Monday, October 15, 2007

How Big is Your Bunch? --- The Keychain Meme

Shades of Grey has done it again! He's invented a new meme for us to play. I hope it spreads farther than the fridge meme he started last month, which sadly seemed to die with me. But I have more hope for this one, for we all carry big bunches of keys, don't we? We all are dying to explain why it is important to carry every single one of them when we leave the house.

Sometime ago I read a similar post about keys by Ian Lidster of Or So I Thought. In case you don't know who Ian Lidster is, he really is a writer. As a journalist he had a newspaper column for many years which is obvious from his blog for he takes an idea and runs with it in a very amusing way. His keychain was one of them and I wanted to do a post about my keys then, but I didn't want to appear to be copying his brilliant idea.

But of course we often have the same brilliant idea independently, as Ian Grey did and he's had experience with me snitching an idea from him before this. I'm even pinching his opening image to give this meme continuity. Fortunately it appears to be a Wikimedia commons image so everyone can use it legally should you be so inclined. Without further ado, may I present the bunch of keys that I am always searching for as I leave the house. If only I put them in the same place every time, she sighs.

So starting at the top: the remote for my car, my house key, the deadbolt house key, unknown key but will come to me when I am confronted by the lock, two car keys, key to my son's house, key to his basement suite, keys to a storage locker I keep for some things of my Alzheimer friend who is in a nursing home, an initial L. No, this is not my initial but in memory of my friend Leona who died of a brain tumour 21 years ago and whose house keys I had with this tag so I knew they were hers. OK, back to the keys: remote for the house alarm, keys to another friend's place. She was away and I was checking her house and also watering her plants and the domino tag goes with her keys which I normally keep in a drawer with other keys if she is in town. That's it!

Now promise me you won't let Ian Grey down. I could tag people but that can be so annoying so I'm leaving it up to you. Please don't let me become known as the meme killer as well as the zeroslasher, a reference to my tendency to make a comment when I see that no one else has done so, because I hate to see all that hard work unappreciated.

Now the keys in the drawer. That's a post for another day.


Anonymous said...
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jmb said...

The final prophet called again so I had to delete the comment. One more from him and a catchpa goes into place which I am so reluctant to do.
I don't mind removing a spam but his comment is so long that it is a huge problem to find the end for anyone else to comment.
I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Liz said...

I had one of those too from whoever it was. I thought it was going to go on for ever!

Anyway, yes, keys. they are something I can comment on. Too many! I'll pick it up and run with it. (Is that what they say?!)

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Good job on this blog, I really got a charge out of it.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I think you should be locked away!

Janice Thomson said...

LOL gosh Jmb that is a lot of keys. I only have a house key as I don't drive. I heard once that having so many keys can wreck the starter on a car - have no idea how true this is though. I always look forward to your posts - they are interesting, informative and amusing.

Ellee said...

I have taken great lengths to keep my key ring to a mimimum. but my husband's is enormous and I wonder if he knows what they are all for.

I also have a whole load of keys that I have no idea where they belong, which door or padlock they unlock, and that is really infuriating.

You are right about Ian Lidster, now it's time to visit his site.

leslie said...

When I was teaching, I had to have a separate keychain for those keys. I had a key to the outside doors, a key to my classroom, a key to the office area, a key to my classroom closet, a key to the elevator....

Then for home stuff, I have 2 car keys along with the remote thingy, a house key, a key to the gate to get me through to the sidewalk at one end of the subdivision, 2 keys for my sister's place and 2 keys for my daughter's place (all for emergency purposes). Whew....

A lot of keys!

lady macleod said...

How is this? I have the house key and the key that locks my laptop in the case, our father's dog tag from WWII, and my Oxford tag.

I hope you can get out of the house when I get there!

I put the photograph over at my place. I don't have time for this you know! And I don't need HELP procrastinating!

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I always panic when I leave the flat that I've forgotten the flat keys.

My flatmate leaves later than me, but often gets home after me, because ashe visits her Mum. In practise, it'd just mean i popped for a pint while I waited, but sad blogger that I am, I'm eager to read and respond to comments.

ipanema said...

i don't like those descriptive words jmb - meme killer and

i prefer ice breaker for zeroslasher. at least you are very generous of your comment, not to mention your time visiting.

that's a big bunch indeed.

Lee said...

I need a separate truck to carry my key ring around! ;)

jmb said...

Hi Liz,
Good for you, I would like this meme to continue for Ian's sake.

Hi dd2,
Thanks for visiting, glad you liked what you saw.

Hi Jeremy,
You couldn't resist that could you?

Hi Janice,
One key only? I don't believe it. Only two of mine are car keys.

Hi Ellee,
I can't seem to get mine any leaner and meaner. Well I could take my friends off since she's back. Now the drawer full of keys!

Hi Leslie,
You sound like me with keys to other people's houses. Plus a lot of your own.

Hi Lady Mac,
Thanks for putting up the photo of your lean keychain, despite your lack of time.
No trouble getting out of my house, only getting in if I forget this great lot.

Hi Crushed,
I have a key hidden in my garden, in a plastic bag, under a rock, in case I forget my keys. That's probably not so easy with a flat.

Aren't we all sad bloggers, eager to check our comments and stats and all that other crazy stuff!

Hi ipanema,
I don't know that I want to be known as the ice breaker, reminds me of a ship plowing through the ice in the Artic.

Hi Lee,
A key truck. That must be a first.

Thanks to all for visiting and commenting

Sir Philip Johnston-Higham said...

Please don't let me become known as the meme killer as well as the zeroslasher, a reference to my tendency to make a comment when I see that no one else has done so, because I hate to see all that hard work unappreciated.

No, the party pooper title is mine,JMB, for refusing to do memes and not displaying awards.

Ian Lidster said...

What a clever approach to the key thing. Anyway, I don't think I have to run through mine again, so I'll leave the meme to others. But,dear friend, thank you for the compliments about my writing. They are truly appreciated.

jmb said...

Hi James, quite often I don't do the memes sent to me unless it suits and I liked this idea. You have no room for awards on your sidebar but I'm sure they are given to you out of respect.

Hi Ian,
I liked your post on this topic very much but didn't want to look like a copycat. These days I am getting more forward!


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

What an interesting bunch of keys you have, jmb! I carry as few as possible as they are heavy so I don't think I could write anything interesting about mine. The story of the "L" tag is touching. I didn't know you were known as the "zeroslasher"!

jmb said...

Tons of keys I tote around. Crazy, no?
I called myself the zeroslasher. It upsets me when I read a blog and no one comments for post after post. I had forgotten about it until Vijay called me the zeroslasher recently.

Moof said...

JMB ... how do you keep track of them all!? :o)

Mary said...

Hi JMB - I only carry one key for the house as I don't drive, but my sister always needs a huge handbag to accommodate her HUGE bunch of keys - heaven knows what they are all for! It's a wonder she doesn't stoop at one side due to the weight she lugs around with her. One day, when I retire, not too long now, we shall have a westie (Scotty) dog and will call him Haggis!!

jmb said...

Hi Moof,
Well when you need to use each of them you hunt through the ring!

Hi Mary,
Lucky you. I hope your sister changes sides with her handbag!
You will never regret having a Westie and I think Haggis is the perfect name, unless it's a female. You'll have to call it Haggisse then.