Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cat's Back!

Remember this photo, in the fullness of Summer? See below for the Autumn view.
My Hot Cocoa rose.

Yes the old scientist has returned from his journey to Australia to see his three siblings so my freedom is over. Just kidding of course, since I freely "follow my muse" whenever I like whether he is here or not, as does he. But I don't believe he would think much of dinner appearing on the table at 9.30 pm as was my wont when he was away. He always starts to mutter a bit if it does not appear by 8pm so I shall have to change my solo dining habits.

His journey out was horrible, fifteen hours in a totally packed aeroplane, in a middle seat. It was no fun at all, but the return journey was great as the plane was only half full and he had three seats to himself. He landed here just after 7am so I did not think much of being at the airport at that unearthly hour. Anyway, it seems his sister who was in very poor health is feeling a bit better and they had very good visits over several days. However her long-term prognosis is not good but she takes each day as it comes. She is a woman of strong faith and she was an Anglican minister's wife and no doubt this stands her in good stead. However he felt his older brother was not in very good health which he had not expected so it was lucky he got to spend some time with him too.

His brother has always been a brilliant pianist although he was a Mathematics teacher and he owned a 1914 Steinway full sized concert grand piano which his, and of course the old scientist's, father, a professional musician, had purchased during the thirties and refurbished then. Over the years it had moved with him whenever he did and he would buy a house depending on whether this treasure would fit in. Sadly when he and his wife moved into a retirement community several years ago, there was no room for the piano so he gave it away to someone who no doubt appreciated it and bought a Yamaha baby grand. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease not long afterwards and it seems he does not play very much now as the illness has affected his playing.

The old scientist very much enjoyed driving around the state of NSW and north to Brisbane where his brother lives, although it was a little difficult to stay on the "right" side of the road which is the left side in Australia and he said he gave the odd person a scare on occasion. He continually had to remind himself, keep to the left, keep to the left.

He seems to have enjoyed his sudden unexpected to trip to Australia, although not the journey and we will be making it in early March as we fly there, firstly to take a 17 day cruise from Sydney south to Tasmania then around New Zealand and back to Sydney. This will be followed by a visit to see some friends and the relatives in Australia.

Do you think they will have developed teleporting by then? Well perhaps we will win the lottery and travel first class instead of economy, even business class. Can anyone tell me why it costs $12,600 to fly business class from Vancouver to Sydney while it costs $1700 economy? Double I would definitely pay but 6 times the price? I don't think I can justify that.

Still lots of blossoms but not so beautiful now that Autumn is
here. I don't think we had nearly enough Summer
I'm not ready for Winter!


Crushed said...

Teleporting, no, I doubt it.

I've pondered this one amongst others, as part of my pondering on sci-fi concepts that might one day be feasible.

Teleporting, no I don't see how you could.

I don't see how you could guarantee to reassemble what you transported. The uncertainty principle kind of prevents it.

Dr.John said...

Glad the two of you are back together.
I think the roses are still beautiful.
Now if you teleported and were put back together wrong the two could become one.

Janice Thomson said...

Teleporting sounds like a grand way to travel - maybe someday in the future no doubt. The roses are still gorgeous JMB - can smell them from here...Glad hubby is back safe and sound.

leslie said...

Your roses are still lovely, but unfortunately, I think we're now into fall. I still have a bit of colour in my garden.

Glad the old scientist made it back in one piece but sorry about his sibs not being well.

Nunyaa said...

It is ridiculous the first class prices I agree. Am glad your other half arrived home safely and when you next visit Down Under you will have a pleasant journey and enjoy your time here. The flowers are beautiful :)

jams o donnell said...

What beautiful roses. If teleportation existed I would be a happy man as I hate travelling!

I hope the old scientist's brother and sister's health improves

Dragonstar said...

Crazy prices! How can anyone afford to travel?

Your roses are still beautiful, even though the summer seems to have gone.

Carver said...

The roses are gorgeous. I'm glad the old scientist made it home safely although sorry about the rough travels. I'm glad he had a good visit with his sister and that her faith is standing her in good stead.

Ellee Seymour said...

We are having an Indian summer here right now, I'm certainly not ready for winter either.

CherryPie said...

I thought it was only us that drove on the wrong side of the road ;-)

I agree that is an outrageous price to travel!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Glad you have got him back safe and sound. Beautiful roses.

Anonymous said...

I hope to go somewhere next year....nice roses. Winters coming.

jmb said...

Crushed, but I love doing it in Second Life. It is so convenient! :-)

Nice thought Dr John.

Thanks Janice, I'm all for it, the sooner the better.

Leslie, everything is looking past its best by date in my garden, even though there is still colour.

6 times Nunyaa. Totally ridiculous since I have travelled by business class once and while much better it was not 6 times so.

Thanks Jams, we hate travel but we still do it. And I live at the end of the world and have to go long distances to get anywhere.

Don't you wonder Dragonstar? This little jaunt cost over $3000 but worth it to see his ailing siblings.

Carver I think the visit was better than he expected but the journey is not very nice.

How nice for you Ellee. I hope your Indian summer lasts for a bit.

Nope Cherie, Australia too. I think Sweden changed but I don't know about New Zealand or any other former colonies of GB.

Yes Welshcakes,back together again, it seems as if he never left after a couple of days.

I hope you go somewhere nice too Mutley, You'll be sorry about winter, especially as Autumn has already brought you the health bugs.

Thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting.

Vic Grace said...

It is a long trip to Australia, when I did it I was flying standby and had to sit in Fiji airport overnight.

Your summer roses are lovely pity that they have to die.

8pm supper I would starve if dinner wasn't on the dot of 6pm. Stomach of habit I suppose.