Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stats and a Blog Thing

Just like everyone else out here in the blogosphere I obsessively track my stats and according to Sitemeter, today someone from Brainerd, Minnesota, became my 50,000th visitor. Of course I am pleased, even though I am very realistic and I know that most everyone comes via Google searches, including this visitor.

The more posts you publish the more you are likely to increase your daily stats, for the very reason that you have more topics for Google to find. I am often amazed at the things that bring visitors here via that route. Why do people come to my blog to find Rodin sculptures for example? With all the wonderful sites which cover that topic how do they ever get to mine? They must be really drilling down quite deep through the results from such a search to get to my post on the topic. Other very popular topics include the Blue Man Group, Japanese maples, Vancouver real estate, the Liberty Bell and Australia.

Today turned up an interesting one: "John Menzies harness racing." I do not believe I have ever mentioned John Menzies, whoever he is, or harness racing. Although Sienna raises horses for harness racing so perhaps I did mention the latter.

Of course, the bottom line is, depending on which statcounter you believe, I have between 20 and 30 returning visitors every day. All the rest are just meaningless numbers. But make no mistake about it, I am very thankful for those 20 to 30. I really do appreciate your visits, silent or otherwise.

Now let's turn to Page Rank. Although everyone talks about it often, I had no idea what Google page rank was until recently when Vic Grace explained it all. So dutifully I checked mine out: 5. Others seem to be ecstatic when their ranking changes from 4 to 5 or in despair if it moves the other way. Why, I just noticed that I have the Page Rank thingie on my Google toolbar. Who knew? It's all totally wasted on me. I still don't really get it.

As I've said before I have no idea what I am doing in the blogosphere, nattering on about this or that. I just try to follow the No 1 Dino's three rules of blogging: Write well (grammatically speaking) , say something and mix it up. Well today could be the exception to those rules.

Recently I have watched as a meme wandered from blog to blog. The six word memoir meme. Sum up your life in six words. I have been amazed at the clever things people have come up with and could not think of a single thing. Struck dumb! Eventually it reached here, via Vijay, the radiologist at Scan man's Notes who summed his life up most seriously: Aiming for accuracy in grayscale images. Of course, she says tongue in cheek, he can't spell greyscale but that is neither here nor there. Another blog friend, Ramona, is a plastic surgeon and a quilter and she went with a very neat one: My life is full of stitches. New York physician, The Blog that Ate Manhatten, or TBTAM, who is a woman after my own heart, said a little defiantly: I want to do it all, and indeed she does.

Well, for better or worse, here is my six word memoir:

Trying to do the right thing

I'm not going to tag anyone with this meme but if you have not already been tagged and want to sum up your life in six words, knock yourself out. Oh a photograph or image is optional. I had another meme to do but I think you've had enough for today, don't you?


Phil A said...

For me maybe:
Smell the coffee and the roses

rlbates said...

JMB, I love yours and Phil A's. Got to go have more coffee. Have a great day!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Congrats on the stats, jmb. I think you have done the 6-word meme very well. Wish I could think of something clever for it!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

A good one.

Crushed said...

It is not a dress rehersal.

That's mine :)

Carver said...

I love your 6 word memoir and it sound exactly like the dear person I've gotten to know through your site. JMB who is the most important kind of person in my book because she tries to do the right thing. You can't ask for more than that and the world would be a better place if more people tried to do the right thing.

Wow, 50,000 visitors is quite impressive no matter how they arrive.

I think I'm hopefully backwards on the stat tracking. I get some stats from feedburner but not total hits only average daily visitors.

I think the closest I can get to a six word memoir is the comment I left at Medblog Addicts post which was, Most days life is a mix, or I think that's what I said. I was responding to her two part memoir in 6 words, as she requested, but it kind of works for mine.

Calum said...


I must have a look at google rank to see where I come - minus25 poss.

The 6 word meme. I never thought of writing 6 connected words!

Also thanks for using the button.

leslie said...

You have me thinking.

CherryPie said...

That is an impressive number of visitors :-)

For the meme:

You only pass this way once!

Smalltown RN said...

wow that whole stat thing...it has me too JMB....it wasn't that long ago that I put one on my blog....still don't quite understand it....not sure why I did it...guess I just wanted to see where people were coming from...I don't have that rating thing...don't think I want to go there....

I love your meme..it's perfect...I'm not sure if I could sum up my life in 6 words...I'd have to think about that one....

I just looked at your Mother's Day post...those are great photos....Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

Grendel said...

Congrats on the stats!


Janice Thomson said...

Congratulations JMB. It's easy to see why you have those stats.
Your 6-word meme epitomizes you perfectly.

jams o donnell said...

That's a great choice of six words. I would like to think that would describe me too,

Congratulations on the 50,000 mark.

I daresay my epitaph will be something like "I'm sure that lorry's miles off"