Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This and That

I really like this eye of Horus image so I feel I can use it again to update you on the state of my eyes. Just over one week post operative I am seeing very well and hopefully now have two good bionic eyes. The biggest problem is that my new eyes do not fit my old glasses and I can't get new glasses until after my next appointment with the ophthalmologist which is in seven weeks.

Now I wear bifocals, not the nolines things that are so fashionable these days -- the ones with the scrinchy small reading segment, the ones that require you to tilt your head this way and that to be able to read things -- but ones with a big reading segment. Even with the new bionic eyes I will have to wear glasses for reading and since I don't wish to be constantly searching for my glasses I will continue to wear bifocals but with plain glass in the upper part. Besides, as a friend of mine always says, glasses hide the bags under your eyes and what's not to love about that!

However at the moment I find I can no longer wear these current glasses while driving and they are not really great for walking around either, so as well as stumbling around in Second Life I am doing so in real life. I sure hope I don't fall and break something during this interim period. Sigh! Only seven weeks to go.

That was the this and now for the that. I heard today that one of the Bill Reid art pieces, stolen last month from the Museum of Anthropology was pawned in a local pawn shop but reclaimed very quickly afterwards, no doubt due to the publicity. I wrote about the theft and the recovery of the majority of the pieces recently. A friend heard about this on the radio and told me since she knew of my interest and I found this single article in the Globe and Mail online.

For your enjoyment another of the art objects, thankfully recovered
Artist Maker: Bill Reid
Materials: Gold
Description: Brooch with dogfish design
Date made: 1959

One rumour has it that the RCMP know who the perpetrators are but are unable to prove it. The articles were supposedly discovered in the home of the mother of one of the suspects but they have no physical proof. They are hoping to recover some DNA from the recovered pieces to give them something concrete to use. However another story taken from the above article:
Meanwhile, a media report suggests charges may never be laid in the case.

According to the CBC, a deal was worked out with the suspects, offering immunity or at least leniency if the artworks were recovered intact.
Unfortunately there is no new information on the two pieces which have not been recovered, despite the widespread publicity surrounding them, but I am sure the RCMP are still working on the case. Although the Mounties "got their man", he/they could well not be charged, but the most important thing is that most of the pieces were recovered intact.


leslie said...

Glad you're healing up nicely and I agree about wearing glasses to hide the bags (and wrinkles in my case). My friend Cathy had her eyes done last summer and I drove her around a lot while she waited for the new glasses. She said it seemed like her depth perception was "off."

It is good they found those Bill Reid pieces and I'm sure the police are doing everything they can to charge those responsible.

And what about the mystery of the feet? I did a post on that today.

Janice Thomson said...

It's so good to hear that both eye surgeries went well JMB.
The dogfish brooch by Reid is an exquisite piece - thank goodness it was recovered. Don't understand why they don't charge the suspects though.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Good news on your eyes and on the recovery of Bill Reid's work. Love it when things go right in the world.

Dr.John said...

Sometimes a story has a mostly happy ending.

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

You like playing with fire, JMB - first Second Life and now the Eye of Horus. Next Astarte? :)

CherryPie said...

I am so glad your eyes are coming along nicely :-)

The case regarding the stolen pieces sounds rather unusual, I wonder why they might not press charges...

Ellee Seymour said...

I bought some new glasses recently and wondered about having contact lenses but as I don't need glasses permanently, I was advised against this. I have three pairs in the house, a special pair for work on the computer because of the glare from the screen, and two for reading, one pair which I keep in my handbag. I really cannot read anything without them.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I empathise re the glasses. I have worn varifocals for some years now and at first was always falling down steps in the things! So take care, dear jmb. you sound as if you are doing just fine. Love from Sicily xx

jmb said...

Leslie, I now don't wear my glasses for driving. But I do walk around in them and it's a pain. I can hardly wait for the new ones.

Hi Janice, thanks. It's all rumour at the moment, even if the CBC says it. We'll find out eventually I guess.

Thanks LGS, just two more pieces to go for Bill Reid's stuff. Hopefully she says!

Dr John, I guess most is better than none!

Drop by James and you'll see.

Thanks Cherie. Who knows if a deal was made or what? I hope we find out sometime.

Ellee I have never considered contacts. I'm too scared of infection. I have a pair by the computer too and just leave them there. It's all a pain.

I was told by my ophthalmologist I would not like the varifocals so never even tried them. Everyone seems to wear them these days. Luckily I prefer function over form.

Thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting.

Liz said...

Do take care, jmb! Healing broken bits isn't as fast in real life as it is in second!

Good to hear that another piece of art has been recovered. I do hope the mounties get to keep their man eventually.

sally in norfolk said...

glad to hear your eyes are doing well... umm they hide the bags a great reason to wear mine more than i do :-)