Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lovely Day at Steveston

The "old scientist" in a heavy discussion with his daughter, while
his granddaughter adds her two cents,
all three in their Tilley hats

Life is very hectic with a five year old in the house I've rediscovered. My granddaughter is really keeping us all hopping and constantly wishes to know where we are going next. So we seem to be tourists in our own city of Vancouver at the moment as we visit places that we think we all might enjoy.

Today was a beautiful day so we went for a walk on the dyke at Steveston, a nearby community which I visit regularly with my walking group and I have written about before.

Of course she loves to check out the ducks and the turtles which bask in the sun on wooden rafts in the canal near the dyke. The water lilies were blooming quite nicely today as well.

I like this spot where the canal widens out into a pond and I probably have taken many photos of here. The person who lives in the townhouse on the left always brightens the place with a wild splash of colourful flowers.

The Belted Galloways at the Steves Farm are in their summer field, sitting among the driftwood logs. They seemed quite happy there, chewing their cud in the sunshine and enjoying the fabulous view of the mountains in the distance.

Time for lunch on the main pier in Steveston Village where there are a myriad of restaurants with open aired seating and multi coloured umbrellas. We ate at a new restaurant, the Blue Canoe which had a beautiful setting and view but was pricey and with very ordinary food.

A little shopping followed in the touristy stores on the pier which is charmingly decorated with hanging flower baskets. The "old scientist" is still thinking about his problem.

My daughter gets tired of being asked idiotic questions about Canada by the Americans so bought this T shirt. She said she was once asked if her father went to work in a dogsled.

All in all a pleasant outing and my granddaughter topped off the visit to Steveston with ice cream. Chocolate her favourite. Hmm, I wonder where those genes came from. Luckily she missed out on the freckles.


Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Wonderful to be out in the fresh air and in such a place. I remember Steveston.

Baht At said...

Next you'll be telling us that you don't all hate the Quebecois.

You can't destroy all our illusions about Canada.

Nunyaa said...

Freckles are cute JMB. The joys of little children, they certainly keep you on your toes. These are some great photos, looks like a lovely place to visit. :-)

Katney said...

What a lovely day.

I love the T-shirt. We CAN be such idiots at times.

CherryPie said...

Looks a nice place to walk. I love that T shirt :-)

B Wiens said...

I am delurking here because I love the pic´s! I was just in Canada in April/May and we walked in the same area. It is really beautiful there and I miss the fresh ocean air! Love your blog!

Ian Lidster said...

I worked in Steveston during university summers. Used to love the rural trip from Burnaby. Glad to see some of the bucolia is still in place.

Carver said...

Great shots of the outing with your family. I like the hats that everyone was wearing and it looks like such a pleasant place for an outing. I love your daughter's T-shirt.

Janice Thomson said...

Steveston is a lovely spot - glad you had a good time again.
My grandchildren are much older but I remember how they kept me on the go too :)

leslie said...

I'm so glad you had a great day at Steveston. If I'd known you were going, I could have met you there! I'm just through the tunnel and I get my hair done there.

When my Welsh visitors return from Vancouver Island, I'm taking them to Steveston. I think we'll tour the cannery and try to see the farm out along by the river as well as do what you did. My friend wants to see the fishing boats come in, too, so I'll have to check out when that happens. Did you enjoy the Japanese gardens at Garry Point?

jmb said...

A very charming spot to visit James.

We don't think about the Quebecois too often in the West Baht at.

The freckles did not skip my daughter Nunyaa, but luckily my granddaughter.

I'm sure many Canadians are as ignorant about Americans sometimes Katney.

It is a nice place Cherrypie and we go there a few times each year.

Welcome b wiens, it is a lovely area. Thanks for the compliment.

Thanks for telling me what that stuff is Ian. I'll bet Steveston was quite different in those days.

Thanks Carver, we enjoyed the walk and the Tshirt is a giggle.

I had to wait a long time for a grandchild Janice so I am a bit too ancient to keep up with her.

Ladner is not so far away from you is it Leslie? Visitors always love Steveston in my experience. I hope your visitors enjoy it too.

Thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting.

Sean Jeating said...

All the time, jmb, I had the feeling there remains one question open, couldn't name it, though, which is why I am so late.
Now, I got it: Did the 'old scientist' solve the problem he's pondering about all day?

And to end with the beginning: Enjoyable read, Mylady. :)


I hate the Quebecois wiht a passion! BUT I lived and worked wiht them.
As I am very freckled, I consider this post something-ism.

The Non deluded darling of the U.K :)

Harmony said...

well its a nice place!!take care!!

Une Québecoise said...

C'est bien trite de nous détester. Why? You met a few...Did you meet them all?

Dr.John said...

A chance to walk with family through beautiful country, what could be better?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Seems like a great place and I love the tilly hats.

Chervil said...

Nice photos. I love the way children show us how to enjoy life.

jmb said...

Sean a typical stance of the "old scientist" and he doesn't talk a lot so we always assume he is pondering something or other.

I did have coppery coloured hair so I too am very freckled Uber.

Thanks harmony for visiting.

My daughter teaches French and went to Quebec every summer so we know there are some great Québecois, Mademoiselle Québecoise.

Dr John I am sure you would love to take this walk with your family, even on the scooter.

It is a great place Welshcakes. Everyone has a Tilley except me. I have a great collection of straw hats for summer.

Thanks Chervil, my granddaughter lives far away so we enjoy her company when she comes.

Thanks again for visiting and commenting everyone.

YTSL said...

Great entry! Your first photo enticed me to check out more of the entry and your last photo got me chuckling appreciatively even though I'm not Canadian! :)

Une Québecoise said...

Maybe you should think about the Québecois a bit more often. If you don't hate them.As the international community seems to believe.

You could add on the T shirt:

"Nous aimons Québec, eh!"

The "eh!" being the interjection most Americans connect with English Canada.

Nuff said. Aurevoir, Madame.

Québecoise-Américaine au Canada said...

"Idiotic" questions from Americans?
Lived with them a number of years. Alway had a good-humoured laugh about the "Igloo" cuiosité. Canada never did a very good job in informing the Giant next door that it's not a 17th Century British Colony anymore. We love the touristic money, though! In the West and in the East!

Baht At said...

actually it never was a 17th century colony as a whole it didn't really come together until 1762 when France swapped it for Martinique and we Brits were well dischuffed with bargain!

Nice quote about Canada from my current reading material (The decline and fall of the British Empire, Piers Brendon) - a railway in search of a state

Liz said...

What a fantastic t-shirt!

The good thing about visitors is that you do revisit the local beauty spots that you otherwise avoid (because of crowds or because there's too much to do or whatever).