Friday, August 22, 2008

Moggsy's First Post

OK. I am being nagged by people to try my hand at blogging. You know who you are people. *She mutters accusingly*

I even got an award for commenting from ‘Crushed’ , TY crushed. Now what is that? Except maybe a fancy way of saying I like to chat?

Not at all sure what to blog about. So I’ll just put what comes to mind. Almost cheating really, what do they call it? Stream of consciousness?

Now I suppose I am really in this pickle because of JMB and Stainless, mostly JMB.

There was I, not so innocently ;-), going about my business in SL (Second Life). I am a Second Life Avatar really, and Stainless, who is a resident of Renaissance Island in SL, and is also a blogger introduced me to JMB.

Note: Renaissance Island is a pretty good sim (simulation) of a generic town, or part of one, as it would have been in Tudor England, complete with a replica of the Globe theatre of Shakespeare fame.

..And yes I do know theatres developed from inns and so outside of Southwark in London there would have been very few at the time, but It is a nice replica. Worth a visit if you ever get to SL.

Oh and if you don’t know, in this case an Avatar is an in world ‘body’, a virtual substitute for your body in Second Life, or other games. Your ‘character’.

Any questions ask after the lecture... ^_^

So... I digress. JMB and I became friends. We visit, gossip, go shopping, swap details of good stores and bargains and have been known to go dancing and hang out in bars together. Dublin has some good bars.

Anyway, as anyone reading this post on JMB's blog, and at this point I would like to thank JMB for kindly hosting my Post, will know, JMB is also a blogger.

One of the things we chatted about was her blog, and blogging. I was curious, and she did invite me to look, so I visited and followed links. Naturally I was curious about her blog and others she told me about.

Of course, once you visit you read… and if you are like me, occasionally just absolutely have to comment ^_^. So I got myself a blogging identity to do that. All of this had to be as my SL avatar Moggsy, as that was who JMB knew me as. I keep SL and RL (Real Life) completely separate.

So now Moggsy sneaks out of SL to visit blogs ^_^. I still think this blogging may use up perfectly good time I could be spending having fun in SL, so I will have to see if this is a ‘one off’ or not.

I have no master plan like Crushed. I figure I will post about whatever comes into my head, maybe SL, but there are a lot of blogs about SL out there, I googled to check ^_^. Blogs other Avies have put a lot of effort into by the looks of it.

Oh and if you are curious about Second Life. It is run by Linden Labs . The program is free to download and you can join up for free, so it is totally free to go check it out.

It is very flexible. You want to race cars like in a game? You can do that. You want to be in a first person shoot ‘em up game? It can do that. Like swords and sorcery, be an elf with a silver sword? It can do that. Fancy being a Vampire? You can do that. Be a gunslinger in the old west? Yes you can go there and do that. Imperial Rome? Ancient Alexandria? Tudor England? They are all out there.

Go dancing? No problem!

Hang out in the 1880’s the 1920’s, 40s, 50s? You can do that.

Be a surfer dude/chick, hang out at the beach, catch a wave? You can do that too and a hundred other things. Fed up being human? Become a Neko (cat person) an animal or an alien, go live on another planet.

Just remember. All the Avies you meet and interact with are people, not computer controlled.

OK enough of the plugging. Here is a something that happened the other week. My friend ‘D’ called me up.

“I am looking for a costume. There is a witches and wizards ball. They are having a prize for the best costume, lots of Linden$. You must come with me.” 'D' has managed to net $1000L worth of vouchers in prizes in the last week to assist with recreational retail therapy.^_^

So, as soon as I could, we met up and went hunting for costumes. We found a place that did quite a few outfits. We both got one, changed and got set for the ball.

We turned up at the venue… and guess what? We found we were having a ‘Bridget Jones’ moment. No-one-else-there was dressed as a witch is what.

“You’re way to early for the contest”, we were gently advised by people at the club.

Well we figured we may as well make the best of it, stayed and enjoyed ourselves, with the occasional person admiring our outfits and helpfully telling us we had mistimed our arrival.. I couldn’t make the actual ball as it was waaay to late for me, time zones are such a nuisance.

Still I have an outfit if I need one, found a good costume store, a good club, and had some fun out with a friend ^_^I guess we came out ahead.


Nunyaa said...

All this SL stuff confuses me :)

Ellee Seymour said...

I tried having a birthday party in Second Life once, but never quite managed it. Maybe next year.

Carver said...

This is my first time reading the post of a SL character. I guess I'm a little confused but that's nothing new for me. I tend to wander through life slightly confused which is part of why I don't think I'm brave enough to try a second life. I might forget which life I'm in. Fun first post by Moggsy, nonetheless.

jmb said...

Welcome to my blog Miss Moggs, what a surprise to wake up to this morning. Plus you even have comments, although one was spam I had to delete.
Please call again!

Heather Yaxley said...

Is this a virtual appearance in blogosphere? Welcome anyway...

Crushed said...

I almost feel like if Moggs is blogging its rude not to go visit SL...

Oh well :) Long weekend this weekend, I just might :)

leslie said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Moggsy! Look forward to another post from you. :D

CherryPie said...

Great first post :-) (holds my hand up, sorry I was one of the nags!)

I think you will soon be as addicted to this blogging thing as the rest of us ;-)

sally in norfolk said...

one day i will find time to visit second life....

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Firstly I must thank all of you (except the spammer) who commented and welcomed my first effort. It is satisfying to know you have all visited and read the post. This may be one of the things that keep people blogging… Oh no! I am standing on the top of a slippery blogging slope ;-)

Secondly, again my thanks to JMB for kindly hosting my first effort, and taking the chance of giving me access to her established blog and it’s reputation.

Nunyaa, Carver. It’s not that confusing when you get used to it. Just the odd jargon term, the tendency to use typing shortcuts and ideas like teleportation (TP). Instant extreme makeovers, etc. I tried to be clear and explain stuff, anything you don’t get ask, and I shall probably waffle on at length trying to explain. ;-)

Crushed. Please do visit, though I may not be in sl this w/e. JMB and I are often about. Sally, Ellee, I guess sl uses up spare time much like blogging does.