Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Can you help Mrs Carr?

I don't live in the UK, as everyone knows, but I am certainly aware of the problems in the healthcare system there. Being a medblog reader, I follow several UK medical bloggers and they constantly rant about their frustrations with the system, which with a massive budget of 80 billion pounds still fails to deliver satisfactory healthcare to the people who fund it with their taxes.

But it has become more personal for me as I follow one incredible saga of the NHS inadequacy in which one of my fellow Blogpower bloggers, Calum Carr has tried for the past year to get an appropriate diagnosis and treatment for his wife who is suffering with eating disorders and depression. After trying every avenue, including contacting his local member of the Scottish Parliament who also tried unsuccessfully to get them help, Calum has started a web campaign to bring attention to this terrible situation.

A turning point came for Calum when his wife was treated very harshly by a consultant psychotherapist who was supposed to be assessing her. He decided that perhaps publicity by fellow bloggers might make a difference. So he asks bloggers to read about his situation and add a link to his campaign. He says:
We can help Mrs Carr. We can help others get a much better mental health treatment through our NHS.
Let's help make that statement come true if we can. Please consider adding your voice to the numbers who have supported Calum and Mrs Carr and do read his latest heartfelt post.

Whatever happened to compassionate and caring health professionals?


CalumCarr said...

To write such a considered post when you are mourning the passing of your dear friend is incredible.

You are no fraud: you are wonderful.

Many many thanks


Dr.John said...

Anytime the government takes over kind and considerate are no longer key words.

Nunyaa said...

Holding all good thoughts for the Carr family .

Carver said...

Very thoughtful post JMB. I have seen posts about their struggle on other sites and have read about some of what they have been through. It truly blows my mind. I have started to leave comments there but haven't found the right words yet. I am keeping Mrs. Carr and her husband in my thoughts. I hope that somehow the health care people will step up to the plate and deliver the care she needs. It must be so frustrating.

CalumCarr said...


Thank you for your words here.

I'll have seen your IP address as a visitor but had no name to put beside it.

Re not finding the right words for a comment: for me, don't put yourself under any pressure to find those right words because whatever words come to you are fine and appreciated.


It is my greatest fear that whilst I am here, I am stricken down with a serious illness and have no alternative but the British health care system to rely on.

jmb said...

Hi Calum,
I wanted to support you even though I am not in the UK. You are welcome.

Hi Dr John,
Well they should be kind and considerate because that is their profession.

Hi Nunyaa,
We can only hope and pray that something good will happen for them.

Hi Carver,
We are all hoping that something good will happen for them.

Hi Uber,
It should not be so bad since there is so much money spent on it. Too big I guess and everyone must be burned out. I have no explanation for why it does not work.

Thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting.