Monday, July 28, 2008

Around and about at Whistler

After the solid Blogpower roundup post it's time for a more lighthearted one so let's look at some of the scenery around Whistler, BC where I spent a few days recently.

The River of Golden Dreams - don't you love that name - runs from one lake to another at Whistler and is a very popular canoeing spot. The seats in the photo above are by the river in Meadow Park, very close to my friend's cottage and we did a circular walk, starting at this spot on the Whistler Village trail. She calls this "my Dad's spot" for when he came to visit from Scotland every few years he would sit on one of these seats, early in the morning, smoking a cigarette and taking in this wonderful view.

The park is a popular place for softball games, pick up and scheduled, and who could ask for a better venue surrounded by these mountains, snow capped all year round. In fact there is skiing all year round on the very top of Blackcomb Mountain, on the Horstman Glacier.

These funny little "works of art" are suddenly appearing in the park and on the Whistler trail but there are no notices with them and my friend says she has seen nothing about it in the local newspapers Decoration for the Olympics? Who knows?

Sure enough we passed canoers, taking a break, as we crossed the river via a small bridge.

The river runs from Green Lake which is a truly beautiful spot, surrounded by mountains, and a popular spot for canoeing and fly fishing. You can rent boats and canoes there if you don't have one.

Then again it's home of Whistler Air , the premier float plane company which for 23 years has been taking tourists to view the glaciers, volcanoes, fjords and the coastal rain forest with its wildlife in nearby Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Phew, safe landing. Thanks goodness. I'm quite happy to fly in those great big aeroplanes but I'm afraid I'll have to give these small ones a miss, no matter how beautiful it would be to see this spectacular scenery from the air. Too scary for me!


Ellee Seymour said...

I would love to visit Whistler sometime, it looks fabulous. And I would be tempted to have a go in the canoe too, something I haven't done for ages.

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Sigh. Nostalgia.

Calum said...

Thanks, jmb, for showing us these wonderful places.

Someday, perhaps, we'll be able to visit.

Dragonstar said...

Such beautiful scenery! I like that "work of art", strange there's no mention anywhere.

Julie said...

Hmm...beautiful place, lovely pics.

jams o donnell said...

Wow jmb that is so beatiful. I feel a visit coming on some time

Crushed said...

The little sculpture is interesting.
Looks kind of Meso-American, but surely its in the local first Nations style?

CherryPie said...

Such a lovely place I think one of the benches in the top photo has my name on it ;-) :-)

Sammawow said...

Those are really beautiful pictures of a really beautiful place! I'd love to visit there sometime.

Anonymous said...

Well you seem to have had a good day! I have as well but I have not yet solved the way to put photos on me computer...

Dr.John said...

Thanks for the grand tour. I've been up in a small plane and I'm with you. Never again.

Carver said...

You took some beautiful photographs JMB. I'd love to visit there sometime. Looks idyllic. I like the art you showed that's cropping up. Makes it mysterious not to know who is installing it.

Nunyaa said...

Looks like a beautiful place JMB, maybe I should run away to there.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Stunning photos. "River of golden dreams" certainly gets the imagination going and I love that work of art!

Smalltown RN said...

I love Whistler....just don't like the road up sisters and I go up there once a year for a sisters retreat...lots of one sister has a condo up there so we are lucky that way....yes there is so much to see and do .....get photos JMB you did Whislter proud!....

jmb said...

HI Ellee, you would certainly love it, for there is lots of walking to be had here.
I'm sure you know how wonderful it is James.
Calum, real mountains in this part of the world, not like the Scottish hills.
My friend thinks it most strange since they have kept it so quiet Dragonstar. No doubt plaques will follow soon.
Thanks Julie, it is a very beautiful part of the world.
All visitors rave about the scenery Jams, I don't think you would be different.
It is indeed in the local native art tradition Crushed.
It's a great spot to sit and watch the river ambling past Cherie. Covered in snow in winter of course.
Everyone loves is Sammawow, you would too.
I did have a good day Muts, glad you did too. You will figure it out one day I am sure.
I don't have to go Dr John to know I would not like a small plane.
Carver, isn't it a lovely place. I'm sure we will know eventually who the artist(s) is(are).
Nunyaa you would love it in the summer but I know you don't like the cold so you would have to leave in winter.
I like the name of the river too Welshcakes. A good spot to sit and dream.
Well the road is a problem Mary Anne. Today it is completely closed due to a slide. Thanks for the compliment.

Thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting, regards

Rositta said...

Gotta say, I love B.C. as much as Alberta, kind of hard to say which one I love more but both have mountains. Adore small planes although I think the mountains might make me nervous. Beautiful shots...ciao

Sienna said...

Canada in summer is amazing, it is so beautiful.

Ha, some of the bigger planes are ..umm, having difficulties.

Qantas last week had an oxygen cylinder blast a hole in the side of their plane, (in flight), very lucky it landed safely, the pilot is the son of our friend's sister!