Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The perils of Teleportation

More like the perils of Moggsy ^_^

Of course they all happened in SL (Second Life). The first “peril” I may have touched on before, but is worth repeating. It happened simply ages ago now, when both JMB and I lived at our old places, well the one before last in my case…

I had been out shopping with JMB, we went back to her apartment after to chat. I logged out from there.

Later I logged back in and went home. Later on at home and undressed when I got a warning the region was shutting down. I didn’t think much about it and just stayed on until the region closed down on me and I was kicked out.

Later still I logged back in again. Did I rezz (materialise) at home, as expected? Nooo, *shakes head* because the region had shut down I rezzed where I last properly logged out from, JMB’s place… but in the state of undress I had been in at home. JMB was out/offline at the time and I just teleported (tp'd) directly home when I realised I wasn’t where I expected.

I thought after that it was just as well I hadn’t logged off from the Mall that time, or I would have found myself materialising in the middle of a busy mall in a state of undress! Absolutely the stuff of bad dreams. Get that picture out of your heads Guys *wags finger sternly*

Now only the other day I attended a big fancy function in SL. It was really lavish.

It was at a castle complex by the sea. Within the walls there is a little inlet between two towers with a quay, for access from the sea. A dance floor and seating had been laid over the little harbour.

There were tables and chairs to the sides. There was a good DJ/music and lovely fireworks had been laid on. It was beautiful and a lovely time was had by all including your intrepid correspondent

Came the time I had to go, and without thinking left SL from where I had been chatting with someone, near the edge of the dance floor.

Now you normally reappear at the spot you logged out from when you log back into SL. The following day I logged back in and guess what? Everything had been tidied away and the dance floor removed.

I rezzed above the harbour, where I had been standing, and fell directly into the sea. Like a roadrunner cartoon, when he finally realises he has walked off a cliff? Now flying is physically prohibited at the castle, so I could either teleport somewhere, or swim round the castle to the shore. I swam as it was quicker.

A day or so after that I thought I would go visit a Mall, in a space habitat that I remembered had some really neat outfits. I had not been there for ages, but I had kept a landmark for the place and fished it out of my inventory to go visit the place. I teleported… only to find myself somewhere very high up, surrounded by lots of absolutely nothing, just distance.

As soon as I realised I did the road runner thing again, and plummeted. I figure now they must have moved or closed. I was so very high up I was able to teleport home long before I ever saw the clouds, let alone the ground. Just as well there seems to be no conservation of momentum between teleports ^_^


jmb said...

Miss Moggs, you are always warning me about the perils of SL and you seem to manage to get yourself into strife as well. Now you take care in that virtual world.

Crushed said...

I'm relaiably informed that a couple who met in Second Life, got married in Second Life and then got divorced because....

She caught him cheating. In Second Life.
Seriously. She divorced him because he cheated in a virtual reality world.

CherryPie said...

This sounds way to complicated for me...

Dr.John said...

I mess up enough in the real world without Road Runner experience in another. I do enjoy reading about yours though.

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

JMB, TY, It’s not like this stuff happens all the time. I saved them up as (hopefully) amusing cautionary stories.

Crushed, I read about that also. Seems a bit of an extreme reaction, though I hear he is now engaged to the “other woman”. I heard initially it was virtual cuddling. I guess she reacted because his avie was cheating on her avie.

I say; “What happens in sl stays in sl “.

Cherry Pie, not all that complicated and you pick it up in bits over time.

Dr John, Generally messing uo in sl is not nearly so bad as in rl, like falling from very high up you can just get yourself out of it by teleporting or maybe flying. You don’t get those options in rl :-(

Glad you enjoy hearing about it tho’ ^_^

Liz said...

Okay, now you've really blown my mind with this talk of Second Life! I am totally bemused!!