Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Thursday Walking Group does Japanese Lunch

I think one of the remarkable things about my Thursday walking group is the diversity of the origin of the women who belong to it. Going down the membership list, I find we have members from Wales, England, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, Macao, the USA, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia (that would be me) and yes we do have a couple of Canadians. It makes for a very interesting group of well travelled women who have much to share with and offer each other by way of different experiences. However we do have two very important things in common, we are all married to those very unique individuals, academics, and we all have undergone the immigrant experience, for even the Canadians have come from other provinces.

As well, the group seems to be popular for women who come for short periods of time or for year long sabbaticals. We have a regular visitor who comes from Russia twice a year and at the moment we have a Scottish pediatric psychiatrist, now living in Australia, spending a year with us. Another lifetime honorary member from Japan spent several years with us but has since returned to Japan. She wrote a book about her experiences in Canada, but of course we can't read it, although we do recognize ourselves in the photos which illustrate it.

Kazuko loves to cook and we love to eat so we were all very happy today

However every year she returns with her husband to Vancouver, to visit the many friends she made while she was here. Currently she is with us for a few weeks and today she decided to cook a Japanese lunch for us to share together after walking. One of the members who lives near Granville Island offered to host it in her apartment and ten of us gathered there after walking.

Most of the lunch she prepared in her temporary apartment beforehand and I went to pick her up and transport the food to the lunch location before we went walking today. Above we have Smoked Salmon, marinated Japanese style.

On the left we have green beans with peanut sauce and on the right gomai spinach salad with sesame seeds. At the rear we have the sauce for the main dish and stirfried soba or buckwheat noodles.

A closer look at the soba noodles which the hostess made for us. Sorry I think they are slightly out of focus now I look at this photo.

The pièce de résistance was omurice* bundles, a very popular dish in Japan now, being found all over in special restaurants and is considered like Japanese fast food.

*The dish typically consists of chicken rice (rice pan-fried with ketchup and chicken) wrapped in a thin sheet of fried egg. The ingredients that flavor the rice vary. Often, the rice is fried with various meats (but typically chicken) and/or vegetables, and can be flavored with beef stock, ketchup, demi-glace white sauce or just salt and pepper.

Finally for dessert we had these little Japanese cakes made of bean curd I believe. They are a very soft texture and each has its own little package of drying agent inside, saying do not eat.

All in all, a very enjoyable experience and many thanks to Kazuko for providing this delicious lunch for her friends.


Dragonstar said...

That looks and sounds so delicious! I like the idea of the Walking Group. Nice to explore with others.

Lord James Bigglesworth said...

Japanese lunch - careful, JMB


If that's Kazuko N------ from Chilliwack, she's my aunt! And if so, please give her my regards.

the teach said...

jmb, what a wonderful thing to do on Thursday or any day! I bet I could do this with my friends from my classes and when we were finished walking go have lunch! Thanks for the idea! And thanks for your comment on my Skywatch post! :)

the teach said...

jmb, I apologize I didn't mean the Skywatch post, I meant the Big Read meme! I'm losing it! Duh! If you noticed it was a BBC list. I have a Modern Library List that I will do in a few days and we'll see. I didn't count how many I've read but I think I've read a lot. There were a lot of children's books on the list which I haven't read. The 2 lists aren't SO different (of course they would be). :)

Carver said...

That looks like a wonderful lunch and what a fascinating group you have for your walking club.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

All the food looks wonderful though I could not eat the fish, sadly. I espoecially likew the pic of the soba noodles.