Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Search for the Perfect Hair

Now that Miss Moggs has brought up the topic of hair in a post, well Second Life hair, I thought I might share my search for the perfect hair in that virtual world. But first a few words in general about hair in Second Life.

Your initial avatar comes with hair, which you can alter within certain restrictions but it is pretty ugly and one of the first things you do in Second Life is to acquire some "prim hair"which is basically a wig. The choices are endless, stores abound bursting with different styles and endless varieties of colour. But just like in Real Life, say in the case of a movie star, the avatar's hair has first to be covered by a bald cap to hide the original hair and then the "wigs" are put on and off in the blink of an eye. Most take it all for granted and change hair constantly while others tend to stay with one so others will recognize them, as I do on the whole.

But may I digress a little here before continuing, with a rather poignant story. One of the groups I belong to in Second Life is quite chatty. The members who come and go during the day send messages to each other and share technical tips and lots of useful information and I tend to leave that window open on my desktop when I am in Second Life, sometimes adding to the talk, but mostly just observing.

Little personal things are shared sometimes and in a discussion about hair the other day, one member shared that she is a three time survivor of chemotherapy treatments for leukemia and wished that dealing with hair in such circumstances was as easy as it is in Second Life. She's only 39 and can't work at the moment but lives a very active vibrant life in the SL virtual world. Another piped up that she was currently undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for cancer, a young woman of 26. Neither they nor the other "listeners" knew this about them but only knew them as "friends" in Second Life. They said they would send private messages to each other and I am sure that, as I did, others monitoring the chat thought how great that they had found another who understood. For me it was another example of how Second Life is helping people make the best of a terrible situation in their Real Life.

Back to the search for the perfect hair for my avatar. For quite a while in the early days I wore the Lucile Ball red coloured hair above. It wasn't quite right but frankly I was still intimidated by shopping for hair as the choice was staggering. Then I found this one. Not bad at all. Not quite perfect but much better and very distinctive.

This one? It's OK with some things and goes well with a hat.

Nope, not there yet. This one is very nice and goes well with a certain look. Messy but quite flirty in a way and quite mod.

Not done yet. I have been exploring the Victorian look in Second Life and I needed hair which went with those lush Victorian hats. This one is perfect. All gathered together in a bun with little curls around the face. Not quite so nice without a hat however.

But what about the Damselfly hair that Moggs talked about? Her Farah Fawcett do? The very same style that JMB bought in red a while ago? I do love it but it is not quite me, however I do trot it out on occasion. What do you think?

Sometimes I think that the perfect hair does not exist, not even in Second Life. So maybe one has to compromise or wear the hair that suits your outfit of the day. After all it's easy enough. Only a second to change it. But red, it must always be red. That is a given.

Well except for here. September 7th 2008. Bandana Day. Replace your hair and show you care. That day many in Second Life showed our support for charity and for those in RL who may have lost their hair due to illness. We all paid L$50 to purchase a bandana, with the proceeds going to Locks of Love which I wrote about before. I seem to have lost my glasses that day as well as my hair. Blue, to match my dress, sort of.

No, this is not turning into a Second Life blog. But every now and again, if I think you might be interested in something to do with Second Life, I'll write about it here and if you are not, skip along. There will no doubt be something different here next time you come by, from the butterfly mind of JMB.

I'm afraid these are not very professional looking photos as so many are from Second Life. I am truly amazed at some I see. Just candid snapshots, taken on the front deck of my rented log cabin at Nestor.


Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Well, naturally I think the damselfy creation shows your natural and innate good taste ^_^.

I am not so sure I like the one Crushed promotes.

CherryPie said...

Of all of these I think the messy flirty style works best :-) I am always fascinated by the way different hairstyles suit different face shapes.

I am quite limited in what looks good on me.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Love the damselfly look, actually. It's great to read that SL is helping people like this. The Bandana Day is a great idea, too.

jmb said...

No smiling in Second Life Crushed, well it's not completely true.
Number three is kind of high schoolish, well I looked like that in high school.

Yes Moggs, it's great hair but somehow I'm a short haired person.

I like this one too and do wear it often Cherrypie.

Thanks Welshcakes. Bandana Day was a great idea.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.

kids toys said...

Damselfly look is still the best. I just don't know if the style is perfect to me.

Cathy said...

I know nothing about this second life you talk about but I am going to have to find out all about it.

It is great that 2 people, both young, both fighting cancer, was able to find and support each other through this online avenue. The good that people do for each other online far outweigh those who occasionally like to spam us.

Now to your hair. I have laughed and laughed at some of these hairdos. I LOVE them all and my favorite is that last one (I think its last) that is really long and flowing. I also loved your blue Bandana!