Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Strictly Dr Who

I guess every one likes to be seen to address the burning questions of the day. I figure I am no different.

There are two that currently consume the British public like nothing else. No nothing so inconsequential as how PM Gordon Brown is spinning things, or the state of the economy, or the stability of the markets.

No important stuff…

I am talking of course about John Sergeant’s continuing survival on the BBC program “Strictly Come Dancing” and the equally important concerns over who the New Dr Who might be, again a BBC program.

Who says we don’t at least get something for our TV tax. ^_^

US readers will know “Strictly” as “Dancing With The Stars” and may not get the references to “Strictly Ballroom” or “Come Dancing”. (Strictly Ballroom was a pretty good Australian movie and Come Dancing was a longstanding UK TV series about ballroom dancing.)

OK so I figure this will probably mean absolutely nothing, nada,zilch, to the vast majority of the world…

First there is John Sergeant, a BBC political correspondent. I guess he is cute in his own Dadsy way, intelligent and witty.

His professional dance partner is the attractive athletic, platinum blond Kristina Rihanoff who has a hint of the Marilyn Monroe about her.

Now John, for all his good qualities is actually pretty dire when it comes to dancing. He is easily the least able and talented of any of the celebrity performers left when it comes to dancing, and has been for some weeks, but he keeps avoiding the dance off, as better dancers fall by the wayside.

To be honest, I think this is a little unfair, as the program is billed as a dance competition. Clearly the public are voting for him because the judges have been increasingly frustrated and a little harsh in their comments about his dancing, Harsh, but fair.

Now, a contestant I admired, Cherie Lunghi, who was really pretty good has been kicked off the program, just so John Sergeant can be embarrassing to watch for yet another week. You have got to wonder What is the point of the good contestants making the effort? I am not sure how far Cheri could have gone in the contest as standards are much higher than in previous series, but I figure in previous series she could easily have been a finalist.

So, an appeal to the members of the public who like to cock a snook at the judges but don’t care about dancing, could you maybe offer you support to someone who is actually good, and not be unfair to the other contestants or spoil it for the rest of us.

Shame they don't let you vote against contestants, maybe they are missing a bet there...

Now on to Dr Who. Since David tenant announced he would be stepping down from the role speculation has been feverish as to who would replace him. Even within Blogpower itself, Sandy Toksvig has been suggested at Finding Life Hard.

Now the charity fundraiser “Children in need”, a bit like a PBS funds drive has dropped a teaser of the Christmas Special episode. It has, along with Tennant, a Dr Who type character played by David Morrissey, complete with assistant and sonic screwdriver, in Dickensian England, some are speculating that he will be the new Dr Who.

I figure not. Yes he would probably make a good Dr, but my bet would be the writers have something else up their sleeves, something more twisty. Maybe Morrissey will be a Dr from an alternate reality, like the Cyber men were. Maybe something else. My bet this is not an intro to the new Dr though. What are the bets the writers can resist a nod to a Christmas Carol?

Maybe now she is free from her dancing commitments Cherie Lunghi might make a pretty good hot mature woman type kickass Dr…


Crushed said...

Ah, cherie Lunghi, she still has that ethereal beauty today...

Otherwise, I'm sorry to say, never watched 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

I think STEVE Morrisey should be the name Doctor Who...

Liz said...

Heard on the World at one that John Sergeant has dropped out!

Did you see David Morrissey in the musical drama, Blackpool? The show that introduced me to David Tennant too.

jmb said...

This post is a bit of a mystery to me Moggs. I did hear just recently about John Sergeant and Strictly Come Dancing. I think we all like to support the underdog but you are right. Someone else is losing the chance to compete in his stead.

Still it is not likely he'll win so they would have been eliminated anyway but might have appreciated the experience lasting a bit longer.

Dr Who is available here but I never did become a fan.

Ellee Seymour said...

I thought Cherie was stunning. It seems she was booted out for nothing now that John Sergeant has dropped out. The programme won't behalf as much fun now.

Dr.John said...

I don't even watch Dancing with the Stars but I do like Dr. Who. Of course it will be a tear or two before we get see the new one over here.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, but Johnnie's so cute, jmb!

Moggs Tigerpaw said...

Ha! If we are seriously proposing actors for Dr Who then Ioan Gruffudd, who played Reed Richards in the Fantastic 4 movies would get my vote for a male contender. There’s cute for you.

For a female then Hannah Spearritt who plays Anny in Primevil.

I think a lot of the trouble with John on Strictly is that the BBC foolishly say “Vote for who you like the most”, not for who you “think is the best”. John is clearly a likeable man.

I think he felt he had to resign because it was spoiling the show for the others, and he his a nice man. Maybe he also never figured he was going to get that far and had other things in the pipeline ^_^

Thank you all for your comments.