Sunday, October 19, 2008

A trip to the hair salon

In SL, just like in RL, it’s nice to go get your hair done once in a while.

It’s not quite the same process as in RL. No sitting around for hours and no drinking coffee, unless you make yourself one first ^_^.

No basically you go shopping for a new hair do. The actual styling takes seconds once you pay for it, and you can try out as many different styles as you like for free, to see exactly what you look like.

Now one of my best friends in SL is ‘D’, We often go shopping together, or just hang out. ‘D’ is also very good at competitions and contests. She keeps an eagle eye out and goes in for them, you may remember the witches outfits we bought for just such a contest I mentioned in a previous post?

Her wins often total well over a thousand of Linden$ a month. Clever girl ‘D’! She also has a SL job. I am thinking of getting one there too, but am a bit short of time.

Anyway ‘D’ came across a new hair place the DamselFly Salon, She called me and well, we had to go look, didn’t we?

She had just had a portfolio of pics put together for a modelling contest. Before we set out we checked the shots out.

As it turned out we found some very nice hair dos at Damselfly, one we both particularly liked, and being branded as the terrible twins by at least one of our mutual friends, decided why not get matching hair dos?

I figured “why not?” it was time for a new hair do, I had a platinum loose pony tail for a while.

So we did. I am amazed how just changing hair do can make such a difference to how you look. We both thought we looked pretty hot. I have on exactly the same makeup as in my usual pic at the top.

I called ‘P’ and she popped by while we were there and she allowed as I looked a knockout/bombshell. *Grins* Compliments seldom fail to please.

Anyway it struck us that we ought to get ‘D’s portfolio re-done sharpish to take advantage of her, now additionally gorgeousified, appearance.

So the three of us set out to take care of that, ‘P’ taking the actual shots at a DIY studio.

Before I blow my own trumpet too much I should say another friend took me down a peg (I think) by saying I looked a bit like Farrah Fawcett, well maybe an updated version for the naughties, but did allow as the look worked fine. I can't see it as a 'Farah-Do' myself ^_^

I like the look, I think I’ll keep it for now. I got some ‘model’ type shots of me, Judge for yourselves, what do you think?

While I was drafting this post I discussed it with JMB and guess what? It turned out she had also found Damselfly. Not only that, it turned out she had got the same hair do there! We will have to get a pic.

Next 'D' and I are going hunting for matching outfits… SL beware…


jmb said...

Great taste you have there Miss Moggs, even if I do say so myself. I thought that hair was wonderful too.

Vic Grace said...

Looks like fun.

Ellee Seymour said...

It looks like it was worth the SL visit. I have a hairdresser call by my house which saves me the hassle of driving into town.

Crushed said...

I like my hairdresser...

Little Scottish lass who knows just who to stroke the back of my head as her bosoms just touch ever so gently...

People underestimate the sensual power of the hairdressers. Never understood men who go to barbers.

CherryPie said...

Nice hairdo :-)

Phil A said...

Well worth the effort Moggsy.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

TY CherryPie Phil, Ellee, JMB.