Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It’s a kind of Magic

“It’s a kind of magic”. No. Nothing to do with Freddy Mercury, or Queen . well… except maybe as a sort of cultural short hand.

No this is another book review and it is the title of a book by Carole Matthews (Published by headline Review ISBN: 9780755327676). Again this probably falls into the category Chick Lit. But well crafted, well observed and highly amusing. Dare I say it and enlightened guy might even enjoy it were he secure enough to be seen reading it.

The story centres round Emma and Alec long time Girl/Boy friends who have their own apartments. Plus their close friends. Emma and Alec break up on a regular basis.

It is Emma’s birthday. She is waiting in a posh restaurant with her family for Alec to turn up. He is out with his two best friends and getting seriously pickled. He is not looking forward to the occasion.

When he does finally make an appearance he manages to fall into the birthday cake. This precipitates another break up, but this time there is an added complication. In her distress Emma wishes it was possible to wave a magic wand and somehow make Alec over into a proper boyfriend.

Now it is a saying that you should be careful what you wish for; as Emma comes to quickly realize when she finds she apparently really has broken up with Alec and he almost immediately gets a new girlfriend, the gorgeous, almost too good to be real, Isobel.

Saying any more might spoil it. I recommend it.

This book made me smile and quietly laugh to myself on public transport, like a crazy person. It does keep you guessing as to the outcome and has a satisfying conclusion. I really enjoyed reading it.


jmb said...

I have always found British chic lit a very relaxing read and I appreciate the quiet humour. It seems a totally different genre from the US type of same.
I have read Carole Matthews before I think. Sounds like a read for a plane or similar.

Crushed said...

I have to say you're looking pretty hot these days, Moggy...

Are you suggesting I should read this, then? I do read from time to time, though I still have a booklog of books given me by friends as must reads.

Are you saying it might make me squirm as a man at the way we probably come across to women?

We are a very lame sex, I concede, us males.

Dr.John said...

Sounds like a very enjoyable book.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

JMB, If you liked other Carole Matthews stuff I would bet you would like this one.

Crushed. Thank you, we all do our best. *licks finger. Touches hip. Makes tsssst! sound between her teeth.* ^_^

Hang on.. are you saying I didn't look hot before? *raises eyebrow meaningfully* ^_^

Am I saying ”it might make me squirm as a man at the way we probably come across to women?” No , but good thought though… and hold on to it.

I was sort of thinking reading a book with a girly looking cover might make some guys worry, being seen to be reading it. I was also saying if they get past that and do read it then it might make them smile, even laugh.

Dr John, It was.

CherryPie said...

It is a good review although I am not sure if I would enjoy it or not because I don't usually read Chick lit.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Cherry Pie. It’s not like I read tons of it or anything, honest! I read lots of other stuff too, and I like to think I am pretty discerning what I read when I do read it.

OK so the reviews have all been on stuff that could be classified that way, you could equally call it ‘contemporary fantasy’, or even ‘science fiction’ with the ‘accidental time traveller’.

I one definition of ChickLit I liked was that it could be about almost anything but had a relationship, or relationships at it’s core.

Some is simplistic and not brilliantly written I agree, but there is a lot that is witty, or thought provoking, well thought out and well written.

It was not highbrow, but neither is Tom Sharp.

lady macleod said...

Always good to hear of another good read.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Sounds like a fun read!

sally in norfolk said...

All these wonderful books to read if only i could sit still long enough :-(

Liz said...

I haven't read any Carole Matthwes' books. I think it's because I have friend with the same name. Which isn't a good reason for not reading it! This sounds like the sort of book I'd enjoy. Thank you.