Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

To all mothers, I wish you a very happy Mother's Day. To the rest of you, go phone or visit your mother and if she's no longer here give a thought to the one who nurtured you and loved you, no matter what....

Here are the mothers with their daughters in my family.

My mother with me, in 1959, at a friend's wedding where I was the maid of honour in my posh frock. She died in 1993, aged 85

My daughter with her mother, around 1970. It wasn't easy to find one of the two of us.
It seems I am always the photographer.

My granddaughter with her mother, 2005

Happy Mother's Day


Ellee Seymour said...

How lovely, and Happy Mother's Day to you. You all look such strong women, yet very loving too.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Mother's day in England was March 2nd?

Nunyaa said...

Happy Mothers Day to you too JMB.
I really like the 1959 photo, very classy looking. :-)

CherryPie said...

Happy Mothers day to you :-)

What a lovely series of photographs :-)

Crushed said...

I'm so glad to read Jeremy's comment...
I thought I was going mad for a bit, because I also thought Mother's Day had been...

I didn't quite understand this bit though;
'My daughter with her mother, around 1970. It wasn't easy to find one of the two of us.
It seems I am always the photographer.'

Janice Thomson said...

Happy Mother's Day JMB!
A wonderful series of photographs of you and the special people in your life. Love the one of you and your daughter and you holding a small bouquet of flowers I'm sure she picked just for you :)

Phil A said...

One wonders why they don’t have mother’s day the same day everywhere…

Carelessness? Is it a thing like the Russian orthodox Christmas? Or more like rolling out staggered movie releases in different continents. Maybe the latter.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

What lovely photos, jmb.

Carver said...

Happy Mother's Day JMB! I love the mother daughter shots across the generations. They are all great.

SandyCarlson said...

Happy Mother's Day! These are wonderful photos. God bless.

Picturing of Life said...

great post for mother's day...

Will you visit mine Thanks

juliana rw said...

happy mother's day.. great post

Mine in here Thanks

jmb said...

Hi Ellee,
Thanks and I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day too.

Hi Jeremy,
Yes we have a different day here and also in Australian.

Hi Nunyaa,
I hope you had a good day too. It was a lovely dress, designer created.

HI Cherie,
I hope you had a great day too.

Hi Janice,
Thanks, I hope you enjoyed the day too.

Hi Phil,
Don't ask me. It was a shock when I first went to England and discovered it was a different day. I'm sure it's some commercial motive for the difference.

Hi Welshcakes,
Thank you. I thought I would be a bit different today.

Hi Carver,
Thanks, I hope you enjoyed the special day, although I think your daughter, like mine, is far away.

Hi Sandy and Picturing and Juliana who are visiting the Weekend Photographers and somehow came to my post. I hope you had a good Mother's Day too.

Thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting.

Lil Jimmy said...

Rich family tradition, JMB and Happy Mum's Day to you.

Colin Campbell said...

1959 was an important year for me. I turned up. Great photos, all typical of the age they were taken. My mum had a poncho just like that. I can't remember when I last saw one.

jams o donnell said...

What lovely photos jmb. A belated happy Mothers Day to you

WillThink4Wine said...

What a marvelous Mother's Day post! That grandbaby sure is a cutie!

jmb said...

Hey, Crushed I missed you earlier. Did I confuse you? Just me and my daughter when she was four, then she and her daughter when my granddaughter was two.

James, you will never be lil Jimmy to me, whoever he is, thanks for the wishes.

Hi Colin,
I almost remarked on the poncho but resisted. Of course I knitted it too!

Hi Jams,
thanks, the one of my mother and I is one from a happy day.

Hi WT4W,
Thank you and thanks to all of you for visiting and commenting.


Dr.John said...

That was a nice tribute.

Crushed said...


So that is you in the picture! I was a bit confused!

Interesting, because in fact, you remind me of my own mother somewhat in this pic (the ones dating from circa 1980, when she is holding me), as opposed to the ones of my gran holding my Dad.

Interesting post the Tin Drummer did on Generation gaps- judging by that pic, you belong more to my parents generation than my grandparents.

leslie said...

Those photos are wonderful - you should frame them and put them in a grouping! Hope your day was happy.

ipanema said...

lovely mothers all! great photos! I hope you had a great time, jmb.

Happy Mother's Day! :)

The Tin Drummer said...

Hey jmb,

Lovely photos. The 1970 one makes me all nostalgic for slightly before I was born, as if I already knew the time.