Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Technical Problems with Images -- Anyone else having this problem

It seems that suddenly my blog is disintegrating. I first noticed the phenomenon about 10 days ago. The Saturday Photo Hunt, Paper post was fine for about 48 hours, with all the usual suspects commenting. Suddenly all my photos disappeared, leaving behind little rectangles. See here, each photo (now replaced) has the extra rectangle above it, even the Photo Hunt image. I went to Picasa, the host of all blogger images and found the photos were no longer there. I also noticed that some other images were missing. For example, one missing hat.

Hastily I uploaded the photos again into the post and unfortunately the rectangles also remain as I am too scared to take out the extra html, not being totally clear what is what. Up till now they have remained in place.

I then perused my blog from the beginning and found images missing from quite a few posts. Some could have disappeared from the site where I first found them. Quite a likely explanation in fact but sadly I cannot even remember some of the earlier images I used. I keep the emails that blogger sends in a folder in Eudora but the images were gone there too as they are no longer on the Picasa site. Phlegmatically I decided that I would slowly fix the posts over time and have fixed one or two.

Again yesterday I noticed the photo had disappeared from my fridge "meme" post. Once again some people had commented on the post so I am not sure when it disappeared but probably yesterday. This time I was able to clear the box by removing the html and then I uploaded the photo once again. So far it's still there, but what the heck is going on here? Why is Picasa suddenly losing my images? I cannot believe that in the hundreds of thousands of blogs hosted by Blogger, with images on Picasa, I am the only one suffering this glitch.

All suggestions and help will be gratefully accepted. I'm not too proud!



Carver said...


I don't think what I've noticed will help because I haven't checked Picsa to see if the photos were there or not. My issue has been with entries that I save in draft form. I've had some that have had a little box instead of the picture when I've gone back in to finish an entry, even though I had an image uploaded already and inserted. Since the entry hasn't been posted yet, I have deleted the box and uploaded the photograph again. In terms of entries which I have already posted, I've had a few times when I've gone to my site and the pictures didn't load, but later on they did. Although this doesn't directly relate to your issues, I thought I'd let you know I've had some odd things going on too. Good luck, Carver

Lee said...

Ummm....everything is okay at my end, jmb. It may just be a minor problem you're having with your server and blogger. I reckon, in my infinite technical wisdom that very soon all will be well again! ;)

Josie said...

JMB, what I do is save the image on my c:\ drive as a .jpg and then upload it from there. I don't seem to have any problems when I do that (she says, knocking on wood).

Katney said...

I don't know anything about Picasa.

But I have a similar problem within my own work computer where images that I know are there--because I just put them there and if I print the page they show--disappear from Word or Publisher documents. Our tech explained it to me, but did not do anything that permanently fixes it.

I also sometimes
THINK I am having this problem online on my own blog or on others because of the speed of my connection. Some pages take FOREVER to load, and as I wait for the photos to load, I have squares and rectangles holding the places.

If it means anything, most of your photos did show up for me. The cartoon at the beginning of this post did not. I know it was a cartoon because i clicked on the rectangle and the picture opened separately. Maybe, if I had been patient, it would have showed up on its own.

Helge Mikkelsen said...

Its terrible when you have such a problem and you dont know what to do. I'm sorry but I cannot help you as I dont have had this problem. When I'm looking at your blog on my computer all the pictures are showing, so the problem must be at your end. The best advice I can give you is to contact Blogger / Picasa..

Janice Thomson said...

Have you exceeded the limit Jmb? 1024mb? That is the only thing I can think of. I don't have a problem on mine. The only thing I noticed was months ago there was a problem with my animations but that is more likely to do with the looping of the animation itself - it seems to have straightened itself out and Blogger does mention somewhere that animations do give problems. Did anything show up on Blogger's status page? Sorry I can't be of any help :)

RUTH said...

I used to have this problem a lot but somehow it seems to have resoved itself (for now). Have you tried the Google Groups Blog and Picasa help groups?

Eurodog said...

Sorry jmb I cannot help you. Yes, I agree try the Blogger support or discussion groups. I have found them inspirational.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I've got a few glitches of late.

My comments don't seem to update for one.

There a couple of others.

jmb said...

Hi Carver,
This photo thing is obviously not perfected yet. It seems we are having different problems but problems none the less. I am always checking picasa because sometimes I upload an image and then want to delete it so go to picasa often.

Hi Lee,
Glad you are having no trouble, for I am not a happy camper. The first time if it had only be one photo I would have thought it was me but 4! Then it happened again!

Hi Josie,
That's what I do too, if it's off the web but all images and photos are uploaded not to blogger but to Picasa where they are stored and mine are going missing from there.

Hi Katney,
All blogger blogs have their photos stored at Picasa since March or so 2007. I know what you are talking about with speed of loading which is another problem for the photos lost never reload. They are no longer in storage with blogger/picasa.

Hi Helge,
It's very frustrating. All is well at the moment since I have reloaded the photos.

Hi Janice,
No, well withing the limit. Only used 5%. I am hoping that someone is working on solving the problem.

Hi Ruth,
On the one hand I'm sorry you had the problem too but one the other I'm glad that someone else had this problem. I looked but could see nothing in the forums about it.

Hi Eurodog,
I couldn't see anything out there in the support or discussion groups. Most of the problems are much more technical than mine.

Hi Crushed,
I guess we shouldn't complain about the free service but it is frustrating. My problem is I don't always know if it's me or them mucking things up!

Thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting. I sure hope it goes away.

Chris said...

I've got the same problem, JMB.

The pictures on a recent post have suddenly disappeared, together with the Photo Hunt logo (although the PH photo is still there).

Also, the picture in my profile went ages ago and no matter what I've tried it won't come back.

Added to that my blogrolls took a walk for a day or so but eventually came back.

Can't offer you any help, only sympathy, but at least you know you're not being picked on by Mr Blogger!

ipanema said...

I've been having a major one couple of weeks ago, jmb. it was the template thing that disappeared. it was frustrating. some templates aren't working well with the latest tweaks i guess.

as of this writing, your photos are in place. :)