Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday ---to the Old Scientist

Yes Amarone Classico della Valpolicella, 16% alcohol,
2003, a good year I guess. Goes
well with fava beans I hear.

Yes, we are both Scorpios but so completely different. Not that I pay any mind to astrology.

When you get to our age you have most everything you really want and if you don't, you buy it at any time, since you are wasting time without it while you wait for your birthday. Plus we believe in asking each other since we are not too big on surprises.

JMB: What do you want for your birthday. New CD's? Tell me.

OS: No, I already have over 400 CD's.

(Editorial comment--all in a database, let me tell you, all played in rotation. More editorial comment, gee I only have about 170, some in a database but others not. I'll have to get cracking, I'm falling behind!)

JMB: So what do you want?

OS: A bottle of Valpolicella.

JMB: OK, do you want to choose it or shall I?

OS: I'll choose.

So off we went to the liquor store to survey the choices. Usually he shops in the $20 range but this time he chose one at $29.99! Wow, he's going all out. Now in the meantime, I had been poking around and came up with this one above. Normally $115 but on special for $80.50. Now that is more like a bottle of wine worthy of a birthday present. And on sale, such a bargain!

Suspiciously I asked the clerk stocking the shelves, Why is that on sale? No space ,she said, we sell more liquor at Christmas and have to make room. We are clearing out our back room of some of the more expensive wines, but it is regular price at the other branches.

So I told him, not that one, this one. He hesitated, but only for a moment. I asked him are you saving it or drinking it right away? I'm drinking it on my birthday, he replied. I was absolutely petrified we would drop it on the way home.

So he and my son will partake of this gem. I will not know how the most expensive bottle of wine I have ever bought (original price more than the champagne for our daughter's wedding) tastes since I am teetotal.

I also bought him some of his favourite marmalade which I normally do not since it is ridiculously expensive here.

Robertson's finest. I don't eat marmalade either.

Finally I thought this card rather appropriate don't you?

So happy birthday to my dear Old Scientist and I wish you many more healthy years.


Crushed said...

Marmalade and wine...

Oddly, my gran gave me Jam on my birthday. Not sure why.

80 dollars is about 50 quid. A lot of money for six glasses. I hope he appreciates it :)

Wine prices always amaze me. I can't see anyone paying 50 quid for a pint, no matter how good it tasted.

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday to your husband jmb. That wine looks delicious. I wouldn't mind a little taste of that myself. I love the card you picked.

rlbates said...

Happy Birthday to your "old scientist"! Hope it's blessed.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Please pass on Birthday wishes. I quite like frizzanti Valpolechella.

Carver said...

Happy Birthday to The Scientist. I hope it was a good one! Bill and I are both scorpios too and about as different as two people can be.

sally in norfolk said...

Happy birthday to your husband... its always great to get a gift you would love but would never buy for yourself.... shame you cannot have a taste... i wonder do wines taste better the more expensive they are :-)

Dragonstar said...

I hope he thoroughly enjoyed his wine, and had a great day!

jams o donnell said...

Amarone... an excellent choice there! Happy birthday to the old scientist

Sean Jeating said...

Happy birthday to your old scientist, jmb. A very lucky beginning of his new year on this planet, with such a nice tiny drop of red - and you being a teetotaler. :)

CherryPie said...

Sending Birthday wishes!

Dr.John said...

Happy birthday to the old scientist. I would never spend money on wine but then I too am a teetotaler .

Photo Cache said...

belated greetings :)

Janice Thomson said...

Hope the old scientist has a great day!

jmb said...

Crushed it is a lot of money for a bottle of wine but he is enjoying it. Is it five times as good as his regular wine? He says not.

Cathy I thought the card most appropriate.

Thanks Ramona. He had a great day.

Thanks Moggs. I did not see any of the frizzante style.

Well Carver I guess you don't have much faith in this astrology business either.

Probably a bit better Sally but not as well as one might expect given the astronomical price.

The wine is going to last a few days yet Dragonstar.

Thanks Jams, I once toured an amarone winery near Lago di Garda.

Sean, I don't think he was having a tiny drop so much as a healthy gulp.

Thanks Cherie.

You are therefore saving a lot of money Dr John.

Thanks Photo cache

Thanks Janice. He did.

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes for the OS's birthday. I passed them all on.

CalumCarr said...

God, £50 a bottle but he's worth it, isn't he?

Happy birthday to OS.


Liz said...

I'm sorry I missed this. Belated greetings to the Old Scientist.

You must report back on how the wine tasted. Husband says i'm good at choosing wine (for a teetotaller!) but I've never brought myself to buy anything that expensive. Is it really worth 4 times what you would normally pay?

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Old Scientist! Great card.

Colin Campbell said...

When my brother came to visit me in America, he brought an expensive malt whiskey all the way from Scotland and carried it around with him while he visited other friends and relatives in other parts of the country. He dropped it when he stepped out of the car when he arrived, smashing it on the pavement. Disaster. He went down to the liquor store and replaced it the next day.

How was it?

Colin Campbell said...

Robertsons jam used to have a Golliwog on it and you used to be able to get Golliwog badges. I assume that they are long gone.

YTSL said...

So sweet! :)

And really, it gives me greater faith in humankind that there exist couples like you and the Old Scientist who have been happily married for decades. :)