Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day at Sea, Cruising Along

Well at great expense I am connected to the Internet on this huge vessel, the Oosterdam, but the connection is unbelievably slow so I will only be checking my email and maybe posting the odd thing on occasion.  I'm sure most of you know that instead of composing on blogger and publishing from there you can post by sending it as an email. 

This is what I did last year, while on the cruise to Alaska.  It was text only since I did not know that you could attach an image to the post.  Of course now I know you can do that and I tried it before I left on my practice blog, but I used Eudora and sent it via my internet provider in the usual manner.  I realized that on the ship I have to use webmail so I don't know how to attach an image there but I will try when I actually connect to send this.  It may or may not have an photo of a panda bear from the San Diego zoo.  You and I will both be surprised when it is published.

After our day in and around the San Diego Harbour we spent our second day at the San Diego Zoo.  The first time I went to San Diego was a day trip to the zoo, from some conference we were at, in Santa Barbara I believe and I said to myself I have to come back here again because this is a fabulous zoo.  We did come back and spent a week  and of course visited the zoo then and the many other attractions that the area has to offer.  Now we are talking more than twenty years ago and in the meantime I have become a great aficionada of the wonderful Bronx Zoo where my daugher has a membership so we go there quite regularly when we are in New York.  As I said before Taronga Zoo in Sydney is the quintessential zoo for me and I wondered if San Diego would still be the great zoo I remembered. 

Well it should be, because it costs $34 to get in, although  this includes a guided bus tour lasting 35 minutes and rides on the aerial gondola which crosses high above the zoo from one end to the other.  

The weather was perfect that day, as it most often is, because the annual rainfall of San Diego is less than twelve inches  and we made our way there via public transport.  Fortunately we had purchased tickets in advance for when we arrived it was incredibly busy at the entrance with many families in attendance and more excited children than you could ever imagine.   Besides being Good Friday which is not a general holiday in the US, it had been Spring break for that whole week so it seemed many people had decided to visit the zoo. 

I'll do a more complete post later about the zoo with some of the photos I took. Yes it is still a very good zoo and the setting in the wide open space of Balboa Park is wonderful.  You can skip it if you are not the zoo lover that I am. 

Embarkation day went very smoothly considering the fast turn around they do in a few hours and the fact that this ship carries over 1800 passengers each trip.  You would think that it would be very crowded on board but except at meal times in the dining areas and around the pool there are many parts of the ship where you find just a few people and you don't feel crowded at all.  We splashed out for a cabin with a small verandah deck so we can enjoy outdoor privacy there if we wish and we have lots of books to read and the old scientist has brought along his portable battery operated Sudoku toy and his mp3 player so he's happy.   He loves to eat and there are lots of restaurants to try out the different varieties of food.  Luckily he is very slim but I have to be more circumspect and resist many of the wonderful things on offer. 

The gym is quite small for the size of ship and since there are quite a few young people on board as well as many children it is quite busy.  Consequently we have been exercising by walking on the promenade deck.  Three circuits around cover 1 mile so that's what we do when we get tired of reading.  I attended a couple of health related seminars but they were rather rudimentary and basically they are trying to sell you their services of Body Composition Analysis and Metabolism Test. 

Tonight is a formal evening so the old boy will put on a dark suit and tie and I'll drag out my glad rags which sadly are not red and we will dine in style at 8pm with unknown dinner companions.  Not much of interest to report today, just a lot of lazing around but sometimes it just hits the spot.  I am learning to adjust to not being continually on the internet and consulting Google for the slightest thought which crossed my mind.  Like any addict, I am finding withdrawal quite difficult and I miss you all and am wondering what you are all up to. 

So here comes the big trial.  Copy and paste, add the photo and we shall see.


Janice Thomson said...

Perfect Jmb and what a cute bear. Glad to know you are lazing about and enjoying yourselves. You deserve it.
(Glad I'm not the only one who Google's everything LOL)Have fun my friend.

Sarabeth said...

Yea! It worked!

Lazy can be good, and a forced internet removal can be a good thing as you know.

May the rest of the trip be enjoyable.

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

glad rags - the evening sounds fabulous.

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a lovely Panda. I've never seen a live one before since we don't have Pandas in our zoo.

Belated Happy Easter! I like playing Sudoku but I didn't know there was already a battery operated Sudoku toy. That's interesting. :)

hotelroomphotos said...

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Carver said...

I love the shot of the panda and am glad it worked. I've enjoyed reading this post and hearing about your trip thus far. I know what you mean about googling the slightest thought that crosses your mind. I can't begin to count the number of times in a day I look up something that I have little or sketchy knowledge about. Hard to believe there was a time when I would consult my Brittanica encyclopedias (now very old edition) or run to the library. I hope you enjoy the rest of your cruise.

Shades said...

I imagine there are lots of different grades of cabin from what I see in the papers here.

I'm sure you'll cope with the cold turkey...

Ian Lidster said...

I love San Diego and I am green with envy, but very happy for you in your maritime adventure.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I never cease to admire your technical skills, jmb! What colour are your gladrags, then, if not red??

Josie said...

Well, JMB, it worked! It looks perfect.

Have a wonderful time, and be sure to get lots of pictures you can share with us.

leslie said...

What a perfect photo to go along with your report of lazing around on board ship. I adore cruising - only having done 2 to Alaska, but I love the ambience, the relaxation, the dining, and evening entertainment. I enjoyed San Diego the one time I was there and think a cruise down that way would be just perfect for this time of year. Try and go to Sea World if you have a chance - it's amazing, too. Keep us up to date on your adventures! But most of all, have fun! :D

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Gret panda photo. I'm sure both you and the "old boy" looked glam in your "glad rags"!