Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Accidental Time Traveller

Ok, as threatened, another book review as mentioned in a comment to Sienna, The Accidental Time Traveller by Sharon Griffiths, published by Avon. I thank you and apologize in advance for not being able to reply immediately to any comments anyone may make this time.

I really rather enjoyed this book. For those of you familiar with the TV series ‘Ashes to Ashes’ this book has certain similarities. This doesn’t spoil the story. It manages despite any similarity to be quite different.

For a start it reaches back further in time than the 80’s or 70’s and does a good job of highlighting some of the differences between 50’s Britain and naughties Britain and the world.

I touched on changing attitudes in my last review. This author seems well aware of such things over a range of subjects and picks them up without making a meal of it. I guess the story could be loosely categorized as ‘Chick-Lit’ in that it does deal with relationships and feelings.

So, a taster. The heroine is Rosie Harford, a reporter for the local newspaper the ‘The News’, in a provincial English town.

The morning after a fierce row with her boyfriend Will, she is assigned to interview Mrs Turnbull, a long time resident of a run down local council estate, the Meadows, on the 50th anniversary of it being built in the 1950s, amid talk of a possible reality TV series being set there to be called “The 1950s House”.

Rosie duly arrives at the estate and as she walks up the path to the door she feels faint and finds everything seems strange. By the time she gets to the door it is not the door of the house she was planning to visit. Everything is very different.

At first she is convinced she has somehow been drafted into the 1950s house with out her knowledge and looks for hidden cameras as the occupants tell her it has been arranged for her to stay with them and work on the News. From her accent and speech mannerisms they seem convinced she is American.

The following day Rosie takes up her ‘temporary’ post as a reporter at the News It begins to dawn on her that not even a TV company could take over a whole town and convincingly turn the clock back.

And so begins her adventures reporting on the, sometimes dramatic, stories of the day, saving the day for more than one person. She starts to find herself falling for a new colleague Bill, who so closely resembles Will, she thinks it is him at first. Except here he is responsible a married man with children, married to Carol, who looks very much like her best friend Caz with bad teeth.

Then there is the lack of washing up liquid, decent shampoo, conditioner, tooth powder...

Torn by her feelings for Bill, Rosie also begins to realize she really misses/loves Will terribly, but does not know how to get back to him...

If you want to know more read the book ^_^

NB: This is Moggsy's review despite showing JMB's name. Technical problems required some tweaking by JMB so it shows her name as poster.


Dragonstar said...

Hmm. Maybe I will. Mostly I prefer fantasy though, complete with as many dragons as possible (naturally!), but this does sound interesting.

CherryPie said...

Sounds intriguing!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading it as well!!

Carver said...

Fun reading your guest second life reporter reviews Moggsy.

Crushed said...

If it tackles changing attitudes, I guess it could be interesting.

I often find looking at some espects of the fifties, in terms of their modernity interesting- and yet at the same time the map still contained names such as 'British Bechuanaland'.

That contrat, the post war world still not quite free of Empire, that i think, is anteresting concept.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I think I would like to read that. Clever mogsy!