture is still around and you know what I put it right down the bottom of my sidebar if you look. It served me well and still does at technorati.
Gleds your new avatar is perfect. I'm glad you managed to get one.

Hi Tai, Granville island is one of the jewels in Vancouver's crown isn't it? I must say it was rather crowded since everyone was inside because of the rain.

Hi Jams,
Well I had a great time meeting her and she had a great time at the conference. Glad you enjoyed my "we did this and went here" post about her.

Hi welshcakes,
The weather was certainly a disappointment, especially as it totally beautiful today. Did you like my sneaky photos. Auguri

Thanks to you all for visiting and commenting.

Ian Lidster said...

I envy you your day and wish I could have been there to join in your conversations. And I am glad your surreptitious photo taking worked because it was nice to see the pictures. Yes, Surrey definitely lived up to its 'rep' (deserved or otherwise) while she was there.

leslie said...

Hi jmb, my daughter and I went to the book signing on Saturday. It was so busy there! We met Diana Gabaldon - again! - as every time she's been here, we've gone to have her sign her latest book(s). She's a delightful woman, very friendly and chatty. We also saw Meg Tilly signing her books as well as Jack Whyte. I would have loved to attend, but it was trop cher for me. Another year perhaps. So glad you had a good visit with your friend.

jmb said...

Hi Ian,
You would not have got a word in edgewise, trust me on that. The old scientist was mostly an onlooker.
That Surrey! What a place.

Hi Leslie,
I didn't think to go to the signing, although it's a long way for me. I could have got my Jacquelyn Mitchards all signed and I have some Jack Whytes too.

lady macleod said...

OMG you are sneaky! I did have a fabulous time! Both you and Mr. jmb are such fun, and SO well informed. I enjoyed the conversations more than I can say. YOU are one of those people with encyclopedic knowledge - I am so jealous. I look forward to seeing you AND Vancouver again. (my eyes are dilated from the doctor so excuse any typing errors please)

sally in norfolk said...

So glad to hear you both had such a great time... Lady M does have the most fantastic red hair.. :-)

jmb said...

Hi Lady Mac,
Thank you for you kind words. Do come to Vancouver again and you shall see the mountains.

Hi Sally,
We did have a great time and yes her hair is quite beautiful, I am quite envious.