Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween from JMB and Moggs

Miss Moggs, the blonde witch on the left and JMB, the redhead witch on the right, met up in Second Life for a Halloween photo opportunity. Actually it was a bit like two stooges as we tried, rather unsuccessfully to have the broom in the right place and the lighting right , plus the correct pose. After the fact I noticed that I had two different witch hats on at the same time. Yes you can do this in SL I'm afraid. Any possible mistake that can be made is usually made by me. Sigh! Now, no laughing else I will zap with you with my Wicked Witch Dark Power Staff which emits some flashing things but no spells, or so it says. Click any photo to enlarge should you so desire.

Looks fairly ordinary in the daytime from a distance

But let me show you a few more photos from the seriously decorated for Halloween house near me. For the past five years the Halloween decor has been been better and better. It's not suitable for very young children but to give you a idea, besides what I wrote about it last year, here are some photos I took recently of the current display. I also showed some photos of this year's display for the Photo Hunt Scary post last week.

When I googled this last year I could find nothing but this year there were all kinds of links from an article in the local paper to a mention in the Vancity Buzz blog, and it even has its own Facebook entry and website.

This year's theme is the History of Terror and begins in the "building" on the left, erected especially for the display and in the darkness, with the odd faint glow, it houses the Ancient Egypt display.

Taken with flash to show the detail. Several rooms filled with these artifacts, in eerie darkness

Medieval is the theme for the next section with figures such as these lining the side garden.

The inferno follows with this horrific representation but a small part.

A witches' coven nestles against the garage as spells are cast and magic potions brewed in the steaming cauldron. I think that fellow is beyond help.

The era of the Plague is represented in the rear garden with bodies on a cart
in the lower right hand corner.

Some pretty ghastly looking pirates with treasure chests full of loot
represent the Age of Exploration.

The Revolutionary Wars section has these life size soldiers complete with canon

The 19th Century Asylum, complete with caged figures and nasty looking things in jars, including a head, was a bit over the top for me. Here is the padded cell with bloodstained walls and syringes stuck into the ceiling and a hideous fellow waiting at the end.

Twentieth Century Mutations are represented by some ghastly pumpkins and
huge ugly insects and trees personified, but not in a nice way.

These homeowners actually have a very nice garden but seem to have no worries about scattering all these figures around for this display. As I completed the tour a woman emerged through the front door and we got to chatting. I discovered that the decoration was done by the two men who lived in the house and this lady who was the girlfriend of one of them. They are definitely not in the "business" as I heard rumoured last year. One of the fellows lectures at the Vancouver Film School and he gets his students to dress up for the show at night which is somewhat scarier as you can imagine. She told me that the sum of the donations they had received towards the three charities they support was over $20,000 last year.

A rather ugly Queen of Hearts, along with other figures, graces the front porch.

This pair in the front garden put you in mind of anyone?

Well, if you have stayed with me to the end of this rather long post, you probably understand that I really love this haunted house. I tell everyone that they should go see it but warn them to go first in the daytime. I have not been game to visit it at night myself.

As a final wrap-up here is a short video taken by the Province newspaper crew. It is worth the time to watch it I assure you.



Dragonstar said...

They've put a lot of work into that. I know a few people who could do with a bit of frightening - can I send them over?
I think your doubled hat could be all the rage next year!

Shades said...

JMB, Two of the pictures aren't displaying.

That one I have of you with just one hat is fetching, I'll dust it down tomorrow.

jams o donnell said...

Wow someone put a lot of effort into it! Wonderful stuff

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Wow! Pretty scary round where you live. I would think twice about going out at night...

The garden with the plague was particularly well done I thought.

That and the two hot witches... *Grins*

Carver said...

Happy Halloween JMB and Miss Moggs. You both make great witches. Hmmm, that may not have come out right. I mean it in the best possible way. JMB, your neighbor is amazing with their Halloween display. What fun.

Cathy said...

I love your two hats. It is Halloween after all. You can wear whatever you like...:)

Those pictures are horrifying. Oh I am thankful there is NOT a house like that near me.

Janice Thomson said...

What a house! A lot of creativity at play there with some well structured sets. That being said I'm kinda glad it's not near me LOL.

Heart of Rachel said...

Happy Halloween! Those decorations are incredible.

CalumCarr said...

Looks brill but created by big kids.

Wish I could be.

Dr.John said...

All of that and they raised money for charity as well. That's a win win situation if ever there was one.

lady macleod said...

Brilliant stuff as usual! I love your SL photograph!! The Samhein house is brilliant! I wish I could come by for a visit. Thank you for the tour. Happy Samhein to you and good visits from friendly goblins.

Liz said...

Good grief!

jmb said...

Thanks to everyone for commenting. I'm a bit behind with the replies.So today it will be a generic one for all. I'm glad you all like the haunted house. I wonder what they will do for next year's display.